Tele Health Self-Management (THSM) Innovation for Patients with COVID-19: A Conceptual Design
Design Research of Wearable Soft Avatar Robot for Interactive Social Presence
Flexible Light-Induced Self-Written Optical Waveguide Using Gel Material
Exploring the Bio-Functional Breaking Point of Living Tissue Subjected to External Physical Pressure
Neural Interface for Biohybrid Prosthetic Hands to Realize Sensory and Motor Functions
In-Situ X-Ray Analyses of Structural Change During Drawing and Shrinking of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Film
Flexible Shoulder in Quadruped Animals and Robots Guiding Science of Soft Robotics
Motion Hacking – Understanding by Controlling Animals
Soft Microswimmer Powered by Fluid Oscillation
Development of a Soft Robot with Pressure Ulcer Prevention Functions
Soft Microrobot for Embryo Transfer in Assisted Reproductive Technology
Development of Microdevices Combining Machine and Life Systems
Analysis of Soft Contact in Force Sensing and Elastic Jumping
Development of Living “Bio-Robots” for Autonomous Actuations
Peristaltic Mixing Pump Based on Bowel Peristalsis Using Pneumatic Artificial Rubber Muscles and Prospects for Practical Applications
Development of a PVC Gel Actuator with a Particulate Structure
Green Robotics: Toward Realization of Environmentally Friendly Soft Robots
Development of High-Durability Flexible Fabrics Using High-Strength Synthetic Fibers and its Application to Soft Robots
Evaluating Axon Conduction Characteristics of Cultured Sensory Neurons Toward Soft Robot Control
Biohybrid Soft Robots Driven by Contractions of Skeletal Muscle Tissue
Environmental Response Sensors Produced Using Bilayer-Type Organic Semiconductors
Controllable Biological Rhythms and Patterns
Self-Actuating and Nonelectronic Machines
Durable Pneumatic Artificial Muscles with Electric Conductivity for Reliable Physical Reservoir Computing
From a Deployable Soft Mechanism Inspired by a Nemertea Proboscis to a Robotic Blood Vessel Mechanism
Three-Dimensional Ion Polymer–Metal Composite Soft Robots
Flexible Thin-Film Device for Powering Soft Robots
Biomimetic Soft Wings for Soft Robot Science
Toward Self-Modifying Bio-Soft Robots
Ostrich-Inspired Soft Robotics: A Flexible Bipedal Manipulator for Aggressive Physical Interaction
Quantitative Evaluation of Vitreous Opacities Using Motion Video Through Slit-Lamp Examination
Development of Transfer-Assisting Robot System Using Posture-Supporting Wear and Support Robot
International Post-Disaster Cooperation Toward Recovery and Keeping Memories Alive –Exploring Their Close Relationship–
Geotourism and Disaster Storytelling: Lessons from 2013 Izu-Oshima Island Debris Flow Disaster
ACDR: Autonomous-Car Drive Recorder
Trends of Tweets on the Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic
Air-Fall Ash from the Main Crater of Asama Volcano on August 7, 2019, and its Water-Soluble Components
Development of Respiration Measuring Robot
Evaluation Method for Complex Electromagnetic Environment
Index-Based Notation for Random Variable and Probability Space
Dynamic Friction Characterization of a Linear Servo Motor Using an Optimal Sinusoidal Reference Tracking Controller
Optimization of Constrained SIRMs Connected Type Fuzzy Inference Model Using Two-Phase Simplex Method
Event-Triggered Quantizers for Network Traffic Reduction
NIED’s V-net, the Fundamental Volcano Observation Network in Japan
Construction of Web-Based Speech Game System “kikimimi”
Development and Performance of a Battery-Free Disaster Prevention Radio “HOOPRA” Using the Energy Harvested from Radio Waves
Utilizing Google Images for Training Classifiers in CRF-Based Semantic Segmentation
Pneumatic Micro Dispenser System for Ubiquitous Microchemical Devices
Psychological Challenges Among Older Adults Following the Christchurch Earthquakes
Verification of Fall Detection Sensor

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