Analysis of Disaster Response During Landslide Disaster in Hakha, Chin State of Myanmar
Role of JPF in the Support of Disaster Victims of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake: Challenges Faced
Participatory Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Disaster Management in South Africa
Citizen Earthquake Science in Taiwan: From Science to Hazard Mitigation
New Japanese Guidelines for the Information of the Prospect of Seismic Activity After Large Earthquakes and Their Applications
Emergency Evacuation and Shelter-Seeking Behavior of Foreign Residents in Kumamoto Earthquake
Basic Investigation of Displacement Monitoring of Dams Following Earthquakes Based on SAR Satellite Data
Online Information as Real-Time Big Data About Heavy Rain Disasters and its Limitations: Case Study of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, During Typhoons 17 and 18 in 2015
Text-Data Reduction Method to Grasp the Sequence of a Disaster Situation: Case Study of Web News Analysis of the 2015 Typhoons 17 and 18
People Who Cannot Move During a Disaster – Initiatives and Examples in Japan Disaster Victim Support
Disaster Information System Using Natural Language Processing
An Attempt of Extracting and Sharing Lessons Learned from Experiences of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Based on the Viewpoints of Experts on Disaster Science: The “Database of Lessons from March 11, 2011”
Roles of People, Community and Planning in Recovery After Mega-Disasters: A Symposium Synopsis
Public Forum Progress and Future of Business Continuity Management in Japan – Based on the Lessons Learnt After the Great East Japan Earthquake
Science and Practical Disaster Risk Reduction: Role of Universities and Academia in Disaster Risk Reduction – From the Discussions at the UNWCDRR Public Forum by APRU and IRIDeS –
Developments of Tools to Survive the Disasters – Civil Empowerment of “Zest for Living in Disaster” –
Archiving and Memorializing Disasters Report of a UN International Workshop
Report of “Geopark on Stricken Areas: Disasters and Gifts of Geo”
Preliminary Analysis on Science for Global Safety with Reference to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction
Collaborative, Science-Based, Public Disaster Communication – The NHK Media Technology 3D Documentary Movie on Japan’s 2011 Tsunami Event
Review of Recent Water-Related Disasters and Scientific Activities in Southeast Asia: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges for Disaster Risk Reduction
Bridging Multi-Stakeholders for Disaster Risk Reduction Through Education for Sustainable Development into the Post-2015 Framework
Environmental Sensor Network of NTT DOCOMO
Natural Disaster Measures on Tokyo Metro
Revision of Flood Control Act and Measures for Underground Shopping Complexes
Safety of Food Produced in Japan: Past and Present Status of Radioactive Contamination
Developing Manga-Style Tsunami Information Materials Based on the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
Strategy for Dissemination of Practical Tools for Evaluation of Vulnerability and Safety of Houses in the Philippines
Electromagnetic Observations at Taal Volcano
Building a Tsunami Simulation Database for the Tsunami Warning System in the Philippines
Development of Seismic Intensity Meter for the Philippines
Performance of Broadband Seismic Network of the Philippines
Flood Disaster in the Yura River in 2004 and 2013
Swine Influenza Surveillance in the Southeast Asia
Comparative Study of the Post-Tsunami Recovery Plans After the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
Dynamical Downscaling for Assessment of the Climate in Ghana
Practice on an Education and Training Program to Development of Response Literacy to Earthquake Disaster in a Central Business District in Japan
A Fundamental Study of Efficiency of Information Processing in Emergency Operations Center
How Can We Collect and Summarize Information About Emergency Response Operations?
Local Dialysis Disaster Relief During Two Torrential Downpours on Amami-Ohshima Island
Wind Resistance of Vented Vinyl and Aluminum Soffit Panel Systems
Investigation of the Ferry Disaster Incident of Assam (India) on April 30, 2012
Case Study for Local Municipal Program for Seismic Risk Assessment
Consumer Awareness and Attitude on Radiocesium Food Contamination Following Fukushima Incident
Railway Structure Damage to the East Japan Railway Company by the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami
Difference in Typhoon Damage Report Data
Solid Waste Management in Bangkok at 2011 Thailand Floods
Investigation Report on the Flooding Condition in the Midstream Area of Chao Praya River During the Thai Flooding in 2011
Localization of Risk Communication Tools: Two Case Studies
Application of Electrical Resistivity Imaging for MeasuringWater Content Distribution on Hillslopes

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