Analysis of Trip Distributions of Human Mobility Patterns and Their Transit Behaviors Using Mobile Call Detail Records
Analysis of Bus Operation at Peak Hours Using Bus GPS Data: A Case Study of YBS-36
An Investigation of Socioeconomic and Land Use Influence on Car Ownership in Yangon City
Seismic Fragility Analysis of Poorly Built Timber Buildings in Yangon Slum Areas
Earthquake Building Collapse Risk Estimation for 2040 in Yangon, Myanmar
Acquisition of Ground Information in Downtown Yangon for Bosai Operation Support System
Evaluating Expectations for Training Transfer: Exploratory Study on a Capacity Development Project for Road and Bridge Technology in Myanmar
Analysis of Seismic Performance of Suspension Bridge in Myanmar
Condition Monitoring of Yangon Circular Railway and Yangon–Mandalay Railway Based on Car-Body Acceleration Response Using a Portable Device
User Stories-Based Requirement Elicitation for Data Visualization to Support Decision Making in Water Resource Management at Bago River Basin
Multivariate Flood Loss Estimation of the 2018 Bago Flood in Myanmar
Impact of Bias-Correction Methods in Assessing the Potential Flood Frequency Change in the Bago River
Developing Flood Inundation Map Using RRI and SOBEK Models: A Case Study of the Bago River Basin, Myanmar
Estimation of Run-of-River Hydropower Potential in the Myitnge River Basin
Characteristics of the 2018 Bago River Flood of Myanmar
Development of Flood Damage Estimation Model for Agriculture – Case Study in the Bago Floodplain, Myanmar
Questionnaire Survey on the Difficulty of Attending Work for Commuters After the 2018 Osaka Earthquake
Development of Automatic Analysis and Data Visualization System for Volcano Muography
Characteristics for Performance Optimization of Safety-Critical System Development (SCSD)
Assessment of Coke Oven Operating State Using Trend Analysis and Information Entropy
Lifestyle Analysis from Household Electricity Consumption Data
A New Sensing Direction Rotation Approach to Area Coverage Optimization in Directional Sensor Network
Computer Humor and Human Humor: Construction of Japanese “Nazokake” Riddle Generation Systems
Self-Structured Cortical Learning Algorithm by Dynamically Adjusting Columns and Cells
Adaptive Sliding Mode Fault-Tolerant Control for Uncertain Systems with Time Delay
Design of Lightweight Cutting Tools
Utilization of CFRP in High-Speed Stamping Presses and its Gigacycle Fatigue Testing at Resonance Frequency
Evaluation of Machine Tool Spindle Using Carbon Fiber Composite
Evaluation of Dynamic Characteristics of a Hybrid Guideway System
Investigation of Production of Nanofiber Nonwoven Fabric and its Thermal Properties
Effect of Tool Rake Angle and Crystal Orientation on Ductile Mode Cutting of Hard/Brittle Materials
Surface Formation Behaviors in Wavy Microgroove Cutting on Various Workpiece Materials
Ultrasonic-Assisted Face Milling for Fabricating Hierarchical Microstructures
Chemical Lift-Off Process Using Acetone Ink for Easy Fabrication of Metallic Nano/Microstructures
Predicting Surface Roughness of Dry Cut Grey Cast Iron Based on Cutting Parameters and Vibration Signals from Different Sensor Positions in CNC Turning
Development of Surface Roughness Generation Model for CFRTP Manufactured by LFT-D
Fabrication of Optimally Micro-Textured Copper Substrates by Plasma Printing for Plastic Mold Packaging
New Droplet Removal Polishing Method for Diamond-Like Carbon with Carbon Fiber Brush
Fabrication of SiO2-ZnO Core-Shell Urchin-Like Structure by Hydrothermal Method Using Self-Assembled Particles as Nuclei and Application to UV-Activated Gas Sensors
Investigation of Corrosion Resistance Enhancement for Biodegradable Magnesium Alloy by Ball Burnishing Process
Fabrication of Poly-Pyrrole Membrane Actuator for Cell Stimulation
Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Stainless Steel Nozzles by Femtosecond Laser Micro-/Nano-Texturing
Mobile Robot Utilizing Arm Rotations – Performance of Mobile Robot Under a Gravity Environment –
Semi-Automatic Dataset Generation for Object Detection and Recognition and its Evaluation on Domestic Service Robots
Interactive Information Support by Robot Partners Based on Informationally Structured Space
Investigation of Robot Expression Style in Human-Robot Interaction
Development of Assist Suit for Squat Lifting Support Considering Gait and Quantitative Evaluation by Three-Dimensional Motion Analysis
Development of Two-Sensation Feedback Device for Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand Users – Compensation of Effect of Temperature Change on Haptic Feedback –
Motion-Assist Arm with a Passive Joint for an Upper Limb
Wearable Robot Arm with Consideration of Weight Reduction and Practicality

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