Study on the Mechanism of the Peculiar Behaviors of the Aratozawa Dam During the 2008 Earthquake
3-D Gravity Basement Structure Around Mashiki, Kumamoto, Japan
Study on Disaster Prevention Countermeasures and Examples for Local Governments in Consideration of Regional Characteristics
Self-Extensional Space in Relocated Housing After 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami: Case Study of Namkem Community, PhangNga, Thailand
Seismic Hazard in Syria Based on Completeness Analysis and Assessment
Tire Characteristics Estimation Method Independent of Road Surface Conditions
A New IntelliSense Strategy Based on Artificial Immune System for Multi-Robot Cooperation
A High-Speed Vision System with Multithread Automatic Exposure Control for High-Dynamic-Range Imaging
Sensor Data Fusion of a Redundant Dual-Platform Robot for Elevation Mapping
Research on High Efficiency Operation Method of Linear Generator Engine
Technology Transfer for Safe and Sustainable Road Bridge Life Cycle Management in Myanmar
Structure and Examination of the Guidance Robot LIGHBOT for Visually Impaired and Elderly People
A Simple Monitoring System for Damaged Bridges in Myanmar
AR-Marker/IMU Hybrid Navigation System for Tether-Powered UAV
Data Communication for Efficient Water Resource Management Among Multiple Stakeholders – A Case Study in the Bago River Basin, Myanmar –
A Comparison of Disaster Management Plans for Both Japan and Myanmar
Computationally Efficient Mapping for a Mobile Robot with a Downsampling Method for the Iterative Closest Point
Land Cover Change Simulations in Yangon Under Several Scenarios of Flood and Earthquake Vulnerabilities with Master Plan
Docking Method for Hovering-Type AUVs Based on Acoustic and Optical Landmarks
Structure Deformation Measurement with Terrestrial Laser Scanner at Pathein Bridge in Myanmar
Development of Spatially Seamless Local Communication System Based on Time Sharing Communication Strategy
Development of Fragility Functions of RC Buildings in Yangon City Using Push over Analysis
Design and Experimental Verification of a Pantograph-Based Mechanism for Lower Limb Load Reduction by Compensating for Upper Body Weight
Preliminary Assessment of GPM Satellite Rainfall over Myanmar
Semi-Autonomous Multi-Legged Robot with Suckers to Climb a Wall
Flood Hazard Assessment of Bago River Basin, Myanmar
Risk Predictive Driver Assistance System for Collision Avoidance in Intersection Right Turns
Estimation of Originating-Destination Trips in Yangon by Using Big Data Source
Adaptive Path Planning for Cleaning Robots Considering Dust Distribution
Entropy Analysis on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and its Applications in Mode Assessment on Open Communities
3D Face Recognition Based on Regional Shape Maps
Application of Modular Network Self-Organization Map to Temporal and Spatial Projection of Wind Speed with Wind Data at Biased Positions
Basic Study of the Influence of the Manner of Grasping, Number of Contacts, and Auditory Information on Recognition of Hardness of Objects by Visually Impaired Persons Using White Canes
Implanted Knee Joint Kinematics Recognition in Digital Radiograph Images Using Particle Filter
Discrete Morse Theory Based Dynamic P Systems
Healthy Eating Habits Support System Considering User Taste Preferences and Nutritional Balance
A Heterogeneous Ensemble Learning Voting Method for Fatigue Detection in Daily Activities
Power Curve Based-Fuzzy Wind Speed Estimation in Wind Energy Conversion Systems
Compressive Sensing of Noisy 3-D Images Based on Threshold Selection
Even-Sized Clustering Based on Optimization and its Variants
Two-Stage Clustering Based on Cluster Validity Measures
Enhanced Service Discovery Model for Wireless Mesh Networks
q-Divergence-Based Relational Fuzzy c-Means Clustering
On Inheritance of Complementarity in Non-Additive Measures Under Bounded Interactions
Joint Aspect Discovery, Sentiment Classification, Aspect-Level Ratings and Weights Approximation for Recommender Systems by Rating Supervised Latent Topic Model
Suitable Aggregation Models Based on Risk Preferences for Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Problem
Structure Analysis with 3D Hexahedral Meshes Generated by a Label-Driven Subdivision
An Evaluation Criterion to Select Temperature Measurement Positions in End-Milling
Development and Evaluation of New Material Measure with Chirp Form for Surface Texture Instruments
Bioanalytical Method Based on Extended-Gate Field-Effect Transistor Modified by Self-Assembled Monolayer

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