Cooperation Among Public Health Nurses in Municipalities and at Public Health Centers for Infection Control at Evacuation Shelters
An Inclusive Model for the Urban Search and Rescue Teams (USAR)
Public Attitudes Toward Decontamination and Regional Regeneration: A Case Study of Hanford Site in Washington
Integrating Health Considerations into Local Level Recovery Planning: An Exploration of Florida’s Recovery and Redevelopment Plans
Hybrid Scheme of Kinematic Analysis and Lagrangian Koopman Operator Analysis for Short-Term Precipitation Forecasting
Effectiveness of an Elevated Road in Reducing Inundation Area of the Coast of Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Which Mode Will Be Effective in a Massive Evacuation?
Application of Bispectrum Dimensionality Reduction Method in Ultrasonic Echo Signal Processing
A Method of Empathy Robotics Based on Disgust
Trend Forecast of Shanghai Crude Oil Futures
Option Pricing for Uncertain Stock Model Based on Optimistic Value
Regenerative Braking Optimization Using Particle Swarm Algorithm for Electric Vehicle
Observation of Human Entrainment with Robot Assistance Towards Education
Semantic Segmentation of Substation Site Cloud Based on Seg-PointNet
Multimodal Analogy-Based Image Retrieval by Improving Semantic Embeddings
Strategic Transit Route Recommendation Considering Multi-Trip Feature Desirability Using Logit Model with Optimal Travel Time Analysis
Memetic Algorithm for Dynamic Joint Flexible Job Shop Scheduling with Machines and Transportation Robots
Two Degree of Freedom Dynamic Model Parameter Identification of Accelerometer Using Feature Point Coordinate Estimation and Amplitude Correction
Modified Ant Colony Optimization with Route Elimination and Pheromone Reset for Multiple Pickup and Multiple Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window
Regression Model for Optimization and Prediction of Tensile Strength of a PLA Prototype Printed
2-DOF Fractional Order PID Control Based on BP Neural Network for Atomic Force Microscope
Fuzzy Logic-Based Adaptive Aquaculture Water Monitoring System Based on Instantaneous Limnological Parameters
Detection of Japanese Quails (Coturnix japonica) in Poultry Farms Using YOLOv5 and Detectron2 Faster R-CNN
Local Mixer with Prior Position for Cars’ Type Recognition
fMaize: A Seamless Image Filtering and Deep Transfer EfficientNet-b0 Model for Sub-Classifying Fungi Species Infecting Zea mays Leaves
Mamdani Fuzzy-Based Assessment of Telework Capability of Philippine Government Employees
A Curiosity-Based Autonomous Navigation Algorithm for Maze Robot
Generalization of Tsallis Entropy-Based Fuzzy c-Means Clustering and its Behavior at the Infinity Point
Contrast Enhancement Method Based on Multi-Scale Retinex and Adaptive Gamma Correction
Cutting Force in Peripheral Milling of Additively Manufactured Maraging Steel
Effect of Powder Mold Release Agent on Aluminum Alloy Melt Under Gravity Casting Conditions
Spiral Groove Machining Through Wire Electrical Discharge Machining with Two Rotary Axes
Generation of a Robot Program and Determination of an Optimal Workpiece Placement Considering the Manipulability of Industrial Robots
Milling of Sintered Carbide via Electrochemical Reaction – Investigation of Machining Phenomena –
Study on Method for Avoiding Chatter Vibration by Changing Machine Tool Rigidity
Identifying Potential Areas for Circular Economy Development from the Perspective of Developing Economies: Using Patent and Bibliometric Analyses
The Diffusion of Remanufacturing Policies in Asia
Sustainable Design Implementation – Measuring Environmental Impact and User Responsibility
Extraction and Design of Favorite Products Through Analyzing Customer Latent Preferences
Exploring the Impact of IoT and Green Advertising on Consumer Behavior
Defect Detection in Multiple Product Variants Using Hammering Test with Machine Learning
Challenges of Remanufacturing Using Powder Bed Fusion Based Additive Manufacturing
Influence of Agitator Shape on Characteristics and Grinding Efficiency of Attritor Mill
Analysis of Substance Flow and the Transition of Industrial Structure of Indium in Japan
Estimation of Relative Resource Circulation for Heat Exchangers Using Material Flow Analysis for Air Conditioners
Variability Specific to a Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Product Deterioration
Life Cycle Simulation Method to Support Strategic Management that Considers Social Goals
Analysis of Business Feasibility for Introduction of Retread Tires in Passenger Cars
New Indicators ‘Acircularity’ and ‘Resource Efficiency Account’ to Evaluate the Efforts of Eco-Design in Circular Economy
Waypoint-Based Human-Tracking Navigation for Museum Guide Robot

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