Identifying Criteria for Designing Risk Communication System in Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Spatial Characteristics of Flooded Areas in the Mun and Chi River Basins in Northeastern Thailand
Three-Dimensional Measurement for Revitalization of Intangible Cultural Properties After Disasters
Challenge to Build the Science of Human Survival from Disaster Starting from Analysis for the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami
Addressing the Health Problems After Immigration Faced by the Marshallese in Springdale, Arkansas: Lessons Learned from the City of Vienna
Influence of Religion, Culture and Education on Perception of Climate Change and its Implications: Applying Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
Influence of Religion, Culture and Education on Perception of Climate Change, and its Implications
Motivations for Students in the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia to Emigrate Abroad
Higher Education and Destination of the Youth in the Republic of the Marshall Islands: Implication for Climate-Induced Migration
Livelihood Re-Establishment of Emigrants from Kiribati in Fiji
Migration with Dignity: A Case Study on the Livelihood Transition of Micronesians to Portland and Salem, Oregon
Migration, Transition, and Livelihoods: A Comparative Analysis of Marshallese Pre- and Post-Migration to the United States
Legal and Practical Measures for Environmental Migrants
Climate Change, Migration, and Vulnerability: Overview of the Special Issue
How Users of a Smartphone Weather Application Are Influenced by Animated Announcements Conveying Rainfall Intensity and Electronic Gifts Promoting Rain Evacuation
Rainfall Indices at Estimated Occurrence Times of Sediment Disasters Triggered by the July 2018 Heavy Rainfall
Implementation and Demonstration of a System for the Forecasting of Surface Avalanche Potential Caused by Snowfall from a Cyclone
Problems in Earthquake Resistance Evaluation of Gabion Retaining Wall Based on Shake Table Test with Full-Scale Model
Modeling of Subsurface Velocity Structures from Seismic Bedrock to Ground Surface in the Tokai Region, Japan, for Broadband Strong Ground Motion Prediction
Expression and Identification of Confidence Based on Individual Verbal and Non-Verbal Features in Human-Robot Interaction
Effects of Shape Characteristics on Tactile Sensing Recognition and Brain Activation
FCMLSM Segmentation of Micro-Vessels in Slight Defocused Microscopic Images
Enhanced Intersystem Handover Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Improved Two-Stage Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks
Research on Multi-Channel Semantic Fusion Classification Model
Noise Reduction with Fuzzy Inference Based on Generalized Mean and Singleton Input–Output Rules: Toward Fuzzy Rule Learning in a Unified Inference Platform
IPMSM Speed and Current Controller Design for Electric Vehicles Based on Explicit MPC
Recurrent Neural Network for Predicting Dielectric Mirror Reflectivity
A Novel Growth Evaluation System for Tobacco Planting Based on Image Classification
Joint Trajectory Planning Based on Minimum Euclidean Distance of Joint Angles of a Seven-Degrees-of-Freedom Manipulator for a Sequential Reaching Task
Analysis of Velocity Pattern of a Power-Assisted Mobile Robot
Barrage Text Classification with Improved Active Learning and CNN
Interaction Between Population Aging and Technological Innovation: A Chinese Case Study
Automated Process Planning System for End Milling Operation Constrained by Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
Study on Infrared Transmittance of Si-Polymer Hybrid Structure Press Molded Using a Coupling Agent
Micro Fabrication of Au Thin-Film by Transfer-Printing Using Atomic Diffusion Bonding
Recognition of Transient Environmental Sounds Based on Temporal and Frequency Features
Gap Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network and Adaptive Control in Robotic Plasma Welding
Unrelated Parallel-Machine Scheduling with Maintenance Activities and Rejection Penalties for Minimizing Total Cost
Effects of Blade Tip Profile on In-Plane Tensile Properties of Wedge-Notched Polypropylene Sheet
New Magnetic Abrasive Finishing for Alumina Ceramic Plane Using Alternating Magnetic Fields
Ridge-Texturing for Wettability Modification by Using Angled Fine Particle Peening
Concentric Mutual Lapping to Improve Sliding Surface Function of SiC Ceramics
Mirror Finishing of SiC by UV-Assisted Constant-Pressure Grinding
Effects of Water Supply Using Ultrasonic Atomization on the Working Life of MCF Slurry in MCF Polishing
Improvement of the Form Accuracy of a Slender Workpiece in Cylindrical Traverse Grinding
Automating the Mold-Material Grinding Process
Study on Disaster Medical Response During the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Based on Essential Elements of Information – Nine Days at Iwate Prefecture from Hyperacute Phase to Subacute Phase –
Citizen Satisfaction and Continuing Intentions Regarding Support and Compensation Prescribed by the Chernobyl Act: A Case Study of the Russian Central Federal District
Recent Perceptions of Volcanic Hazard-Related Information in Japan: Expectation of Eruption Predictability and Acceptance of Uncertainty

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