Swarm Robotic Systems Based on Collective Behavior of Chloroplasts
Maneuvering Support System for an Amphibian Vehicle – Warning Display to Prevent Rough Maneuvers –
Development of a Robotic Laparoscope for Laparoscopic Surgery and its Control
Spherical Video Stabilization by Estimating Rotation from Dense Optical Flow Fields
Real-Time Estimation of Sensorless Planar Robot Contact Information
Design of Vertebrae-Inspired Trunk Mechanism for Robust and Directive Quadruped Locomotion on Rough Terrain Without Requiring Sensing and Actuation
Analysis of the Energy Loss on Quadruped Robot Having a Flexible Trunk Joint
Simplified Triped Robot for Analysis of Three-Dimensional Gait Generation
Kinematics and Singularity Analysis of a Four-Degree-of-Freedom Serial-Parallel Hybrid Manipulator
Sliding Passive Dynamic Walking of Compass-Like Biped Robot: Collision Modeling, Necessary Conditions, and Complexity
Visual Lifting Approach for Bipedal Walking with Slippage
Asymmetric Swing-Leg Motions for Speed-Up of Biped Walking
Asymptotic Realization of Desired Control Performance by Body Adaptation of Passive Dynamic Walker
Time-Scale Control Approaches to Collisionless Walking of an Underactuated Rimless Wheel
Assessment of Sedimentation in Wlingi and Lodoyo Reservoirs: A Secondary Disaster Following the 2014 Eruption of Mt. Kelud, Indonesia
Sensitivity Analysis of Depth-Integrated Numerical Models for Estimating Landslide Movement
Development of a Bridge Inspection Support System Using Two-Wheeled Multicopter and 3D Modeling Technology
Research and Development of a Non-Destructive Inspection Technique with a Compact Neutron Source
On-Site Non-Destructive Inspection of Bridges Using the 950 keV X-Band Electron Linac X-ray Source
A Planning Model for Optimal Deployment of Leak Sensors in a Water Pipeline Network
Water Leakage Detection System for Underground Pipes by Using Wireless Sensors and Machine Learning
High Spatial Resolution Survey Using Frequency-Shifted Feedback Laser for Transport Infrastructure Maintenance
Highly-Sensitive Near-Infrared Spectroscopy System for Remote Monitoring of Concrete Structures
Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry for Disaster Monitoring of Harbor Facilities
Mechanoluminescent Testing as an Efficient Inspection Technique for the Management of Infrastructures
Application of Elastic-Wave Tomography to Repair Inspection in Deteriorated Concrete Structures
Evolution of Fatigue Damage in Wheel-Loading Tests Evaluated by 3D Elastic-Wave Tomography
Influence of Corrosion Distribution on Estimation of Flexural Loading Capacity of Corroded RC Beams
Wave-Guided Acoustic Emission Signals of Concrete Slab Obtained by Fatigue Testing on Wheel-Load Machine
Improvement of Durability of Precast Concrete Member by Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Sand
Vehicle Model Calibration in the Frequency Domain and its Application to Large-Scale IRI Estimation
Development of a Remotely Controlled Semi-Underwater Heavy Carrier Robot for Unmanned Construction Works
Data Assimilation for Fatigue Life Assessment of RC Bridge Decks Coupled with Path-Integral-Mechanistic Model and Non-Destructive Inspection
Bridge Slab Damage Detection by Signal Processing of UHF-Band Ground Penetrating Radar Data
Verification of Structural Performance of a Main Tower Inclined Suspension Bridge by Simple Monitoring and FE Analysis
Long-Term Monitoring for ASR-Deteriorated PC Rigid-Frame Bridge
Evaluation of Swallowing Sound Using a Throat Microphone with an AE Sensor in Patients Wearing Palatal Augmentation Prosthesis
Interactive Logo-Design System with an Impression-Factors Space
Visual Cue in the Peripheral Vision Field for a Driving Support System
Families of Triangular Norm-Based Kernel Functions and Their Application to Kernel k-Means
Adaptive Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control for a Class of Uncertain Systems with Input Nonlinearity
Generalized Predictive PID Control for Main Steam Temperature Based on Improved PSO Algorithm
Characteristic Analysis of Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm with Network-Structure
Investigating Effectiveness of an Expression Education Support Robot That Nods and Gives Hints
A Chronic Disease Diet Recommendation System Based on Domain Ontology and Decision Tree
Study on the Analysis of Near-Miss Ship Collisions Using Logistic Regression
Productivity Enhancing Interruption-Information Management Chat Interface
Identity Verification Based on Facial Pose Pool and Bag of Words Model
Multi-Level Control of Fuzzy-Constraint Propagation in Inference with Fuzzy Rule Interpolation at an Infinite Number of Activating Points
Encrypted Color Barcode Using Tree-Structure Joint Stereo Coding

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