Does CEP Influence Corporate Value? Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Enterprise
Comparison of International Differences in the Volatility of Economic Growth and Non-Performing Loan Ratio: A Statistical Study Based on the Quantile Regression Model
Adaptive Learning of Hand Movement in Human Demonstration for Robot Action
Analysis of Influence Factors of Non-Performing Loans and Path Based on the Dynamic Control Theory
Percussive Rock Surface Remover Driven by Solenoid with Planer Motion for Lunar Exploration
Research on Non-Performing Loans Ratio’s Controlling: Evidence from 13 Commercial Banks
Wheel Slip Classification Method for Mobile Robot in Sandy Terrain Using In-Wheel Sensor
Entrepreneurial Marketing and New Venture Performance: The Mediating Effects of Ambidextrous Innovation
Hopping Motion Estimation on Soft Soil by Resistive Force Theory
Fuzzy Cognition on Factors Influencing the Co-Branding in Technical Standards Alliance – From Member Selection Perspective
Development and Performance Evaluation of Planar Travel Distance Sensors for Mobile Robots in Sandy Terrain
Bounded Rationality, Stock Mispricing, and Corporate Investment
Innovation Path of Manufacturing Enterprises and Strategies for Transformation and Upgrading in China
Recovery System Based on Exploration-Biased Genetic Algorithm for Stuck Rover in Planetary Exploration
Housing Market Hedonic Price Study Based on Boosting Regression Tree
Robust Wireless Communication for Small Exploration Rovers Equipped with Multiple Antennas by Estimating Attitudes of Rovers in Several Experimental Environments
Production Competition in Electricity Sector: Social Welfare vs. Managerial Incentives in a Partially Regulated Duopoly
Visual Monocular Localization, Mapping, and Motion Estimation of a Rotating Small Celestial Body
Analysis of Time-Series Data by Merging Decision Rules
Vision-Based Behavior Planning for Lunar or Planetary Exploration Rover on Flat Surface
L1-Norm Least Squares Support Vector Regression via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
Traversability-Based RRT* for Planetary Rover Path Planning in Rough Terrain with LIDAR Point Cloud Data
Fuzzification Methods and Prediction Accuracy of Fuzzy Autocorrelation Model
Wearable Hand Pose Estimation for Remote Control of a Robot on the Moon
Supporting Reaching Movements of Robotic Hands Subject to Communication Delay by Displaying End Effector Position Using Three Orthogonal Rays
Wine Evaluation Modeling Based on Lasso and Support Vector Regression
Machine-Code Program Evolution by Genetic Programming Using Asynchronous Reference-Based Evaluation Through Single-Event Upset in On-Board Computer
Robust and Sparse LP-Norm Support Vector Regression
Document-Based Programming System for Seamless Linking of Satellite Onboard Software and Ground Operating System
A k-Anonymous Rule Clustering Approach for Data Publishing
Analyzing the Functions and Benefits of Using Mobile Facebook as a Supplemental LMS in Higher Education
Mobile Game-Based Learning with a Mobile App: Motivational Effects and Learning Performance
On the Complexity of Cybersecurity Exercises Proportional to Preparedness
Improvement of Verification of a Model Supporting Decision-Making on Information Security Risk Treatment by Using Statistical Data
Proposal on Measure Against Cyberattack on the Basis of Recent Trend
Proposal for a Risk Communication-Based Approach to IT Risk
Consideration on Utilization of Information in Disaster Response Site – Based on Information Support for 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes –
The Standardized Disaster-Information Products for Disaster Management: Concept and Formulation
Effects and Issues of Information Sharing System for Disaster Response
Characteristics of Groundwater Response to Precipitation for Landslide Prevention at Kiyomizu-Dera
Real-Time Prediction Method for Slope Failure Caused by Rainfall Using Slope Monitoring Records
Very Short Time Range Forecasting Using CReSS-3DVAR for a Meso-γ-Scale, Localized, Extremely Heavy Rainfall Event: Comparison with an Extrapolation-Based Nowcast
Analysis of the 6 September 2015 Tornadic Storm Around the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Using Coupled 3DVAR and Incremental Analysis Updates
Assimilation Impact of Different GPS Analysis Methods on Precipitation Forecast: A Heavy Rainfall Case Study of Kani City, Gifu Prefecture on July 15, 2010
Relationship Between b-Value Distribution and the Magma Plumbing System in and Around Mt. Tarumae, Japan
Differences Between Scientific Prediction and Subjective Expectation of Focal Region and Seismic Intensity of Nankai Trough Giant Earthquake
Investigation of Offshore Fault Modeling for a Source Region Related to the Shakotan-Oki Earthquake
Development of a Virtual Reality Experience System for Interior Damage Due to an Earthquake – Utilizing E-Defense Shake Table Test –
Large-Scale Shake Table Test on Behavior of Underground Structure with the Curved Portion During an Earthquake
Study on Performance Evaluation of MEMS Sensors and Data Integration Methods for Expected Use to Determine Damage Degrees of Existing Structures

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