Measuring Traffic Congestion Based on the Taxi Operations of Traditional and On-Demand Taxis in Yangon
Application and Flood Discharge Analysis with Hydrological Model (WEB-DHM) in Bago River Basin
Constituent Mineral and Water-Soluble Components of Volcanic Ash from the 2018 Eruption of Mt. Motoshirane of Kusatsu-Shirane Volcano, Japan
A Newly Installed Seismic and Geodetic Observational System at Five Indonesian Volcanoes as Part of the SATREPS Project
International Joint Research on Antifungal Resistant Fungi: Collaborative Studies with the University of Campinas, Brazil
Response-Capacity Analysis of Urban Systems to Support Emergency and Disaster Response in a Developing City: The Case of Yangon, Myanmar
Understanding Regional Building Characteristics in Yangon Based on Digital Building Model
Development of a Hydrological Telemetry System in Bago River
Study on High Resilient Structures for IoT Systems to Detect Accidents
Study on Psychological Effect of Cyclic Foot Joint Exercise as a Light Exercise for Sitting Position
Flow Analysis of Insert Molding Using Injection Molding CAE
Mechanism of Volcanic Tephra Falling Detected by X-Band Multi-Parameter Radar
The Resilient Smart City (An Proposal)
A Study on Social Responsibility of Engineers and Managers
Integration of Ultrasonic Sensors and Kinect Sensors for People Distinction and 3D Localization
Dual Use in Pathogen Research
Reversibility Between “Nature” and “Society” Recognized in Extreme Meteorological Phenomenon: Taking an Example of the Flood Disaster in the Toga River in Kobe City
Comparison of Sungkai Tree-Ring Components and Meteorological Data from Western Java, Indonesia

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