On the Development of a Control System for a Small Bio-Methane Gas Engine Generator
Excretion Detection System with Gas Sensor – Proposal and Verification of Algorithm Based on Time-Series Clustering –
Development of a Communication Aid App with iOS Devices to Support Children/Persons with Speech Disabilities Improvement in Obtaining Positioning Information with iBeacon as Near Field Radio Communication Technology
The Possibility and Challenges for Deaf-Blind Individuals to Enjoy Films in Theater
Development of Web-Based Remote Speech-to-Text Interpretation System captiOnline
Mouse Operation Support Application for People Suffering from Neuromuscular Disease with Muscular Depression
Development of Trident Motif Riden Mobile Robot for Robot-Triathlon Robot Contest
Automatic Pin Counting System for the Blind Bowling
Dynamic Optimization Production System Based on Simulation Integrated Manufacturing and its Application to Mass Production
A Study of Power-Assist Technology to Reduce Body Burden During Loading and Unloading Operations by Support of Knee Joint Motion
Upper Body of Dummy Humanoid Robot with Exterior Deformation Mechanism for Evaluation of Assistive Products and Technologies
Trial Production of Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft Based on Tricopter
A Desktop-Sized Communication Robot: “robovie-mR2”
Electric Cart Matching the User Gait
Prototyping Force-Controlled 3-DOF Hydraulic Arms for Humanoid Robots
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle “BOSS-A” for Acoustic and Visual Survey of Manganese Crusts
Virtual Mooring Buoy “ABA” for Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Operation
Mobility Support System for Personal Mobility Vehicles
Development of a Series of RT-Mover, Which is a Four-Wheel Type of Mobile Platform with an Ability of Negotiating Obstacles
A New Concept for Development of Quartz Crystal Microbalance Fire Prevention Sensors Modified with Nano-Assembled Thin Films
Power Assist Chair
Fast and Robust Vision System for Shogi Robot
LISA — A Mechatronic Wall for Assistance with ADLs
The Development of Intra-House Mobility, Logistics and Transfer Solutions in PASSAge
USA² — Ubiquitous and Robot Assisted Cloud Manufacturing in an Ageing Society
Link Type Arm Support Equipment
Restaurant Service Robots Development in Thailand and Their Real Environment Evaluation
Unobtrusive Tremor Detection While Gesture Controlling a Robotic Arm
GEWOS — A Mechatronic Personal Health & Fitness Assistance System
Autonomous Mobile Robot MAUV – Mission Achievement on Tsukuba Challenge 2011, 12 and 13 –
Development of a Personal Mobility Robot “NENA”
Satellite, Planetary or Terrestrial Subsurface Explorer Robot Based on Earthworm Locomotion
Manzai Robots: Entertainment Robots Based on Auto-Created Manzai Scripts from Web News Articles
pico-FCV: Small Single-Operator Electric-Vehicle Using 20 W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Developed for Mechatronics Education
Impedance Control of Two d.o.f. CPM Device for Elbow Joint
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle “Tuna-Sand” for Image Observation of the Seafloor at a Low Altitude
Utilization of Robot Technology for Earthquake, Storm, and Flood Problems in the Tokai Region
Development of Robotic Defecation Simulator
Development of Power-Assist Machine Using Linkage Mechanism
Robotic Fish
Aerial Cargo Robot (Cargo UAV)
Remote Ultrasound Diagnostic System (RUDS)
A Cruising AUV r2D4: Intelligent Multirole Platform for Deep-Sea Survey
Force Masking Humanoid Robot System
Swimming Humanoid Robot “SWUMANOID” as an Experimental Platform for Research of Human Swimming
Asparagus Harvesting Robot
Human Symbiotic Assist Arm PAS-Arm
Performance of Wheel-Typed Vehicle with Crawlers in Between Front and Rear Wheels on Soft Ground
Device Developed to Measure Drive Roller

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