A Predictive Model for Fertility Behavior of Women of Childbearing Age: Based on the Apriori Algorithm and Smooth Cut-Point Calculation
Image Encryption Algorithm Based on a Hyperchaotic System and Fractional Fourier Transform
The State Monitoring Method of Electronic Voltage Transformer Based on L-M Algorithm
Face Recognition Algorithm Based on 3D Point Cloud Acquired by Mixed Image Sensor
Massive Data Mining Algorithm for Web Text Based on Clustering Algorithm
Object Contour Tracking Algorithm of Infrared Image Under Complex Background
Efficient Prediction Method of Defect of Monitor Configuration Software
A Correlation Evaluation Method for Complex Objects
A Mixed Denoising Algorithm Based on Weighted Joint Sparse Representation
An Improved Immune Clone Algorithm Logistics Delivery Strategy
The Application of A-CNN in Crowd Counting of Scenic Spots
Prediction and Demonstration of Coupling Development for Regional Logistics Economic Environment System
Robot Navigation Algorithm Based on Sensor Technology and Iterative Maximum a Posteriori Estimation
A Recovery Method of Data Lost in Network Communication
Trajectory Tracking and Control Algorithm for Precision Parallel Robot
Research on Multiband Packet Fusion Algorithm for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images
New Application of the Hybrid Localization Algorithm of TDOA and AOA
Optimization of Intelligent Data Mining Technology in Big Data Environment
Research on Communication Scheduling Algorithm for Smart Home in Internet of Things Under Cloud Computing
Component Fusion Image Encryption Method Based on Hybrid Chaotic Model
Simulated Analysis of Modeling of Driving Behavior Characteristics Based on Satellite Positioning Data
Research on New and Old Kinetic Energy Transformation Supported by Smart City Construction in Big Data Era
The Framework of Passable Region Recognition Based on Vanish-Line
Intelligent Control Technology of Ultra-High Voltage Grid
Current Control Method in Doubly Fed Induction Generator Under Low Switching Frequency
Research on Solid Waste Transfer Strategy Based on Internet of Things
Research on Mass Real Estate Evaluation Mode Based on BP Neural Network Model
Rapid Feature Retrieval Method in Large-Scale Image Database
High-Speed Serial Data Transmission Error Control Based on Fuzzy Classification
The Image Restoration Method Based on Patch Sparsity Propagation in Big Data Environment
Study of the Relationship Between Sit-to-Stand Activity and Seat Orientation
An MPC Control System for Onboard Ultracapacitors with Maximum Current Constraint
An Improved Otsu’s Thresholding Algorithm on Gesture Segmentation
Stability and Synchronization Control of Fractional-Order Gene Regulatory Network System with Delay
A Pilot Study of a Tactile Measurement System Using Lateral Skin Stretch on Foot Plantar Surface
Signal Processing on Precursory “Fingerprint” Image Pattern Feature of Yushu Earthquake
Using the Characteristic Equation to Estimate the Initial Values for Numerical Forecasts
Design of New Pumping Cavity with Compound Parabolic Concentrator for Solar-Pumped Laser
Exponential-Weighting-Based Maximum Likelihood for Determining Measurement Random Latency Probability in Network Systems
Extraction and Classification of the Cultural Relic Model Based on Local Geometric Features
Neural Approach to Predict Flow Discharge in River Chenab Pakistan
MEP Analysis of Hand Motor Imagery with Bimanual Coordination Under Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

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