Swarm of Sound-to-Light Conversion Devices to Monitor Acoustic Communication Among Small Nocturnal Animals
Size Effect on Call Properties of Japanese Tree Frogs Revealed by Audio-Processing Technique
Bird Song Scene Analysis Using a Spatial-Cue-Based Probabilistic Model
Acoustic Monitoring of the Great Reed Warbler Using Multiple Microphone Arrays and Robot Audition
HARKBird: Exploring Acoustic Interactions in Bird Communities Using a Microphone Array
Low Latency and High Quality Two-Stage Human-Voice-Enhancement System for a Hose-Shaped Rescue Robot
Outdoor Acoustic Event Identification with DNN Using a Quadrotor-Embedded Microphone Array
Outdoor Sound Source Detection Using a Quadcopter with Microphone Array
Evaluation of Microphone Array for Multirotor Helicopters
Design and Assessment of Sound Source Localization System with a UAV-Embedded Microphone Array
Development of a Robotic Pet Using Sound Source Localization with the HARK Robot Audition System
Wayang Robot with Gamelan Music Pattern Recognition
Audio-Visual Beat Tracking Based on a State-Space Model for a Robot Dancer Performing with a Human Dancer
Ego-Noise Suppression for Robots Based on Semi-Blind Infinite Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Psychologically-Inspired Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Using Coarse Speech Recognition and Missing Feature Theory
Probabilistic 3D Sound Source Mapping System Based on Monte Carlo Localization Using Microphone Array and LIDAR
Layout Optimization of Cooperative Distributed Microphone Arrays Based on Estimation of Source Separation Performance
Influence of Different Impulse Response Measurement Signals on MUSIC-Based Sound Source Localization
Simultaneous Identification and Localization of Still and Mobile Speakers Based on Binaural Robot Audition
Active Sound Source Localization by Pinnae with Recursive Bayesian Estimation
Sound Source Localization Using Deep Learning Models
Noise-Robust MUSIC-Based Sound Source Localization Using Steering Vector Transformation for Small Humanoids
Development, Deployment and Applications of Robot Audition Open Source Software HARK
Experimental Study on Dam-Break Hydrodynamic Characteristics Under Different Conditions
Agrometeorological Disaster Grading in Guangdong Province Based on Data Mining
Study on the Characteristics of Rainfall Runoff in the Kinugawa River Basin and the Evacuation Behavior of the Residents at the Time of Kanto and Tohoku Flood Disaster in September, 2015
Analysis of Pressure and Acceleration Signals from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Observed by the DONET Seafloor Network
A Primary Assessment of Society-Based Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in Kabul City, Afghanistan
The Impact of the Thai Flood of 2011 on the Rural Poor Population Living on the Flood Plain
Development of Tsunami Fragility Functions for Ground-Level Roads
Development of the Wide-Area Earthquake Damage Estimation System and Mashup of Disaster Prevention Information
Exposure of Population and Energy-Related Base Facilities to Shaking Intensity Predicted for Nankai Megathrust Earthquakes
Verification of Information Sharing System on Shelter, COCOA, at Comprehensive Disaster Drill in Ishinomaki City
Damage Assessment of Road Bridges Subjected to the 2011 Tohoku Pacific Earthquake Tsunami
Efficiency Evaluation of Standard Operating Procedures in a Disaster Information System
Development of a “Disaster Management Literacy Hub” for Collecting, Creating, and Transmitting Disaster Management Content to Increase Disaster Management Literacy
Proposing A Multi-Hazard Approach to Disaster Management Education to Enhance Children’s “Zest for Life”: Development of Disaster Management Education Programs to Be Practiced by Teachers
Developing a Web-Based Supporting Application for Individual Evacuation Plans Through Hazard Risk and Geographical Analyses
Researches on Temperature Control Strategy of SMHS-Type 3D Printing Based on Variable Universe Fuzzy Control
Study of Multirate Sampled Acquisition of Lightning Current Waveform Based on Short-Time Fourier Transform
Compressive Sensing-Based Adaptive Sparse Multipath Channel Estimation
Intelligent Coordinating Control Between Burn-Through Point and Mixture Bunker Level in an Iron Ore Sintering Process
An Improved Tuning Control Algorithm Based on SVD for FID Signal
Noise Reduction in Swallowing Muscle Activity Measurement Based on Mixture Gaussian Distribution Model
Experimental Study on Shapes of Tactile Signs for Distinguishable Identification on Body Soap Containers
Development of Tactile-Proprioceptive Display and Effect Evaluation of Local Area Vibration Presentation Method
Evaluation of Virtual Tactile Dots on Touchscreens in Map Reading: Perception of Distance and Direction
IVUS Tissue Characterization of Coronary Plaque by Classification Restricted Boltzmann Machine
Incremental Loop Closure Verification by Guided Sampling
Study on the Online Monitoring of Burn Marks by Gas Sensor

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