Digital Human Models for Human-Centered Design
High-Accuracy Absolute Length Measurement Using an Optical-Comb Pulsed Interferometer: Verification of Coordinate Measuring Machines
Dynamically and Biologically Inspired Legged Locomotion: A Review
Analysis of Control Method for Magnetic Bearing Systems
Current Status and Future Trends on Robot Vision Technology
Fusion of Real-Time Disaster Simulation and Big Data Assimilation – Recent Progress
Recent Advances in Multiaxis Control and Multitasking Machining
Community-Centric System – Support of Human Ties –
Issues on Assistive Products from Developments to Social Acceptance: A Literature Review
“Industrie 4.0” and Smart Manufacturing – A Review of Research Issues and Application Examples
Technical Review of Laser Materials Processing in Japan
Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Performance-Driven PID Controller
A Philosophical Inquiry into the Confusion over the Radiation Exposure Problem
A Systematic Review of the Factors Affecting the Cyclone Evacuation Decision Process in Bangladesh
A Review of Recent Developments in Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics
Drone Technology, Cutting-Edge Drone Business, and Future Prospects
The Importance of Local Oriented Dissemination of Reconstruction: The Design of Tohoku Reconstruction & DRR Pavilion
Characteristics of Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) and Associated Challenges – Focusing on Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Thermosetting Resins (CFRTS) for Aircraft
Achievement and Future Prospects of ICT Construction in Japan
Construction Robotics
User Participatory Sensing for Disaster Detection and Mitigation
Modeling Human Behavior of Local Residents in the Aftermath of a Large Earthquake – Wide-Area Evacuation, Rescue and Firefighting in Densely Built-Up Wooden Residential Areas
Establishing the Advanced Disaster Reduction Management System by Fusion of Real-Time Disaster Simulation and Big Data Assimilation
Research and Development of Functional Fluid Mechatronics, Rehabilitation Systems, and Mechatronics of Flexible Drive Systems
Functional Texture Design and Texturing Processes
Toward Next Active Safety Technology of Intelligent Vehicle
Mechanism and Control of Parallel-Wire Driven System
Bacterial Monitoring in the International Space Station – “Kibo”
Significance of Changes in the Skin Fungal Microbiomes of Astronauts Staying on the International Space Station
Microbial Observatory Research in the International Space Station and Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo”
Microbes and Crewed Space Habitat
Fabrication Process of Antimony Telluride and Bismuth Telluride Micro Thermoelectric Generator
A Revolution for Manufacturing and Daily Life Based upon Co-Operational Robot with Human – A New Era of Human-Robot Co-Operation –
Development of Robot Products for Hospital Market – A Challenge for Robot Revolution and its Actual Endeavor –
IoT Fusing Internet with Robots and its Global Innovation
Open Experiment of Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robots in the City: Tsukuba Challenge 2014 and the Results
The Rise and Fall of the Kobe Economy from the 1995 Earthquake
Rehabilitation Systems Based on Visualization Techniques: A Review
Innovation Process Technology An Approach by Dual ComBine Analysis and Purpose Engineering
On the Mid-Long Term Vision 2014 of Our Federation TRAFST
A Trial of Establishing an Approach of the Integrated Risk Management and Two Case Studies
Relevance of Management Sophistication and Integrated Reporting– From the Perspective of Sustainable Management –
Understanding of Falling Cat Phenomenon and Realization by Robot
NANBA Walking Robot (JIZAI Movement of Physical Body Using State Transition with Instability)
Summary Report of the SATREPS Project on Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Technology in Peru
Development of Robotic Unicycles
Current State of the Art of Multi-Axis Control Machine Tools and CAM System
Considering Human Resource Development
School of Knowledge Science for Transdisciplinary Education and Human Resources Development
Project Learning as a Means for Education of Transdisciplinary Talents

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