Motion Planning of Mobile Robots for Occluded Obstacles
Development of Educational Service Robot and Practical Training
Development of an Intersection Module for a Modularized Rail Structure – Implementation of Compliant Mechanisms for a Replacing Task of Movable Parts –
Real-Time Monocular Three-Dimensional Motion Tracking Using a Multithread Active Vision System
Acquisition of Disaster Emergency Information Using a Terrain Database by Flying Robots
Development of an Accurate Video Shooting Method Using Multiple Drones Automatically Flying over Onuma Quasi-National Park
Assessment of MUSIC-Based Noise-Robust Sound Source Localization with Active Frequency Range Filtering
Wall Inspection Robot with Maneuvering Assist Control System Against Crosswind
Teleoperated Construction Robot Using Visual Support with Drones
Controller Performance for Quad-Rotor Vehicles Based on Sliding Mode Control
Self-Tuning Neuro-PID Controller for Indoor Entertainment Balloon Robot
Autonomous Flight Control of Quadrotor Helicopter by Simple Adaptive Control with Inner Loop PD Controller
Integrated Navigation for Autonomous Drone in GPS and GPS-Denied Environments
Velocity Estimation for UAVs by Using High-Speed Vision
Position and Posture Measurement Method of the Omnidirectional Camera Using Identification Markers
Multiple Rotors Hovering Near an Upper or a Side Wall
Development of Bio-Inspired Low-Noise Propeller for a Drone
Effects of Framing on Earthquake Risk Perception in Chiang Rai, Thailand
Response of the Tourism Industry to Volcanic Hazard Information: A Case Study of the Volcanic Warning at Zao Volcano in 2015
Total Electron Content Observations by Dense Regional and Worldwide International Networks of GNSS
GNSS Observation and Monitoring of the Hakone Volcano and the 2015 Unrest
Detection of Seafloor Movement in Subduction Zones Around Japan Using a GNSS-A Seafloor Geodetic Observation System from 2013 to 2016
Current Status of Postseismic Deformation Following the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake
Postseismic Uplift Along the Pacific Coast of Tohoku and Kanto Districts Associated with the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake
A Trial Application of Geodetic Data for Inland Fault Assessment – Coulomb Stress Changes Estimated from GNSS Surface Displacements
Onboard Realtime Processing of GPS-Acoustic Data for Moored Buoy-Based Observation
Development of GNSS Buoy for a Synthetic Geohazard Monitoring System
A GNSS Kinematic Analysis System for Japanese GEONET Stations
GEONET as Infrastructure for Disaster Mitigation
Knowledge Acquisition from Rough Sets Using Merged Decision Rules
On Two Apriori-Based Rule Generators: Apriori in Prolog and Apriori in SQL
Demand Forecasting for Petrol Products in Gas Stations Using Clustering and Decision Tree
A Neural N-Gram Network for Text Classification
2D Direction Histogram-Based Rényi Entropic Multilevel Thresholding
Multiobjective Two-Level Fuzzy Random Programming Problems with Simple Recourses and Estimated Pareto Stackelberg Solutions
Safe Farming: Development of a Prevention System to Mitigate Vertebrates Crop Raiding
Proposal on Drone Control Device with Tactile Display
Automated Femoral Stem Canal Fill Ratio Evaluation for Bipolar Hip Arthroplasty in 2D X-Ray Image
Triangular Similarities of Facial Features to Determine: The Relationships Among Family Members
Gain-Scheduled for Aerial Vehicle Autopilot Design Using Fixed-Structure Synthesis
Clustering-Based Cloud Migration Strategies
Basic Study on Remelting Process to Enhance Density of Inconel 625 in Direct Energy Deposition
Development of a Straight Fibers Pneumatic Muscle
3D Modeling of Lane Marks Using a Combination of Images and Mobile Mapping Data
Curb Detection and Accessibility Evaluation from Low-Density Mobile Mapping Point Cloud Data
Evaluation of Classification Performance of Pole-Like Objects from MMS Images Using Convolutional Neural Network and Image Super Resolution
Polygonization of Point Cloud of Tunnels Using Lofting Operation
Application of Stochastic Point-Based Rendering to Laser-Scanned Point Clouds of Various Cultural Heritage Objects
Development of Curvature Gap Estimation System for Deciding Thermal Forming Instructions of Ship Curved Shell Plates Using Laser Scanner
Efficient Registration of Laser-Scanned Point Clouds of Bridges Using Linear Features

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