A Socially Interactive Robot Partner Using Content-Based Conversation System for Information Support
Research on the Price of Online Short-Term Rental Rooms Based on Fusion of User Reviews
Humanoid Robot Motion Modeling Based on Time-Series Data Using Kernel PCA and Gaussian Process Dynamical Models
Rough Set-Based Clustering Utilizing Probabilistic Memberships
Analysis of Influence Factors for Learning Outcomes with Bayesian Network
Effects of Trade Environment in Decentralized Inter-Organizational Business Structures Through Agent Simulation
Microwave Filter Modeling and Intelligent Tuning
Deformable Map Matching to Handle Uncertain Loop-Less Maps
Novel Discriminative Method for Illegal Parking and Abandoned Objects
Analysis of Cell Spheroid Morphological Characteristics Using the Spheroid Morphology Evaluation System
Simultaneous Forecasting of Meteorological Data Based on a Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network
Proposal of the Tire Longitudinal Characteristics Real-Time Estimation Method
Noise Reduction with Inference Based on Fuzzy Rule Interpolation at an Infinite Number of Activating Points: Toward Fuzzy Rule Learning in a Unified Inference Platform
Posture Control of Two Link Torque Unit Manipulator Considering Influence of Viscous Friction on Joints
Image Classification Combined with Fusion Gaussian–Hermite Moments Feature and Improved Nonlinear SVM Classifier
Mechanism and Control of Connecting Robot Moving in Narrow and Irregular Terrain
Improving Street Object Detection Using Transfer Learning: From Generic Model to Specific Model
Visibility Enhancement for Underwater Robots Based on an Improved Underwater Light Model
Localization of Substation Fittings Based on a Stereo Vision Method
Research on the Relationship Between EM and NVP – Exploring the Moderating Role of EU
Training System for Endoscopic Surgery Aiming to Provide the Sensation of Forceps Operation
Modeling the Effect of Interest Rate Uncertainty on Residents’ Consumption – Based on a DSGE Model Embedded Stochastic Volatility
Error Analysis by Kinetics for Parallel-Wire Driven System Using Approximated Inverse Kinematics
Comparative Analysis of Risk Assessment for Technical Standards Alliance Based on BP Neural Network and Fuzzy AHP Methods
Proposal of Non-Rotating Joint Drive Type Power Assist Suit for Lower Limbs Considering Squat Lifting
Reducing Lumbar Load with Active Corset
Forecasting Stock Returns Based on a Time-Varying Factor Weighted Density Model
Supporting Effects on Muscles of a Motion Assistive Wear Depending on the Fixture Position
The Diffusion of Explicit and Tacit Knowledge in Complex Networks
Active Passive Nature of Assistive Wearable Gait Augment Suit for Enhanced Mobility
Advertising and Pricing Decisions with Reference Price Effect
Feature Selection for Work Recognition and Working Motion Measurement
Hedonic Price Ripple Effect and Consumer Choice: Evidence from New Homes
Estimating Lumbar Load During Motion with an Unknown External Load Based on Back Muscle Activity Measured with a Muscle Stiffness Sensor
Utilization and Balance in Channel Assignment for Rural Wireless Mesh Networks
Effective and Sustainable Strategy of Chinese Banks Based on Input-Output Increased DEA Design
Flood and Substance Transportation Analysis Using Satellite Elevation Data: A Case Study in Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Reviewing National Cybersecurity Strategies
Strong Motion and Tsunami Related to the AD 365 Crete Earthquake
Damage Detection Method for Buildings with Machine-Learning Techniques Utilizing Images of Automobile Running Surveys Aftermath of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake
Modeling of the Subsurface Structure from the Seismic Bedrock to the Ground Surface for a Broadband Strong Motion Evaluation in Kumamoto Plain
Experimental Evaluation on Earthquake-Resistance of Road Retaining Wall Using Gabion
Automatic Generation of an Evaluation Model of Regional Disaster Prevention Activities Based on Self-Evaluation Questionnaire
Gaps Between the Transmission and Reception of Information on Rainfall Amounts
Introducing Quantile Mapping to a Regression Model Using a Multi-Model Ensemble to Improve Probabilistic Projections of Monthly Precipitation
Analysis of Flood Inundation in Ungauged Mountainous River Basins: A Case Study of an Extreme Rain Event on 5–6 July 2017 in Northern Kyushu, Japan
Predictability of Precipitation Caused by Linear Precipitation Systems During the July 2017 Northern Kyushu Heavy Rainfall Event Using a Cloud-Resolving Numerical Weather Prediction Model
Spatial Analysis of the Landslide Characteristics Caused by Heavy Rainfall in the Northern Kyushu District in July, 2017 Using Topography, Geology, and Rainfall Levels
Natural Language Generation Using Monte Carlo Tree Search
A Three-Dimensional Fuzzy Linguistic Evaluation Model

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