Uncertain Interval Data EFCM-ID Clustering Algorithm Based on Machine Learning
Using Uncertain DM-Chameleon Clustering Algorithm Based on Machine Learning to Predict Landslide Hazards
Synchronous Position Control of Robotics System for Infrastructure Inspection Moving on Rope Tether
Design Method of Spring Balance Mechanism Through Derivation of General Solution
A Three-Fingered Hand with a Suction Gripping System for Warehouse Automation
A Driving Simulation Study on Visual Cue Presented in the Peripheral Visual Field for Prompting Driver’s Attention
Deformation Control of a Manipulator Based on the Zener Model
3D Measurement of Large Structure by Multiple Cameras and a Ring Laser
Consideration of Multi-Degree of Freedom Vibration on Large-Sized Gantry Type Linear Motor Slider
Development of a Cross-Platform Cockpit for Simulated and Tele-Operated Excavators
Cross-Domain Change Object Detection Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Self-Localization Estimation for Mobile Robot Based on Map-Matching Using Downhill Simplex Method
Indoor Self-Localization Using Multiple Magnetic Sensors
Robust Human Tracking of a Crawler Robot
Navigation Based on Metric Route Information in Places Where the Mobile Robot Visits for the First Time
Analysis of Optimal Scale of Tsunami Protection Facility and Associated Residual Risk
Analysis of Evacuation Trajectory Data Using Tensor Decomposition
Estimation of Supply Chain Network Disruption of Companies Across the Country Affected by the Nankai Trough Earthquake Tsunami in Kochi City
Optimal Mobility Control of Sensors in the Event of a Disaster
Relationships Between Accessibility of Emergency Vehicles and Local Environments in Tokyo Metropolitan Area After a Large Earthquake
Quick Estimation Method of Property Damage and Human Casualty in the Event of a Large Earthquake
Analysis of Traffic State During a Heavy Rain Disaster Using Probe Data
Building Damage Assessment Using Intensity SAR Data with Different Incidence Angles and Longtime Interval
Extraction of Inundation Areas Due to the July 2018 Western Japan Torrential Rain Event Using Multi-Temporal ALOS-2 Images
Cluster Analysis of the Long-Period Ground-Motion Simulation Data: Application of the Sagami Trough Megathrust Earthquake Scenarios
Development and Validation of a Tsunami Numerical Model with the Polygonally Nested Grid System and its MPI-Parallelization for Real-Time Tsunami Inundation Forecast on a Regional Scale
Optimization of Load Balancing Scheduling Model for Cloud Computing Resources in Abnormal Network Environment
Research on the Method of Robot Arm Trajectory Planning Under Chaos Control
Design of Laser Rangefinder for Obstacle Avoidance of Intelligent Robot in Cloud Computing Environment
Sharpening Method for Dynamic Images of Remote Network Video
Lean Rate of Posts in Different Departments Based on ANP Method
Application of Decision Making Algorithm for Green Electromechanical Product Design Optimization
Adaptive Energy Control Strategy for a Hybrid Energy Storage System in a DC Micro-Grid of an Unmanned Surface Vehicle
A Common Spatial Pattern and Wavelet Packet Decomposition Combined Method for EEG-Based Emotion Recognition
Research on Policy Text Clustering Algorithm Based on LDA-Gibbs Model
A Sketch Recognition Algorithm Based on Bayesian Network and Convolution Neural Network
Customer Value Co-Creation Behavior Effects on Online Purchase Intention
Extension Priority Evaluation Extension Model for Quality Evaluation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education
Multi-Objective Optimization for Gas Distribution in Continuous Annealing Process
Parameter Learning for an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Belief Rule-Based Systems Based on Weight and Reliability
Energy-Aware Virtual Data Center Migration
Changes in Body Representation of the Human Upper Limb as a Function of Movement and Visual Hand Position
Interaction Forces Identification Modeling and Tracking Control for Rehabilitative Training Walker
Feature Extraction of Foam Nickel Surface Based on Multi-Scale Texture Analysis
Unscented Kalman Filtering for Nonlinear Systems with Colored Measurement Noises and One-Step Randomly Delayed Measurements
Smart Modular Architecture for Supervision and Monitoring of a 4.0 Production Plant
Development of Press Molding Preform Design and Fabrication Method with Unfolded Diagram for CFRP
Nondestructive Inline Inspection of Through-Silicon Vias Based on X-Ray Imaging and its Uncertainty Budget
Accurate Tool Path Generation Method for Large-Scale Discrete Shapes
Skill Abstraction of Physical Therapists in Hemiplegia Patient Rehabilitation Using a Walking Assist Robot

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