Basic Study on Appropriate Ways to Hold Reserves to Continue Domestic Life After Large-Scale Earthquakes
Global Water-Related Risk Indicators: Meta-Analysis of Indicator Requirements
Difference Operators in Simulation Data Warehouses
Early Fire Alert System During an Evacuation with Mobile Sensing Technology
Simulation Analysis of Fire Brigade Action Strategies During Multiple Simultaneous Fires
Wide-Area Evacuation Simulation Incorporating Rescue and Firefighting by Local Residents
Predicting Delay of Commuting Activities Following Frequently Occurring Disasters Using Location Data from Smartphones
Investigation of Traffic and Evacuation Aspects at Kumamoto Earthquake and the Future Issues
Object-Based Building Damage Assessment Methodology Using Only Post Event ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 Dual Polarimetric SAR Intensity Images
Verification of a Method for Estimating Building Damage in Extensive Tsunami Affected Areas Using L-Band SAR Data
Extraction of Collapsed Buildings in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Using Multi-Temporal PALSAR-2 Data
Seismic Hazard Visualization from Big Simulation Data: Cluster Analysis of Long-Period Ground-Motion Simulation Data
Experimental Study on Physical Burden of Transfer Assistance for Excretion – Comparison Between Transfer-Type Wheelchair and Ordinary Wheelchair –
An Attempt to Improve Food/Sound Congruity Using an Electromyogram Pseudo-Chewing Sound Presentation System
Using Finger Dexterity in Elderly and Younger People to Detect Cognitive Decline
Artificial Neural Network Based Step-Length Prediction Using Ultrasonic Sensors from Simulation to Implementation in Shoe-Type Measurement Device
Pilot Study on an Acoustic Measurements System of the Swallowing Function Using an Acoustic-Emissions Microphone
A Tradeoff-Based Interactive Multi-Objective Optimization Method Driven by Evolutionary Algorithms
Stability and Neimark-Sacker Bifurcation Analysis in a Genetic Network with Delay
Precise Synchronization Control for Biaxial System via a Cross-Iterative PID Neural Networks Control Algorithm
Pseudospectral Real-Time Optimal Energy Control with Safety Constraints for Heavy-Haul Trains
Stabilization of Networked Interconnected Systems
A Survey of Video-Based Crowd Anomaly Detection in Dense Scenes
Extracting Initial Iterative Control Signal Based on Trajectory Primitives Matching and Combining
Battlefield Agent Decision-Making Based on Markov Decision Process
Behavioural Response Analysis Using Vision Engineering (BRAVENet)
Fuzzy Logic System for Abnormal Audio Event Detection Using Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients
Implementation of Swarm Social Foraging Behavior in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Quadrotor Swarm
Utilization of the Physicomimetics Framework for Achieving Local, Decentralized, and Emergent Behavior in a Swarm of Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (QUAV)
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Approach to Aggregation of Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarm
A Robot Gripper in Polymeric Material for Solid Micro-Meso Parts
Numerical Analysis of Temperature Change in Sandwich Structure During Laser Sealing
Development of Performance Simulation Model by Making Indices of Supply Chain Capabilities
Development of Four-Axis 3D Printer with Fused Deposition Modeling Technology
Development of Tactile Globe for the Visually Impaired (Automation of Marking Using an Industrial Robot)
Laser-Assisted Milling of Zirconia with Systematically Determined Machining Conditions
Decision Method of Target Shape Position and Orientation Corresponding to Actual Objects
Machining Process Evaluation Indices for Developing a Computer Aided Process Planning System
Development of Tool Collision Avoidance Method Adapted to Uncut Workpiece Shape
Method of Planning Tool Postures for Deep Groove Machining of Complex Shapes – Development of an Automatic Planning Method that Considers the Motions of the Rotational Axis when the Tool Reverses Direction in Grooved Shapes –
Integrated Chatter Monitoring Based on Sensorless Cutting Force/Torque Estimation in Parallel Turning
Study on Machining Vibration Suppression with Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers: Vibration Control for Long Fin Machining
Ball Bar Measurement of Motion Accuracy in Simulating Cone Frustum Cutting on Multi-Axis Machine Tools
Linked Ball Bar for Flexible Motion Error Measurement for Machine Tools
A Five-Axis Machining Error Simulator for Rotary-Axis Geometric Errors Using Commercial Machining Simulation Software
Evaluation Method for Behavior of Rotary Axis Around Motion Direction Changing
Increasing the Performance of Processing Machines by Executing Output Rate Dependent Motion Profiles
Synchronisation of Feed Axes with Differing Bandwidths Using Set Point Delay
Swarm of Sound-to-Light Conversion Devices to Monitor Acoustic Communication Among Small Nocturnal Animals
Size Effect on Call Properties of Japanese Tree Frogs Revealed by Audio-Processing Technique

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