Introduction to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
Conveying Volcano Information Effectively to Stakeholders – A New Project for Promotion of Next Generation Volcano Research
Review of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for 3D Metal Printing
Ultra Precision Surface Finishing Processes
Recent Trends in the Research of Industrial Robots and Future Outlook
Dynamic Intelligent Systems Based on High-Speed Vision
Research and Development of Rehabilitation Systems for the Upper Limbs “PLEMO” Series
Development of Myoelectric Robotic/Prosthetic Hands with Cybernetic Control at the Biological Systems Engineering Laboratory, Hiroshima University
Humanoid Robot Hand and its Applied Research
Development of SCARA Robots
Global Tsunami Risk Assessment: Collaboration Between Industry and Academia in the Willis Research Network (WRN)
Human Detection in Intelligent Video Surveillance: A Review
Overview of the Special Issue on the Development of Disaster Statistics
Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller and its Distinctive Feature
Precision Forming and Machining Technologies for Ceramic-Based Components
Tsukuba Challenge: Open Experiments for Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robots in the City – Activities and Results of the First and Second Stages –
Approaches of the JICA-AMED SATREPS Project to Controlling Outbreaks of Yellow Fever and Rift Valley Fever in Kenya
Comprehensive Inspection of Japanese Dams in Long-Term Operation
Trends in Dam Upgrading in Japan
Research and Development of Drone and Roadmap to Evolution
Volcanic Activity of Sakurajima Monitored Using Global Navigation Satellite System
Role of Real-Time GNSS in Near-Field Tsunami Forecasting
Real-Time GNSS Analysis System REGARD: An Overview and Recent Results
Agricultural Vehicle Robot
Characteristics and Mechanism of Catalyst-Referred Etching Method: Application to 4H-SiC
Next-Generation, Super-Hard-to-Process Substrates and Their High-Efficiency Machining Process Technologies Used to Create Innovative Devices
Terahertz Plasmonics and Nano-Carbon Electronics for Nano-Micro Sensing and Imaging
Nanotemplate-Guided Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles and its Application to Plasmonic Bio/Chemical Sensing
V-Trench Biosensor: Microfluidic Plasmonic Biosensing Platform
Advances in Noninvasive Glucose Sensing Enabled by Photonics, Acoustics, and Microwaves
In Vitro Diagnostic Device with a Bio-Coupled Gate Field Effect Transistor
On-Chip FRET Graphene Aptasensor
Microfabricated Temperature-Sensing Devices Using a Microfluidic Chip for Biological Applications
MEMS Sensor Devices with a Piezo-Resistive Cantilever
Trends of Technology Education in Compulsory Education in Japan
Development of Communication Robot for STEM Education by Using Digital Fabrication
Digital Human Models for Human-Centered Design
High-Accuracy Absolute Length Measurement Using an Optical-Comb Pulsed Interferometer: Verification of Coordinate Measuring Machines
Dynamically and Biologically Inspired Legged Locomotion: A Review
Analysis of Control Method for Magnetic Bearing Systems
Current Status and Future Trends on Robot Vision Technology
Fusion of Real-Time Disaster Simulation and Big Data Assimilation – Recent Progress
Recent Advances in Multiaxis Control and Multitasking Machining
Community-Centric System – Support of Human Ties –
Issues on Assistive Products from Developments to Social Acceptance: A Literature Review
“Industrie 4.0” and Smart Manufacturing – A Review of Research Issues and Application Examples
Technical Review of Laser Materials Processing in Japan
Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Performance-Driven PID Controller
A Philosophical Inquiry into the Confusion over the Radiation Exposure Problem
A Systematic Review of the Factors Affecting the Cyclone Evacuation Decision Process in Bangladesh

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