Effectiveness of the Submersible Embankment in Haor Area in Bangladesh
High Resolution Numerical Model for Salinity Transport in Rivers During a Tsunami Attack
Community Proactivity in Disaster Preparation: Research Based on Two Communities in Japan
Comprehensive Etiological and Epidemiological Study on Acute Respiratory Infections in Children: Providing Evidence for the Prevention and Control of Childhood Pneumonia in the Philippines
Evaluation of Diverse Values of Hydropower
Environmental Impact Assessment Plan Due to Sediment Sluicing at Dams Along Mimikawa River System
Planning and Analysis of Sedimentation Countermeasures in Hydropower Dams Considering Properties of Reservoir Sedimentation
Effectiveness of Flexible Dam Operation and Sediment Replenishment at Managawa Dam, Japan
Free-Flow Sediment Flushing: Insights from Prototype-Scale Studies
Current and Future Study Topics on Reservoir Sediment Management by Bypass Tunnels
Collaborative and Adaptive Dam Operation for Flood Control
Reservoir Operation for Water Supply Considering Operational Ensemble Hydrological Predictions
Quantification of the Risks on Dam Preliminary Release Based on Ensemble Rainfall Forecasts and Determination of Operation
Technical Features of Tsuruta Dam Redevelopment Project
Technical Features of Shin-Katsurazawa Dam to Be Coaxially Raised with Existent Dam and Measures to Solve the Problems Involved
Maximum-Margin Model for Nearest Prototype Classifiers
Characteristics of Rough Set C-Means Clustering
Cluster Validity Measures for Network Data
Fuzzified Even-Sized Clustering Based on Optimization
Fuzzy Clustering Methods for Categorical Multivariate Data Based on q-Divergence
Long-Term Ensemble Learning for Cross-Season Visual Place Classification
Analyzing Potential of Personal Values-Based User Modeling for Long Tail Item Recommendation
Fault Tolerant Predictive Control Based on Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Observer for Quadrotor UAV
Estimation of Position and Intensity of Multi-Light Sources Based on Specular Sphere
Research on Continuous Sign Language Sentence Recognition Algorithm Based on Weighted Key-Frame
Research on Pattern Representation Based on Keyword and Word Embedding in Chinese Entity Relation Extraction
Time Series Prediction of Tropical Storm Trajectory Using Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Networks and Error Evaluation
Construction and Application of Mixed Copula Model
Conditional Distribution Prediction of Stock Returns and its Application on Risk Aversion Analysis
Research on Innovation Knowledge Spillover Effect of China’s High-Tech Industry R&D-Base on Multidimensional Spatial Weight Matrices
Institutional Investors Holding, Market-Maker System, and Stock Liquidity: An Empirical Study Based on the NEEQ Market
Motion Control of 6-DOF Manipulator Based on EtherCAT
Friction Reduction by Micro-Textured Surfaces in Lubrication
Prediction of the Tensile Thermal Stress Generation Conditions for Laser Irradiation of Thin Plate Glass with Forced Cooling Based on the Plane Stress Model
Angle Detection Using a Continuously Rotating Gyro for Large Scale Profile Evaluation – Reversal Measurement for Eliminating Gyro Drift –
Mirror Surface Machining of Steel by Elliptical Vibration Cutting with Diamond-Coated Tools Sharpened by Pulse Laser Grinding
Filter Design of Adjusting Common Phase for Vibration Suppression Control of Multi-Degree-of Freedom System
Consideration of Tacit Knowledge Sharing by Automation for Reinforcement of Human Abilities: Empirical Comparison of Conservation Techniques Between Japan and Denmark
Visualization of Acquisition Experience in Sternal Compression Maneuver Using Kinect Sensoring: For Co-Creation of Medical Technique Experiential Values
Skill Extraction from Nursing Care Service Using Sliding Sheet
Usability Analysis of Information on Worker’s Hands in Animated Assembly Manuals
Proposal for a Design Theory of a Database for Skill Learning from the Viewpoint of Service
Collaboration Challenges in Digital Service Innovation Projects
Development of Fluffy Screen System and Field Trial at a Shopping Mall
A Study on Support Method of Consulting Service Using Text Mining
Modeling and Analysis of a Closed-Loop Supply Chain in Consideration of Extra Demand
Equilibrium Analysis of Service Ecosystems for Labor-Intensive Services Using Multi-Agent Simulation
Multiproduct Traditional Japanese Cuisine Restaurant Improves Labor Productivity by Changing Cooking Processes According to Service Product Characteristics
Motion Planning of Mobile Robots for Occluded Obstacles
Development of Educational Service Robot and Practical Training

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