Development of Robot Simulating Fuel Debris Retrieval
Creative Robot Contests for Decommissioning as Conceived by College of Technology or KOSEN Educators
Privacy-Preserving Techniques in Social Distancing Applications: A Comprehensive Survey
Review of Electronics-Free Robotics: Toward a Highly Decentralized Control Architecture
Overview of the Kakenhi Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas: Science of Soft Robots
Diversification of Business Risks Due to Social Changes with COVID-19
Countermeasures Against COVID-19 from the Viewpoints of Dental Diseases: Strengthening Innate Immunity with the Toothpick Method of Brushing
The Importance of Monitoring Viral Respiratory Infections During the COVID-19 Crisis
COVID-19 and Spanish Flu, the Representative Pandemics of the 21st and 20th Centuries
Effectiveness of and Immune Responses to SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccines and Their Mechanisms
Review of Generative Adversarial Networks in Image Generation
Field Robotics: Applications and Fundamentals
Virtual Mirror and Beyond: The Psychological Basis for Avatar Embodiment via a Mirror
Transparency in Human-Machine Mutual Action
Evaluation of Kinematic and Compliance Calibration of Serial Articulated Industrial Manipulators
Development and Dissemination of Nursing Robots and Support Systems for Welfare Sites
Data-Driven Analysis for Understanding Team Sports Behaviors
Introduction of All-Around 3D Modeling Methods for Investigation of Plants
Aerial Manipulation Using Multirotor UAV: A Review from the Aspect of Operating Space and Force
The Trend in Measures Against Urban Inundation in Japan
Advances in Urban Stormwater Management in Japan: A Review
Soft Robotics: Research, Challenges, and Prospects
Strengthening Disaster Response and Resilience in Lao PDR – A Decade of Learning Since Typhoon Ketsana
A Re-Look at Cholera Pandemics from Early Times to Now in the Current Era of Epidemiology
Epidemiology of the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Several Remarkable Pandemics
Air Pollutants During COVID-19 Lockdown Period in India
Characteristic Features of Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic: Attention to the Management and Control in Egypt
Prevention of COVID-19 Infection with Personal Protective Equipment
Tsukuba Challenge 2019: Task Settings and Experimental Results
Defining Requirements on Technology Systems Assessment from Life Cycle Perspectives: Cases on Recycling of Photovoltaic and Secondary Batteries
The Impact of Recyclable Waste Trade Restrictions on Producer Recycling Activities
New Robotics Pioneered by Fluid Power
Development Timeline of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Japan
Understanding Households’ Perceptions of Risk Communication During a Natural Disaster: A Case Study of the 2011 Flood in Thailand
A Stakeholder Analysis Approach for Area Business Continuity Management: A Systematic Review
Flood Management in the Context of Climate and Land-Use Changes and Adaptation Within the Chao Phraya River Basin
Business Continuity Management: A Preliminary Systematic Literature Review Based on ScienceDirect Database
Evolution and Evaluation of Safety Offered by Active Safety, ADAS, and AD Systems
A Digital Perspective on Machine Tool Calibration
Application of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) as Sensors: A Review
Integrated Study on Forecasting Volcanic Hazards of Sakurajima Volcano, Japan
Research for Contributing to the Field of Disaster Science: A Review
Prior and Real-Time Estimations of Ground Motions, Tsunamis, and Other Geodynamic Hazards
Evaluation of Phenomena Preceding Earthquakes and Earthquake Predictability
Five-Year Achievements of Volcano Program Promotion Panel
The Advancement of Research on Inland Earthquake Generation 2014–2018
Main Results from the Program Promotion Panel for Subduction-Zone Earthquakes
Earthquake and Volcano Hazards Observation and Research Program: An Overview
Functional Superhydrophobic Coating Systems for Possible Corrosion Mitigation
Survey of Social Touch Interaction Between Humans and Robots

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