Investigation of the Surface Roughness in Infeed Centerless Grinding of SCM435 Steel
Fault-Tolerant Aircraft Control Based on Self-Constructing Fuzzy Neural Network for Quadcopter
Effect of Ultrafine Bubbles on Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Staphylococcus Aureus During Sterilization of Machining Fluid
Measurements of Non-Grinding Forces and Power
Photoelectrochemical Oxidation Assisted Catalyst-Referred Etching for SiC (0001) Surface
Improvement of Removal Rate of Tape Lapping by Applying Fluid with Ultrasonic Excited Cavitation
Evaluation of Grinding Wheel Surface Shape on Difference Multiple Helical Dressing Condition
Development of Resin Fibrous Grinding Wheels Using Twin Nozzle PELID and Analysis of Their Grinding Performance
Investigation on Feasibility of Polishing Concave Surfaces Using Magnetic Compound Fluid Slurry
Effect of Cutting Speed on Shape Recovery of Work Material in Cutting Process of Super-Elastic NiTi Alloy
Investigation on Polishing of Zirconia Ceramics Using Magnetic Compound Fluid: Relationship Between Material Removal and Surface Roughness
Investigation of Optimum Grinding Condition Using cBN Electroplated End-Mill for CFRP Machining
Tomato Growth State Map for the Automation of Monitoring and Harvesting
Study on Arbitrary Direction Navigation System for Autonomous Multirotor with Arbitrary Configuration of Rotors
Robust Cell Image Segmentation via Improved Markov Random Field Based on a Chinese Restaurant Process Model
Numerical Investigation on Hydrodynamic Performance of a Ducted Propeller for Vectored Underwater Robot
Visual Servoing with Deep Learning and Data Augmentation for Robotic Manipulation
Utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Artificial Intelligence, and Remote Measurement Technology for Bridge Inspections
POI Classification Method Based on Feature Extension and Deep Learning
Arbitrary Viewpoint Visualization for Teleoperated Hydraulic Excavators
A Heuristic Lowest Unknown-Degree Target Search Strategy Under Non-Structured Environment for Multi-Agent Systems
Sliding Mode Control of Lateral Semi-Active Suspension of High-Speed Train
Dynamic-Event-Based Fault Detection for Markov Jump Systems Under Hidden-Markov Mode Observation
Traffic Flow Prediction Model Based on Drivers’ Cognition of Road Network
A Students’ Concentration Evaluation Algorithm Based on Facial Attitude Recognition via Classroom Surveillance Video
Outdoor Human Detection with Stereo Omnidirectional Cameras
Terminal Voltage Control Scheme of Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion System with Battery Energy Storage System
Outdoor Autonomous Navigation Utilizing Proximity Points of 3D Pointcloud
Digital Empirical Research of Influencing Factors of Musical Emotion Classification Based on Pleasure-Arousal Musical Emotion Fuzzy Model
Autonomous Mobile Robot for Outdoor Slope Using 2D LiDAR with Uniaxial Gimbal Mechanism
Indoor Key Point Reconstruction Based on Laser Illumination and Omnidirectional Vision
Toward Autonomous Garbage Collection Robots in Terrains with Different Elevations
Estimation of SOC Based on LSTM-RNN and Design of Intelligent Equalization Charging System
Prototyping Using a Mobile Robot Platform Equipped with Low-End In-Wheel Motors
Suppression the Disturbance of Robotic Manipulators Based on Nonlinear Disturbance Observer and Fuzzy Logic System
Visual Navigation Based on Semantic Segmentation Using Only a Monocular Camera as an External Sensor
Entity Alignment Method of Points of Interest for Internet Location-Based Services
Automatic Generation of Multidestination Routes for Autonomous Wheelchairs
FR-MTL: Traffic Flow Prediction Using Fused Ridge Denoising and Multi-Task Learning
Development of Edge-Node Map Based Navigation System Without Requirement of Prior Sensor Data Collection
Three-Dimensional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Route Planning Using Hybrid Differential Evolution
Single Image De-Raining Using Spinning Detail Perceptual Generative Adversarial Networks
Assessing Flood Risk of the Chao Phraya River Basin Based on Statistical Rainfall Analysis
The Determinants of Residents’ Evacuation Behavior in the Torrential Rain in Western Japan in 2018: Examination of Survey Data of Victims in Okayama Prefecture
Effects of Radioactive Contamination from the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site on Behavior Related to Food Choices: A Case Study of Kazakhstan
Case Reasoning-Based Emergency Decision Making for Oil and Gas Accidents
Measurement of Disaster Damage Utilizing Disaster Statistics: A Case Study Analyzing the Data of Indonesia
Study of Reflections on University Fieldwork Courses: The Characteristics of Learning Content of Students Who Visited Disaster-Affected Areas
Spatial Distribution of Causes of Death in the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami at Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture
Sustainable Community Development for Disaster Resilience and Human Resources Development for Disaster Risk Reduction – Growth and Community Contribution of the Katahira Children’s Board for Community Development –

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