A Robot in a Human–Robot Group Learns Group Norms and Makes Decisions Through Indirect Mutual Interaction with Humans
Stepwise Noise Elimination for Better Motivational and Advisory Texts Classification
Exploratory Causal Analysis of Open Data: Explanation Generation and Confounder Identification
Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks to Model iPSC-Derived Cancer Stem Cells
IDT and Color Transfer-Based Color Calibration for Images Taken by Different Cameras
Interval Data Envelopment Analysis for Inter-Group Data Usage
Learning Effects of Robots Teaching Based on Cognitive Apprenticeship Theory
Spatial Deployment of Heterogeneous Sensors in Complex Environments
Aggregation of Epistemic Uncertainty in Forms of Possibility and Certainty Factors
A Kernel k-Means-Based Method and Attribute Selections for Diabetes Diagnosis
Visualization of Potential Technical Solutions by SOM and Co-Clustering and its Extension to Multi-View Situation
Tsallis Entropy-Based Fuzzy Latent Semantics Analysis
On Sampling Techniques for Corporate Credit Scoring
A Heuristic-Based Model for MMMs-Induced Fuzzy Co-Clustering with Dual Exclusive Partition
A Hybrid Fuzzy System Dynamics Approach for Risk Analysis of AUV Operations
Observer-Based Piecewise Multi-Linear Controller Designs for Nonlinear Systems Using Feedback and Observer Linearizations
Metric Dimension of Generalized Möbius Ladder and its Application to WSN Localization
Utilization of Reluctance Electromagnetic Force of Inner-Mover-Type Rotary-Linear Motor
A Puncturing Device that Mimics the Mechanism of Mosquito’s Proboscis and Labium – Verification of the Effect of Skin Deformation / Needle Buckling Prevention Mechanism and Puncture Experiment on Artificial Skin and Experimental Animals –
Mitigation of Channel Clogging in a Microfluidic Device for Capturing Circulating Tumor Cells
Using Textured-DLC Coating to Improve the Wear Resistance of Stainless Steel Plate Under Dust-Containing Lubricant Condition
Development of a Microprobing System for Side Wall Detection Based on Local Surface Interaction Force Detection
Positioning Performance Evaluation for Light-Weight Rotary Stage CFRP Application
Relationship Between Fluid Properties and Bearing Stiffness in Water Hydrostatic Bearing
Compensation Method for Tool Setting Errors Based on Non-Contact On-Machine Measurement
Grinding Energy Distributions and Wear Behaviors of Grain Cutting Edges in cBN Deep Grinding
Angle Detection Using Gyro Signals Rotating Around Four Orthogonally Aligned Axes
Cutting Features Between Surface Roughness in Feed Direction and Machining State of Radius End Mill Against Inclined Surfaces (In Case of Contour Machining and Five-Axis Machining with Constant Tilt Angle)
Proposal of Contour Line Model for High-Speed End Milling Simulation
Experimental Investigations on Cutting Phenomena in Shoulder Cutting of Hardened Die Steel with Small Diameter End Mill: Effects of Left Hand Helical Tool
Applicability of Diamond-Coated Tools for Ball End Milling of Sintered Tungsten Carbide
Process Knowledge Integrated Assembly Sequence Planning for Control Panel
Development of Birefringence Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope and its Application to Sample Measurements
Development of Rover with ARLISS Requirements and the Examination of the Rate of Acceleration that Causes Damages During a Rocket Launch
Statistical Exploration of Distributed Pattern Formation Based on Minimalistic Approach
Three-DoF Flapping-Wing Robot with Variable-Amplitude Link Mechanism
Development of a Spray-Coated Tactile Sensor – Prototype and Modeling of 2D Sensor on Cylindrical Surface –
Analysis of Fast Bipedal Walking Using Mechanism of Actively Controlled Wobbling Mass
Autonomous Adaptive Flight Control of a UAV for Practical Bridge Inspection Using Multiple-Camera Image Coupling Method
Development of a Bridge Inspection Support Robot System Using Two-Wheeled Multicopters
Reliable Activation of an EPM-Based Clinging Device for Aerial Inspection Robots
Development of Concrete Inspection Robot with Dual Stage Suckers
Development of Lifting System for High-Elevation Inspection Robot Targeting Hanger Ropes
Verification and Evaluation of Robotic Inspection of the Inside of Culvert Pipes
Development of a Peristaltic-Movement Duct-Cleaning Robot for Application to Actual Environment – Examination of Brush Type and Installation Method to Improve Cleaning Efficiency –
Shadow-Based Operation Assistant for a Pipeline-Inspection Robot Using a Variance Value of the Image Histogram
Inspection Test of a Tunnel with an Inspection Vehicle for Tunnel Lining Concrete
Shape Adaptation of the Inspection Guide Frame in Tunnels to Avoid Obstacles Detected by a Laser Range Finder
Identifying Criteria for Designing Risk Communication System in Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Spatial Characteristics of Flooded Areas in the Mun and Chi River Basins in Northeastern Thailand

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