Construction of Web-Based Speech Game System “kikimimi”
Development and Performance of a Battery-Free Disaster Prevention Radio “HOOPRA” Using the Energy Harvested from Radio Waves
Utilizing Google Images for Training Classifiers in CRF-Based Semantic Segmentation
Some Notes for Anaglyph Stereo Method in the Presentation of Moving Objects
Application of Fluency Theory to Analysis of Event-Related Potentials
Analysis of Somatosensory Evoked Potentials by Air-Puff Stimulated Skin
Evaluation of a Reduced Order Model for Quadruped System and Proposition of a Walking Control Method Using Quasi-Angular-Momentum
Sliding Characteristics in the Copper Contacts
Form Recognition Using Data Glove Finger Character Recognition System
Robot Arm Control by Selectively Generated EMG
Frequency Analysis System of Auditory Nerves with Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) by Harmonious Tone
Auditory Neuromagnetic Fields Evoked by Spectral Transition of Syllables
A Consideration on a Dynamic Control Method for Quadruped Walking Robots
How Far Can Optical Image Information Be Seen?
Development of Long Span, High Precision Absolute Linear Scale by Moire Fringes
A Review of Experiments on Adaptive Control and Computed Torque Control by a Robot with the Non-Linear Reduction Ratio Feature
Magnetoencephalography (3)
Development of the Spherical SCARA Robot
Multi-Layered Electrostatic Actuator
Pneumatic Micro Dispenser System for Ubiquitous Microchemical Devices
Psychological Challenges Among Older Adults Following the Christchurch Earthquakes
Verification of Fall Detection Sensor
Rotational Speed Control by Optical PWM Operation for Single Cells
Novel Computed Tomography for Reconstructing Three-Dimensional Phase Contrast Images of Single Living Cells
Mobile Robot Which Can Shift from One Horizontal Bar to Another by Using Excitation of Vibration
Inverted Pendulum Type Locomotive Robot Which Ascends a Slope of Maximum Inclination Angle of 30 Degrees
Terrain-Adaptive Quadru-Track Vehicle HELIOS II Multi-Media Display
A Direction Sensing Technique of a Reference Point by Using Cross-Hair Diffraction Beam
Development of Robot Hands
Multi-Media Display
The Measurement of 2-Dimensional Micro-Pattern Using Laserbeam Scanning
Snake-Type Robot
A Spherical DC Servomotor with Three Degrees of Freedom
An Approach to Human-Like Grasping Control
Development of Feeble Grasping Power Sensor Based on Rubber Optical Fiber
Miniaturized Light Source Direction Sensitive Device: DSD
Harmonic Drive Built-in Torque Sensor
3-Finger Hand Using Rubber Tube Type Artificial Muscle
Optical Neuron Computers – Associative Memory and Learning by Optical Parallel Processing –
Development of Musician Robots
Robot Studies at Industrial Products Research Institute
Restoration of the Walking Motion of Bipedal Dinosaurs
The Development of a Transputer Board
Scented Envelopment and ERP Basis Waves
Micro Robot Arm Utilizing Rapid Deformations of Piezoelectric Elements
Pantomime Effect and Sustaining Cues in the Perception of a 3-D Illusory Transparent Object with Binocular Viewing
A Corner Detection Using Adaptive Octants Filter

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