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General information

Manuscripts are accepted for consideration by the Journal of Disaster Research (JDR) with the understanding that they represent original material, have not been published previously, are not being considered for publication elsewhere, and have been approved by each author.

The following types of JDR contributions are peer-reviewed:

  • Articles
  • Letters
  • Reviews
  • Development Reports
  • Notes / Technical Notes

All forms of published corrections may also be peer-reviewed at the discretion of the editors.
The language for contributions in English or Japanese.

To submit your paper

Please submit your paper electronically (PDF file is preferred) with submission form below to email. The editorial staff sends an acknowledgment of the paper's receipt – usually within about 3 business days. Those receiving no acknowledgment within 10 days are requested to contact the editorial office immediately.


To clarify research positioning and purpose, authors should survey international literatures, including JDR publications before submission. It is strongly recommended that authors include JDR publications in references. All JDR papers can be freely searched (by title, author, keywords, and year, etc.) and downloaded for free from this site (need to create your account).

*When you refer to JDR papers in references, please use following description as a journal title:
J. Disaster Res.

About peer-review process

All submitted manuscripts are sent to two anonymous referees who evaluate them for originality, validity, novelty, methodology, correct citation of relevant work, and the importance of content and conclusions.

The time required for review depends on referee response – usually within about two weeks. In rare cases taking a few weeks longer, it may have been difficult to find a second referee.

When reviews are completed, authors receive referee's comments and a decision of acceptance, conditional acceptance with minor revisions, revision and resubmission due to the need for major revisions, or nonacceptance.

Revised manuscripts are returned to initial referees, who may request further revision. Once referees receive and confirm papers, they make a final decision on acceptance or nonacceptance. This decision is then reported to authors.

Instructions for Contributors

Please confirm the following documents in advance. Here is general information of JDR.

Paper format for submission

Contributors are required to use following LaTeX format or MS WORD format in JDR style. However, we can also accept any style with MS Word format.

[LaTeX format for JDR Articles]

The above compressed files also contain manual (texManual.pdf) and template (template.tex) files, in addition to .cls and .clo files.

[MS WORD format for JDR Articles]

Page Charge and Reprints

The page charge of the manuscript written by English is 12,000 yen per printed page.
The color printing fee is extra 21,000 yen per color page, irrespective of the number of figures contained.
Reprints can be ordered in multiples of 100 at the price of (110 yen) × (number of reprints), regardless of the number of printed pages and of whether the article contains color pages or not.
You need shipping cost.

Click the following link for more information:

Required Documents (After Acceptance)

When a manuscript is accepted, Author needs to submit the following documents to editorial office (mail or online).

  • Final manuscript submission form
  • Pagecharge agreement and reprint order form
  • Copyright transfer form
  • Electronic file of paper manuscript (with reference, keywords, technical terms) format: MSWord or TeX
  • Figure files (TIFF or JPEG format. In the case of TeX, EPS format is preferred.)
  • Profile for each author(with photo)

Guideline for Electronic Submission

The Journal of Disaster Research advises authors to deliver the final, revised version of their accepted manuscripts (text, tables, and illustrations) on disk in order to promote quick publication.

We anticipate that providing a disk will be convenient for you, and it carries the added advantages of maintaining the integrity of your keystrokes and expediting typesetting.
Please return the disk submission slip below with your manuscript and labeled disks.

Materials for submission

After Acceptance

[PDF format]

[MS Word format]

[Documents set]

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