Design of a Flexibly-Constrained Revolute Pair with Non-Linear Stiffness for Safe Robot Mechanisms
Choice of Muscular Forces for Motion Control of a Robot Arm with Biarticular Muscles
One-DOF Wire-Driven Robot Assisting Both Hip and Knee Flexion Motion
Three-Fingered Robot Hand with Gripping Force Generating Mechanism Using Small Gas Springs – Mechanical Design and Basic Experiments –
Experimental Analysis of Acoustic Field Control-Based Robot Navigation
Operator-Based Robust Nonlinear Control Analysis and Design for a Bio-Inspired Robot Arm with Measurement Uncertainties
Sliding Mode Control for Vibration Comfort Improvement of a 7-DOF Nonlinear Active Vehicle Suspension Model
Three-States-Transition Method for Fall Detection Algorithm Using Depth Image
TAOYAKA-III: A Six-Legged Robot Capable of Climbing Various Columnar Objects
Research on Snoring Recognition Algorithms
Raw Material Composition Control Method for Cement Based on Semi-Tensor Product
Assessing the Influence of Cell Size on Flood Modelling by the PWRI-DH Model Using IFA
Disaster Management Following Decentralization in Indonesia: Regulation, Institutional Establishment, Planning, and Budgeting
Numerical Simulations of Volcanic Ash Plume Dispersal for Sakura-Jima Using Real-Time Emission Rate Estimation
Ground Observation of Tephra Particles: On the Use of Weather Radar for Estimating Volcanic Ash Distribution
Estimating the Volcanic Ash Fall Rate from the Mount Sinabung Eruption on February 19, 2018 Using Weather Radar
Proposal of Estimation Method for Debris Flow Potential Considering Eruptive Activity
Numerical Simulation of Pyroclastic Flow at Mt. Semeru in 2002
Numerical Simulation of Mt. Merapi Pyroclastic Flow in 2010
Numerical Simulation of Historical Pyroclastic Flows of Merapi (1994, 2001, and 2006 Eruptions)
Point-Based Rainfall Intensity Information System in Mt. Merapi Area by X-Band Radar
Improving Spatial Rainfall Estimates at Mt. Merapi Area Using Radar-Rain Gauge Conditional Merging
Temporal Changes in Runoff Characteristics of Lahars After the 1984 Eruption of Mt. Merapi, Indonesia
Forecast of the Pyroclastic Volume by Precursory Seismicity of Merapi Volcano
Eruption Scenarios of Active Volcanoes in Indonesia
Eruption Pattern and a Long-Term Magma Discharge Rate over the Past 100 Years at Kelud Volcano, Indonesia
Overview of Merapi Volcanic Activities from Monitoring Data 1992–2011 Periods
Design and Implementation of Monitoring System for Extracurricular Physical Exercise Based on Energy Consumption Measurement
Development and Application of Sports Video Analysis Platform in Sports Training
SAR Image Denoising Algorithm Based on Bayes Wavelet Shrinkage and Fast Guided Filter
Impact of E-Commerce Website Usability on User Satisfaction
Optimization of Orthogonal MSK Waveforms for Active Sonar Using Genetic Algorithm
Data Equilibrium Method of Distributed Parallel Database Under High Load
Research on Key Technologies of Massive Videos Management Under the Background of Cloud Platform
Analog Value Associative Memory Using Restricted Boltzmann Machine
Proposing an Online Testing Method for Gradual Migration of Information and Control System
TSV Manufacturing Fault Modeling and Diagnosis Based on Multi-Tone Dither
Noise Removal Method for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data to Estimate Water Quality of Miharu Dam Reservoir, Japan
A Dynamic Recommender System with Fused Time and Location Factors
Evaluation of Vital Data by Presenting Feeling of Presence Using Modulated Infrared Rays
Computational Comparison of Major Proposed Methods for Graph Partitioning Problem
Utilization of Multi-Axis Positioning Repeatability Performance in Kinematic Modelling
Numerical Model of Digital Valve-Controlled Active Air Bearing
Monitoring of Cutting State in End-Milling Based on Measurement of Tool Behavior Using CCD Image
Influence of Coating in Square End Mill Using In-Process Tool Wear Detection Based on Electrical Contact Resistance
Study of a Plateau Surface Evaluation Method Using a Fast M-Estimation Type Hough Transform
Fabrication of Hyper-Hemisphere of Cobalt-Chromium Alloys Using Curve Generator Machining
Surface Profile Analysis in Milling with Structured Tool
Supporting Method for Thin Parts Having Curved Surfaces – Improvement of End Milling Accuracy by Using Low-Melting Point Alloy and Elastomer Support –
Chatter Suppression in Parallel Turning Assisted with Tool Swing Motion Provided by Feed System

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