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We can offer you a variety of advertising options to meet your needs.

Print or Online advertising rates

Website Banner Advertising Guidelines

1. Target pages and rates
The advertising contract requires that an advertiser run one box or two consecutive boxes per banner per month.
The target page a banner ad runs on is determined based on consultation between the advertiser and Fuji Technology Press Co., Ltd.
2. Banner advertising duration
The banner advertising duration is calculated from the mutual day of confirmation by the advertiser and Fuji Technology Press Co., Ltd., to the last day of the contract.
3. Banner advertising specifications
Our Webpages have the following technical requirements, except as otherwise specified:

  • 3-1. Banner dimensions: 160 pixels wide x 40 pixels high
  • 3-2. Image files in GIF or JPEG format. Animated ads in GIF are accepted. Redesign of banners is available during advertising. Rich media banners such as Flash or Java script are not acceptable.
  • 3-3. File size: 15KB or less
  • 3-4. Link target: The advertiser’s webpage appears in a separate window when the banner is clicked on.
  • 3-5. Alternative text uses the leading text “Banner Ad”.
4. Data submission
Our marketing department accepts ad data via Email or “snail mail” (postal).
For postal submission, please send data on CD-R or DVD-R together with an A4 page showing required information— ad outlines, your billing address, image files, linked URL, alternative text information— to the following address and we will contact you upon receipt.
Fuji Press has the right to cancel banner advertising at any point before contract termination in the event that the liked website is changed to that Fuji Press considers violates the terms of the contract after the banner is placed on our Webpages. In this case, ad cost corresponding to yet-to-be-placed duration will be refunded to the advertiser.

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