A Newly Installed Seismic and Geodetic Observational System at Five Indonesian Volcanoes as Part of the SATREPS Project
International Joint Research on Antifungal Resistant Fungi: Collaborative Studies with the University of Campinas, Brazil
Response-Capacity Analysis of Urban Systems to Support Emergency and Disaster Response in a Developing City: The Case of Yangon, Myanmar
Understanding Regional Building Characteristics in Yangon Based on Digital Building Model
Development of a Hydrological Telemetry System in Bago River
Study on High Resilient Structures for IoT Systems to Detect Accidents
Study on Psychological Effect of Cyclic Foot Joint Exercise as a Light Exercise for Sitting Position
Flow Analysis of Insert Molding Using Injection Molding CAE
Mechanism of Volcanic Tephra Falling Detected by X-Band Multi-Parameter Radar
The Resilient Smart City (An Proposal)
A Study on Social Responsibility of Engineers and Managers
Dual Use in Pathogen Research
Reversibility Between “Nature” and “Society” Recognized in Extreme Meteorological Phenomenon: Taking an Example of the Flood Disaster in the Toga River in Kobe City
Comparison of Sungkai Tree-Ring Components and Meteorological Data from Western Java, Indonesia

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