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DOI : 10.20965/jrm.issn.1883-8049
Editors-in-Chief : Koichi Osuka (Osaka University)
Deputy Editors-in-Chief :Takayuki Tanaka (Hokkaido University)
Akio Namiki (Chiba University)

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Vol.1 (1989)



Regular papers

Regular Papers

Editorial: p. 255
Acquisition of 3-D Optical Information
Masanori Idesawa
In order for a machine to have the capacity to operate flexibly in a 3-D environment, it is indispensable for it to be equipped with space information acquisition capability, and tools for distance measurement are in turn indispensable for obtaining space information. Indeed distance measurement is basic and important not only for a robot, but also for science and technology in general. Many methods have been proposed for obtaining distance information, ranging from the mechanical contact type through optical and acoustic to electric and magnetic methods, and many are in practical use. Among them the optical method permits measurement of distance without contact and from a remote position, advantages which have led to it being widely applied. One of the most important principles for measuring distance is the triangulation principle. This permits determination of the position of an object from the distance between two observation points together with the angles in the triangle formed by these two points and a target point on the object. Based on this principle, the detection of one specific point in each of the two images obtained from two sets of image input equipment installed at two observation points permits determination of coordinate values in 3-D space. However, this extraction of the point in the second image corresponding to a specified point in the first image is a very difficult subject of study, and no universal method has been developed. To cope with this, active methods, which evade the problem by applying projection of laser light on the surface of an object to identify a bright point or bright line, are widely used. The special feature articles on obtaining 3-D optical information in this issue present some principles and new trial applications of distance acquisition methods for 3-D information, the optical method in particular. There are three reports on active method optical systems developed for robots. These include (1) a high speed measurement method applying space encoding which employs a liquid crystal lattice to project light in changing lattice patterns onto an object dynamically; (2) realization o...<more>
Paper: pp. 256-263
Optical 3-D Information Acquisition Methods
Masanori Idesawa
Paper: pp. 264-268
Noncontact Three-Dimensional Contour Instrumentation - Development of High-Speed Active Range Finder -
Noriyuki Fukaya, Mitsuo Hirashima, Makoto Matsumoto and Shin Enami
Paper: pp. 269-273
Active Range Pattern Sensor
Kanehiro Sorimachi
Paper: pp. 274-277
Laser Vision Sensor for Disaster-Prevention Robot
Minoru Kimura, Osamu Yamada, Hidemi Takahashi and Hiroshi Naitoh
Review: pp. 278-283
Research Tends in the Off-Line Programming of Robots
Tadashi Nagata
Review: pp. 284-288
Practical Application of Expert Systems - Current Status and Future Prospects
Chiyoji Tanaka, Chikao Imamichi and Kenzo Kobayashi
Paper: pp. 289-297
Coordination Control in Artificial Fingers
Toshio Fukuda, H. Hosokai, and Ken Shimonaka
Paper: pp. 298-304
Numerical Simulation of Horizontal Articulated Robots in Consideration of Flexibility of Mechanical Systems
Hiroyuki Kojima, Hiroshi Takahashi and Hideharu Kuwana
Paper: pp. 305-310
Driving-Torque Reduction for Aqua-Robot-Manipulator by Ejecting Air Bubbles
Masakazu Ogasawara and Fumio Hara
Development Report: pp. 311-316
Development of Ladder Climbing Robot LCR-1
H. lida, H. Hozumi and R. Nakayama
Development Report: pp. 317-321
Change of Types of Automatic Assembly System for Photo Products
Kazuhiko Kondo
Development Report: pp. 322-327
Advanced Motion Control of Direct Drive Actuators
Takeshi Ohde
Tutorial: pp. 328-332
DD-type Linear Motor Systems and Their Applications
Tamotsu Suzuki
Tutorial: pp. 333-337
XY Stage Capable of Positioning in Submicron Order
Hiroshi Goto
Tutorial: pp. 338-342
Sensing Techniques for Mechatronics Systems
Yasuhito Shiota
Letter: p. 343
Restoration of the Walking Motion of Bipedal Dinosaurs
Nobutoshi Yamazaki
Letter: pp. 344-345
Multi-Layered Electrostatic Actuator
T. Higuchi and S. Egawa
Letter: p. 346
Micro Robot Arm Utilizing Rapid Deformations of Piezoelectric Elements
T. Higuchi and Y. Yamagata
Letter: pp. 347-348
Mobile Robot Which Can Shift from One Horizontal Bar to Another by Using Excitation of Vibration
Kazuo Yamafuji



Regular papers

Regular Papers

Review: pp. 161-167
Sensing System of Robot
Ryosuke Masuda
Paper: pp. 168-173
Damping Control of Direct-Driven Servo Valve Using an Observer
Hiroaki Kuwano
Paper: pp. 173-178
Vibration Control of a Slider Pendulum-Type Loader Arm Driven by a Software-Cam Curve
Kazuo Yamafuji and Tetsuya Komine
Paper: pp. 179-184
Shape Control of Flexible Structure With Gravitational Compensation
Toshio Fukuda and Hidemi Hosokai
Paper: pp. 185-191
Development of Mastication Robot WJ-1
Atsuo Takanishi
Paper: pp. 192-201
Application of the Three Dimensional Coordinate Measuring Machine (CAD/CAM for the New Cosmetic Hand)
Yukio Saito, Takanori Higashihara, Torn Oshima, and Takamitu Tajima
Paper: pp. 202-219
Laser Encoders
Tetsuharu Nishimura, Masaaki Tsukgi and Koh Ishizuka
Paper: pp. 220-226
High Precision Automatic Alignment and its Computer Vision Technology
Tohru Tanigawa, Toshitsugu Sawai and Tadashi Nakao
Tutorial: pp. 227-232
Fuzzy Control System and Its Application
Akihiro Sakaguchi
Tutorial: pp. 233-239
Microrotary Actuator and Examples of its Applications
Syuzo Kachi
Tutorial: pp. 240-244
Robotics Applications of Shape Memory Actuator
Yuichi Suzuki
Tutorial: pp. 245-250
Recent Servo Motor Driver
Hiroaki Hosogaya
Letter: pp. 251-252
Development of the Spherical SCARA Robot
Hiroshi Makino
Letter: p. 253
3-Finger Hand Using Rubber Tube Type Artificial Muscle
Hiroshi Yoshinada
Letter: pp. 254-255
Development of Musician Robots
Makoto Kajitani



Regular papers

Regular Papers

Review: pp. 83-91
Machine Design in the Mechatronics Age
Shigeo Hirose
Paper: pp. 92-97
On-Line Recognition of Robot Operation by Using a Vibration Analysis
Yoshitsugu Kamiya, Sakiichi Okabe, Yasuo Yokoyama and Touru Kobayashi
Paper: pp. 98-105
Coordination Control of Artificial Five Fingers With Multiple Degrees of Freedom and a Concept of Three Dimensional Stable Grasping
Toshio Fukuda, Ken Shimonaka and Hidemi Hosokai
Paper: pp. 106-111
Synchronous Steering Control of a Parallel Bicycle
Kazuo Yamafuji, Yasushi Miyakawa and Takashi Kawamura
Development Report: pp. 112-115
Obstacle Detector by Using Both the Ultrasonic and Infrared Sensors
Hideto Ide, Kazuo Ogawa and Masahisa Takahashi
Development Report: pp. 116-123
Development of Power-Assisted Head-Coupled Display System for Tele-Existence
Hirohiko Arai and Susumu Tachi
Development Report: pp. 124-127
Micro Walking Machines Using Piezoelectric Actuators
Kenji Uchino
Development Report: pp. 128-135
3-D Sewing Technology Using Manipulators
Tatsuya Nakamura, Tatsuo Arai and Torao Ohchi
Tutorial: pp. 136-148
Design and Control for Faster Robots
Yoshitsugu Kamiya, Sakiichi Okabe and Yasuo Yokoyama
Tutorial: pp. 149-155
Micro/Miniature Actuator Using Shape Memory Alloy
Koji Ikuta
Letter: pp. 156-157
Snake-Type Robot
Shigeo Hirose
Letter: pp. 158-159
An Approach to Human-Like Grasping Control
Hiroshi Endo and Mitsuo Wada



Regular papers

Regular Papers

Message: p. 1
Congratulatory Messages, Motives for the Publication of the "Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics" and Fundamental Coverage
Kunio Fujie, Ichiro Kato, Makoto Kajitani, Russell H. Taylor, Susan Hackwood, Kazuo Yamafuji
Review: pp. 2-7
Trends in Research on Flexible Robot Arms
Toshio Fukuda
Review: pp. 8-13
A Concept of Mechatronics
Makoto Kajitani
Paper: pp. 14-20
Control of Micro-Manipulator (Basic Characteristics of Micro-Gripper and a Method of Bilateral Control)
Toshio Fukuda, Kazuo Tanie and Toyokazu Mitsuoka
Paper: pp. 21-28
Study on Walking Machines With Decoupled Freedoms
Makoto Kaneko, Minoru Abe and Kazuo Tanie
Paper: pp. 29-33
A Position Sensor Based Torque Control Method for a DC Motor With Reduction Gears
Kazuo Tanie, Kazuhito Yokoi and Makoto Kaneko
Paper: pp. 34-41
Feature Extraction of 3-D Object by Circular Range Sensing - Circular Range Acquisition and It’s Application to Polyhedra -
Gen-ichiro Kinoshita, Takashi Yamaguchi and Masanori Idesawa
Development Report: pp. 42-46
Development of a Human-Type Manipulator Using a High-Performance Control Cable for Robots
Mitsuo Wada, Yasuyoshi Kuba, Takeo Tuchiko, Hideaki Hari and Sei Mitsuoka
Development Report: pp. 47-56
Prototypes of New Type Image Position Detection Element
Chiyoharu Horiguchi, Akira Kurahashi and Masanori Idesawa
Development Report: pp. 57-61
Application of Linear DC Motors to Industrial Robots
Masayuki Naruse
Development Report: pp. 62-67
Special Issue-Clean Room Robots
Kazuyoshi Yasukawa
Tutorial: pp. 68-73
VLSI Computer for Robotics
Michitaka Kameyama and Tatsuo Higuchi
Tutorial: pp. 74-80
Recent Trends in Deburring Engineering
Toshihiro Ioi
Letter: p. 81
Inverted Pendulum Type Locomotive Robot Which Ascends a Slope of Maximum Inclination Angle of 30 Degrees
Kazuo Yamafuji
Letter: p. 82
Development of Robot Hands
Makoto Kaneko

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