Cross-View Gait Recognition Based on Dual-Stream Network
Position Control of Machine Tool Moving Axis Based on Sliding Mode Control
Development of a Control System and Interface Design Based on an Electric Wheelchair
Demagnetization Fault Diagnosis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Inductance Disturbance
Three-Dimensional Stereo Vision Tracking of Multiple Free-Swimming Fish for Low Frame Rate Video
Optimization of Biofilter Size for Aquaponics Using Genetic Algorithm
Application of Fuzzy Logic for Controlling Spray Drying Parameters in Production of Bignay (Antidesma Bunius) Juice Powder
Varietal Classification of Lactuca Sativa Seeds Using an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Based on Morphological Phenes
Adaptive Fertigation System Using Hybrid Vision-Based Lettuce Phenotyping and Fuzzy Logic Valve Controller Towards Sustainable Aquaponics
The Influence of Aging Population on Consumption Quantity in China
Effect of the International Tourism Island Policy on Hainan Farmers’ Income and the Urban–Rural Income Gap: An Analysis Based on the GPCA and SCM Models
Stock Prediction Based on News Text Analysis
Sino-Japanese Relations from the Perspective of Chinese Mainstream Media During the Pandemic: Based on Word2vec and DTM Model
Agglomeration and Innovation: An Empirical Study Based on China’s Manufacturing Data
Time-Varying Transmission Effects of Internet Finance Under Economic Policy Uncertainty and Internet Consumers’ Behaviors: Evidence from China
Market Distortion, Inter-Provincial Factor Misallocation, and Total Factor Productivity
Lookback Option Pricing Problems of Uncertain Mean-Reverting Stock Model
Evaluating Default Risk and Loan Performance in UK Peer-to-Peer Lending: Evidence from Funding Circle
Calculation and Decomposition Analysis of Embodied Energy and Embodied Carbon Emissions in China’s Foreign Trade Based on Value-Added Trade
Laser Cutting Defect Recognition Using Conversion of Processing Light Information into Spectrogram Images – Spectroscopic Measurements in Multiple Work Surface Conditions and Extraction of Spectral Data Features Based on Processing Principle –
Design Concept and Structural Configuration of Magnetic Levitation Stage with Z-Assist System
Design, Fabrication, and Performance Analysis of a Vertically Suspended Soft Manipulator
Online Monitoring Method for Mold Deformation Using Mahalanobis Distance
Experienced Challenges When Implementing Collaborative Robot Applications in Assembly Operations
Imitation Learning System Design with Small Training Data for Flexible Tool Manipulation
Reactive Scheduling Based on Adaptive Manipulator Operations in a Job Shop Configuration with Two Machines
High-Precision Mobile Robotic Manipulator for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Multi-Layer Quality Inspection System Framework for Industry 4.0
Kinematic Tool-Path Smoothing for 6-Axis Industrial Machining Robots
Machining Performance of Robot-Type Machine Tool Consisted of Parallel and Serial Links Based on Calibration of Kinematics Parameters
Quasi-Static Compliance Calibration of Serial Articulated Industrial Manipulators
Positioning Error Calibration of Industrial Robots Based on Random Forest
Design of Fin-Curvature-Based Feedback Controller for Efficient Swimming
New Method of Path Optimization for Medical Logistics Robots
A Soft Needle Gripper Capable of Grasping and Piercing for Handling Food Materials
Gait Rehabilitation System Using a Non-Wearing Type Pneumatic Power Assist Device
Development and Control of Power-Assisted Lumbar Suit Based on Upper-Body Acceleration
User-Adaptive Brake Assist System for Rolling Walkers
Development and Clinical Evaluation of Bed with Standing-Up Function
Development of a Tele-Rehabilitation System Using an Upper Limb Assistive Device
Evaluation of Muscle Activity and Human Standing Stability Index Using the Swash Plate in a Disturbance Application
Classification of Care Assistive Technology Based on the Relationship Between Users and Technologies
Facilitative Exercise for Surface Myoelectric Activity Using Robot Arm Control System – Training Scheme with Gradually Increasing Difficulty Level –
Ankle Joint Stretching Device Using Tension Rod for Self Rehabilitation
Impedance Control Considering Velocity Saturation of a Series Elasticity System with a Motor
Unconstrained Measurement of Heart Rate Considering Harmonics of Respiratory Signal Using Flexible Tactile Sensor Sheet
An Electrolarynx Control Method Using Myoelectric Signals from the Neck
Use of Robotic Pet in a Distributed Layout Elderly Housing with Services: A Case Study on Elderly People with Cognitive Impairment
Speech Analysis to Evaluate Robot-Assisted Recreation of Older Adults with Dementia
Development of a Spoon Motion Navigation Algorithm for the Mealtime Assistant Simulator

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