Soft Robotic Gripper Based on Multi-Layers of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators
Design of an Indoor Robotic Walking Care Device for Daily-Activity Activation of the Elderly
Excretion Detection Systems with Gas Sensors – Development of Prototype Devices Integrating Sensor and Operation Functions –
FST-Convoy: A Leader Tracking Control of Vehicles Connected by Shape Sensor FST
Projection Screen with Wide-FOV and Motion Parallax Display for Teleoperation of Construction Machinery
Perception of Vestibular Sensation During Turning Operation of Construction Machine
Development of Condition Monitoring System for Electric Resistance Spot Welding Used to Manufacture Railway Car Bodies
Precision Flight Drones with RTK-GNSS
Propagation Measurements of Multi-Hop Command and Telemetry Communications System in the 169 MHz Band for Drones
Development of the Second Prototype of an Oral Care Simulator
Study of Neural-Kinematics Architectures for Model-Less Calibration of Industrial Robots
Development of Testbed AUV for Formation Control and its Fundamental Experiment in Actual Sea Model Basin
Design and Evaluation of Attention Guidance Through Eye Gazing of “NAMIDA” Driving Agent
Development of a Robot Simulator for Decommissioning Tasks Utilizing Remotely Operated Robots
Proposal of Robot Software Platform with High Sustainability
Rapid Development of a Mobile Robot for the Nakanoshima Challenge Using a Robot for Intelligent Environments
Garbage Detection Using YOLOv3 in Nakanoshima Challenge
Environmentally Sound Recovery of Gold from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Using Organic Aqua Regia
Continuous Efforts Leads to a Value for Hypertensive Patients: Development of a Casual Smart Na/K Meter and Smart Na/K Application Linked by NFC to Android
Free-Flow Tunnel Inspection Support Devices Aiming at Labor Saving of Visual Checking
Indirect Control of an Autonomous Wheelchair Using SSVEP BCI
Design and Practice of a Model-Based Development Education in Hydraulic Systems
Mono-Camera-Based Robust Self-Localization Using LIDAR Intensity Map
Lane-Marker-Based Map Construction and Map Precision Evaluation Methods Using On-Board Cameras for Autonomous Driving
System Integration for Component-Based Manzai Robots with Improved Scalability
Latest Machine Tool Structural Design Technology for Ultra-Precision Machining
Visualization of Voids Between Tile and Concrete by Multi-Layered Scanning Method with Electromagnetic Waves
Development of Hanger-Rope Inspection Robot for Suspension Bridges
Development of the Servo Valve with High Durability Using Split-Type Sleeve – Reduction of Wear with Ceramic Material –
An Interactive Endotracheal Suctioning Simulator Which Exhibits Vital Reactions: ESTE-SIM
MACROTIS: Cubic Robot with Snap-Through-Buckling Mechanisms for Achieving High Freedom of Movement
Promotion of Knowledge and Technology Transfer Towards Innovative Manufacturing Process: Case Study of New Hybrid Coating Process
Development of a Multi-Master Communication Platform for Mobile Distributed Systems
Field Experiment Report for Verification of Abandoned Lignite Mines by Robotic Exploration System
Low-Cost Design Solutions for Educational Robots
Wavelet Transform Analysis the Recognizing Brain Activities for Development the Palm-Size and Simplification Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Prototype System by Using Arduino
Robot Navigation in Forest Management
Development of a Tomato Volume Estimating Robot that Autonomously Searches an Appropriate Measurement Position – Basic Feasibility Study Using a Tomato Bed Mock-Up –
Development of Robot for 3D Measurement of Forest Environment
Observation of Apatite Formation on Titanium Plate and Bone Surfaces in Electric Stimulation
Performance Evaluation of Robot Localization Using 2D and 3D Point Clouds
On-Orbit Demonstration of Tether-Based Robot Locomotion in REX-J Mission
Cutting Tool Edge and Textured Surface Measurements with a Point Autofocus Probe
Study on the Influence of Temperature of Extruder Head on the Strength of the FDM 3D Printing Model
Technological Development of Fluid Control Within Metal Mold for Application to Family Mold of Resin Part
Development of Ultralow-Cost Machine Vision System
1/N Machine System for the Lean Factory
Application of Green and Lean Production at Ricoh
Impact Response Measurement of Poly-Urethane Sheet Using an Optical Interferometer
On the Development of a Control System for a Small Bio-Methane Gas Engine Generator

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