Influence of Grooved Plate Cross-Sectional Shape on Bending Phenomena in Laser-Quenching Forming Process
A Novel Platform for Smart 3D Manufacturing System
Investigation of Internal Thread Cutting Phenomena in Three Axes by Controlling Helical Interpolate Motion Considering Tool Position Information from Servo-Drive
Calibration Method of Parallel Mechanism Type Machine Tools
Automating Accuracy Evaluation of 5-Axis Machine Tools
Driving Performance of Natural Fiber Gears Made Only from Bamboo Fibers Extracted with a Machining Center
Visualization of Stress Distribution by Photoelastic Method Under Ultrasonic Grinding Condition
Using Ultraprecision Machining to Fabricate LED Packaging Exhibiting High Luminous Intensity
Mirror-Surface Finishing by Integrating Magnetic-Polishing Technology with a Compact Machine Tool
Generation of High-Pressure Air that Can Be Used as Auxiliary Power Source in a Press Die
Strategies for the Leftover Food Treatment Process: A Case Study of Convenience Store Deli-Style Food Products in Taiwan
Orientation Compensation of an Inchworm Stage with Optical Navigation
Scribing Characteristics of Glass Plate with Ground PCD Scribing Wheel
Machine Tool Service for Mass-Production Machining Systems
Evaluation of Holding Force on Six-D.o.F Surgical Assist Arm with Sphere Joints and Inner-Outer Cables
A 3D Shape-Measuring System for Assessing Strawberry Fruits
Comparing Vibration Sensor Positions in CNC Turning for a Feasible Application in Smart Manufacturing System
Influence of Heat in Multi-Tasking Machine Bed and its Analytical Technique
Experimental Verification of Robust Controller for Electronic Governor of Small Gas Engine Generator
Development of Energy-Saving Machine Tool
Reducing the Energy Consumption of Machine Tools
A Novel Automated Construction Method of Signal Fingerprint Database for Mobile Robot Wireless Positioning System
Development of Warm-Press-Forming Method of CFRTP Motor Vehicle Floors with Complicated Shapes
A Study on Lot-Size Dependence of Energy Consumption per Unit of Production Throughput Considering Buffer Capacity
A Surface Normal On-Machine Measuring Method Using Eddy-Current (EC) Sensor Array
Whole Quenching of Small Thin Plate with Low-Power Semiconductor Laser Based on Feed-Speed Combination Problem
Automatic Control and Simulation of an Overhead Crane’s Travel System
Designing Multi-Agent Simulation with Big Time Series Data for a Global Supply Chain System
A Novel Method of Improving Non-Sinusoidal Periodic Waveform in Force Excitation Control System
Development of Cutting Force Prediction Method Using Motion Information from CNC Controller
Informatics to Support Tactics and Strategies in Curling
Anisotropic Stiffness Design for Mechanical Parts Fabricated by Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing
Ontology Modeling for Intelligent Computer-Aided Design of Apparel Products

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