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Journal of Disaster Research

  • ISSN : 1881-2473(Print) / 1883-8030(Online)
  • Editor-in-chief :Suminao Murakami (Laboratory of Urban Safety Planning) / Katsuki Takiguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Indexed in Scopus, Compendex (Ei)

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JDR Vol.7 No.5 Oct. 2012

“Flood Management and Flood Disaster Mitigation Measures”
Guest Editors: Kuniyoshi Takeuchi (Professor, Director, ICHARM (The International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management)) and Ali Chavoshian (Member, the Committee on Disaster Risk Management, World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WEFO-CDRM), Assistant Professor, Iran University of Science and Technology)
Editor: Shinji Egashira (Advisor, NEWJEC Inc., Guest Professor, Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies)

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JDR Vol.7 No.5 Oct. 2012

Flood Management and Flood Disaster Mitigation Measures
Kuniyoshi Takeuchi, Ali Chavoshian, and Shinji Egashira, p. 533

The 5th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM5) was held on September 27-29, 2011 in Tokyo under the umbrella title “Floods: from risk to opportunity” focused on flood management and disaster mitigation measures in its plenary, oral, and poster sessions. Out of over 250 presented papers, 120 manuscripts – far more than expected – were contributed for post-publication in the Journal of Flood Risk Management, the IAHS Red Book and the Journal of Disaster Research (JDR). Editorial staff members of the JDR, which was independent of ICFM5, attended the conference to survey research activities in related study fields and to announce JDR strategies to participants. The ICHARM scientific committee supervising ICFM5 post-publications is well acquainted with JDR, which is one of the reasons for agreeing on this special issue.

The 13 manuscripts presented for consideration by JDR concern the following topics:

– Flood forecasting

– Basic tools for evaluating inundation flows

– Flood management practices and policies

– Flood plain management

– Relations between human activities and floods

These topics range from novel studies to public statements and have been reviewed as papers, reviews, and survey reports. This resulted in 9 papers recommended for the special issue – 4 topics for papers, 1 topic for review, and 4 topics for reports.

We thank the authors for their contributions and revisions and the reviewers for their invaluable comments. We also thank the ICHARM committee members for introducing authors to special publications for JDR.



Flood Forecasting Module of the Distributed Hydrological Model EasyDHM
Xiaohui Lei, Weihong Liao, Yunzhong Jiang, and Hao Wang, pp. 534-539
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 9841KB)
Survey Report:
Effective Flood Control Through Integrated and Collaborative Dam Operation at Three Dams in the Upper Nabari River
Takayoshi Matsumura, Hiroshi Kamiya, and Naohiro Yoshida, pp. 540-546
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 28777KB)
Survey Report:
Approaches for the Restoration of the Environment in Kushiro Wetland Contributing to Flood Risk Control
Hideyuki Miyafuji, Yasuyuki Hirai, and Yuichi Suzuki, pp. 547-553
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 5319KB)
Urban Flood Inundation Model for High Density Building Area
Mohammad Farid, Akira Mano, and Keiko Udo, pp. 554-559
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 1305KB)
Influence of Detailed Topography when Modeling Flows in Street Junction During Urban Flood
Pierre-Henri Bazin, Anne Bessette, Emmanuel Mignot, André Paquier, and Nicolas Rivière, pp. 560-566
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 432KB)


Flood Risk Assessment in Fujian Province, China
Changzhi Li, Shuaijie Li, and Xiaotao Cheng, pp. 567-572
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 1754KB)
Impact of Climate and Land Use Changes on the Flood Hazard of the Middle Brahmaputra Reach, India
Subashisa Dutta and Shyamal Ghosh, pp. 573-581
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 2572KB)
Survey Report:
Tripod Scheme in Flood Disaster Management in Japan
Hirotada Matsuki, pp. 582-589
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 21198KB)
Survey Report:
Hydrological Analysis of the Situ Gintung Dam Failure
Joko Sujono, pp. 590-594
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 1654KB)


Regular Papers

Flood Risk Communication from the Viewpoint of Disaster Prevention Awareness in an Urban Area of Tokyo, Kita Ward
Chiharu Mizuki, pp. 595-603
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 1943KB)
Survey Report:
Tsunami Hydrodynamics in the Columbia River
Harry Yeh, Elena Tolkova, David Jay, Stefan Talke, and Hermann Fritz, pp. 604-608
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 1653KB)
Study on Vertical Motions by Rocking Responses of Reactor Buildings
Rikiro Kikuchi, Katsuichirou Hijikata, Takayuki Koyanagi, Mitsugu Mashimo, Shinya Tanaka, Atsushi Suzuki, and Yoshinori Mihara, pp. 609-618
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 2340KB)
Impact Tests for IRIS_2010 Benchmark Exercise
Ari Vepsä, Arja Saarenheimo, Francois Tarallo, Jean-Mathieu Rambach, and Nebojsa Orbovic, pp. 619-628
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 2847KB)
Sensitivity Studies on a Bending Wall of IRIS_2010 Benchmark Exercise
Arja Saarenheimo, Markku Tuomala, Pekka Välikangas, and Ari Vepsä, pp. 629-637
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 4192KB)
Seismic Performance of Degraded Shear Walls for Long-Term Compliance Periods
Luis Ibarra, Biswajit Dasgupta, and Kuang-Tsan Chiang, pp. 638-644
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 874KB)
Design Evaluation Method of Steel-Plate Reinforced Concrete Structure Containment Vessel for Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor
Tomohiko Yamamoto, Atsushi Katoh, Yoshitaka Chikazawa, and Kazuo Negishi, pp. 645-655
Abstract | Preview | Full Text (PDF 4285KB)


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