Vehicle Speed Control by a Robotic Driver Considering Vehicle Dynamics for Continuously Variable Transmissions
Fabrication of Magnetically Driven Biopsy Mechanism Applicable to Capsule-Type Medical Device
Effects of a Novel Sympathy-Expression Method on Collaborative Learning Among Junior High School Students and Robots
A Non-Linear Manifold Alignment Approach to Robot Learning from Demonstrations
Gait Planning and Simulation Analysis of a New Amphibious Quadruped Robots
Vision System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle with a Benthos Sampling Function
Underwater Platform for Intelligent Robotics and its Application in Two Visual Tracking Systems
Body Measurement of Reared Red Sea Bream Using Stereo Vision
Development of Upper-Limb Power Assist Machine Using Linkage Mechanism – Drive Mechanism and its Applications –
Automatic Measurement and Determination of Body Condition Score of Cows Based on 3D Images Using CNN
Effect for a Paddy Weeding Robot in Wet Rice Culture
Image Mosaicing Using Multi-Modal Images for Generation of Tomato Growth State Map
Fast Detection of Tomato Peduncle Using Point Cloud with a Harvesting Robot
A Cross-Media Retrieval Algorithm Based on Consistency Preserving of Collaborative Representation
A New Hybrid Method for Parameter Optimization of SVR
Multi-Objective Solar Farm Design Based on Parabolic Collectors
Relationship Between Cerebral Aneurysm Development and Cerebral Artery Shape
Estimating Classroom Situations by Using CNN with Environmental Sound Spectrograms
Solving Order/Degree Problems by Using EDA-GK with a Novel Sampling Method
Discovering Expert Traders on Social Trading Services
A Modification of MOEA/D for Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
Coke Oven Flue Temperature Control Based on Improved Implicit Generalized Predictive Control
A Design of Observers of Control State and Uncertainty via Transformation of T-S Fuzzy Models
A Novel Animation Method Based on Mesh Decimation
On the Learning Method, Properties of the Extended Functional-Type SIRMs Connected Fuzzy Inference Model and Their Application to a Medical Diagnosis System
Power-Regularized Fuzzy Clustering for Spherical Data
Hydrological Simulation of Small River Basins in Northern Kyushu, Japan, During the Extreme Rainfall Event of July 5–6, 2017
Using Agent Simulations to Evaluate the Effect of a Regional BCP on Disaster Response
Development of GIS Integrated Big Data Research Toolbox (BigGIS-RTX) for Mobile CDR Data Processing in Disasters Management
Study on Disaster Emergency Provisions in the Constitution of Japan as a Measure Against Huge Disasters – A Discussion Based on Initial and Emergency Responses to the Great East Japan Earthquake (Earthquake and Tsunami) –
Hybrid System for Generating Data on Human Flow in a Tsunami Disaster
An Analysis Technique of Evacuation Simulation Using an Array DBMS
State-Space Model for Traffic State Estimation of a Two-Dimensional Network
Detection of Pedestrian Flow Using Mobile Devices for Evacuation Guiding in Disaster
Identifying Building Damage Patterns in the 2016 Meinong, Taiwan Earthquake Using Post-Event Dual-Polarimetric ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 Imagery
Extraction of Collapsed Bridges Due to the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake from Post-Event SAR Images
Effects of Firefighting Activities Performed by Local Residents to Mitigate Fire Destruction Damage and Human Casualties in Large Earthquakes
Assessment of Street Network Accessibility in Tokyo Metropolitan Area After a Large Earthquake
Cluster Analysis of Long-Period Ground-Motion Simulation Data with Application to Nankai Trough Megathrust Earthquake Scenarios
Selection of Tsunami Observation Points Suitable for Database-Driven Prediction
A Real-Time Tsunami Inundation Forecast System Using Vector Supercomputer SX-ACE
Process Evaluation of Robot Development Projects by Proposal Data Analysis
Aiding of Micro End-Milling Condition Decision Using Data-Mining from Tool Catalog Data
Geometric Error Compensation of Five-Axis Machining Centers Based on On-Machine Workpiece Measurement
Wheel Working Surface Topography and Grinding Force Distributions in Creep Feed Grinding
Control Strategy of Screw Motion During Plasticizing Phase for All-Electric Injection Molding Machine
CFD Analysis of Friction-Reduction Effect of Micro-Textured Surfaces in Lubricant
New Method Based on Improved Double Ball Bar for Measuring Geometric Motion Errors of Coordinate Measuring Machine
Study of Femtosecond Laser Ablation Effect on Micro-Processing for 4H-SiC Substrate
Patterned Sapphire Substrates for III-Nitride Epitaxial Growth

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