JDR Vol.11 No.2 pp. 289-297
doi: 10.20965/jdr.2016.p0289

Survey Report:

Natural Disaster Measures on Tokyo Metro

Toshiaki Kogure

Safety Affairs Department, Railway Headquarters, Tokyo Metro Co.,Ltd.
3-19-6 Higashi-ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8614, Japan

August 3, 2015
December 7, 2015
Online released:
March 18, 2016
March 1, 2016
seismic strengthening, water sealing doors, flood-gates, the Flood Control Act, timeline
This article includes the natural disaster measures taken by Tokyo Metro. In addition to those taken by the former Teito Rapid Transit Authority, Tokyo Metro has been taking new measures -- based on experiences from the Great East Japan Earthquake and a large-scale flood damage simulation recently released by the government -- in preparation for the inland earthquake expected in the capital and flooding from the Arakawa River.
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T. Kogure, “Natural Disaster Measures on Tokyo Metro,” J. Disaster Res., Vol.11 No.2, pp. 289-297, 2016.
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