Measurement and Compensation of Tool Contour Error Using White Light Interferometry for Ultra-Precision Diamond Turning of Freeform Surfaces
Effective Optical System Assembly Using Ultra-Precise Manufactured References
Study of the Warp Removal Process for a Thin Substrate: Development of a Correction Processing System Using a Freezing Pin Chuck
Hydraulic Micro Device with Force Sensing for Measurement of Mechanical Characteristics
Experimental Analysis and Anti-Sway Control of Jigiri Behavior in a Nursing Lift
Study on the Creation of Fine Periodic Structure on V-Shaped Groove with Short-Pulsed Laser
Porosity and Tensile Properties of Rhizoid Porous Structure Fabricated Using Selective Laser Melting
Generation of Biocompatible Titanium Alloy Surfaces Including Calcium and Phosphorus Elements by Laser-Induced Mist Spraying Wet Treatment
Evolution of Chip-Deformation Mechanisms with Increasing Temperature in Laser-Assisted Microcutting of Amorphous Alloy
Effects of Pulse Duration and Heat on Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures
Fabrication of a Two-Dimensional Diffraction Grating with Isolated Photoresist Pattern Structures
Processing with Application of High-Power Semiconductor Laser – Theoretical Analysis of Heat Source and Application to Surface Processing –
Development of a Gripper with Variable Stiffness for a CT-Guided Needle Insertion Robot
Long Range Six Degree-of-Freedom Magnetic Levitation Using Low Cost Sensing and Control
Development of a Rehabilitation and Training Device Considering the Ankle Degree of Freedom
Design of a Database-Driven Kansei Feedback Control System Using a Hydraulic Excavators Simulator
Application of a MIMO-PID Controller for a Hydraulic Excavator Considering the Velocity of CoM
Effects of Demographic Characteristics on Trust in Driving Automation
Safety Evaluation of Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) System in Real-World Signalized Intersection
Path Planning Design for Boarding-Type Personal Mobility Unit Passing Pedestrians Based on Pedestrian Behavior
Autonomous Motion Planning in Pedestrian Space Considering Passenger Comfort
Tracking Control of a Micro Ground Vehicle Using the Course Coordinate
Automated Steering Control System for Reverse Parking Maneuver of Semi-Trailer Vehicles Considering Motion Planning by Simulation of Feedback Control System
Fast Euclidean Cluster Extraction Using GPUs
Moving Horizon Estimation with Probabilistic Data Association for Object Tracking Considering System Noise Constraint
Safety Compensation for Improving Driver Takeover Performance in Conditionally Automated Driving
HMI Design when Using Level 2 Automated Driving Function – Effects of System Status Presentation Considering the Risk of Malfunction on Driver Behavior –
Personalized Subjective Driving Risk: Analysis and Prediction
Stereo Vision by Combination of Machine-Learning Techniques for Pedestrian Detection at Intersections Utilizing Surround-View Cameras
Traffic Impacts of On-Street Parking Cars on Secondary North-South Streets in Downtown Yangon
Considerations on Relationship Between Central and Local Governments During Huge Disasters – Necessity and Application of Special Rules on Evacuation Measures and Relief –
Justification of Possible Casualty-Reduction Countermeasures Based on Global Tsunami Hazard Assessment for Tsunami-Prone Regions over the Past 400 Years
Evacuation Behavior: Why Do Some People Never Evacuate to a Cyclone Shelter During an Emergency? A Case Study of Coastal Bangladesh
The Disaster-Management Capabilities of Local Governments: A Case Study in Indonesia
Study on Development of Humor Discriminator for Dialogue System
Fuzzy-Integral Based Estimate of Vertical-Direction Error Caused by Pointing Fingers at Objects
Do You Forgive Past Mistakes of Animated Agents? A Study of Instances of Assistance by Animated Agents
Learning Effect of Collaborative Learning with Robots Speaking a Compliment
Operation Skill Acquisition and Fuzzy-Rule Extraction for Drone Control Based on Visual Information Using Deep Learning
Support System for Teachers in Communication with Educational Support Robot
Modular Neural Network for Learning Visual Features, Routes, and Operation Through Human Driving Data Toward Automatic Driving System
Improved Model-Free Adaptive Control of Pneumatic Gravity Compensation System
Robot Vision System for Human Detection and Action Recognition
HEVC Video Encryption Algorithm Based on Integer Dynamic Coupling Tent Mapping
User Modeling from Review Browsing History for Personal Values-Based Recommendation
Estimation of Search Intents from Query to Context Search Engine
Discussing Psychological Changes in College Students Who Participate in Physical Education Using Structural Equation Modeling
Forecasting Realized Volatility Based on Sentiment Index and GRU Model
Human Body Dynamics Detection of Shock Absorption and Rebound Ability of Specialized Athletic Shoes
Asymmetric Multifractal Analysis of Rebar Futures and Spot Market in China

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