Smartphone Naïve Bayes Human Activity Recognition Using Personalized Datasets
Visualization Method Corresponding to Regression Problems and Its Application to Deep Learning-Based Gaze Estimation Model
Adaptive Personalized Multiple Machine Learning Architecture for Estimating Human Emotional States
Mixed Duopoly Stochastic Sales Model with Advertising and Experience Gains for the Public and Foreign Competitors
Building a Fuzzy System for Pulse Based Disease Diagnosis and Acupuncture Therapy
Feature Analysis for Imbalanced Learning
Projection with Gaussian Kernel for Person Re-Identification
Interestingness Improvement of Face Images by Learning Visual Saliency
Navigation Model for a Robot as a Human Group Member to Adapt to Changing Conditions of Personal Space
Improving Fairness in IEEE 802.11 EDCA Ad Hoc Networks Based on Fuzzy Logic
Modeling a Fuzzy System for Diagnosis of Syndromes with Integrated Eastern and Western Medicine Using the Importance of Symptoms
Theoretical Explanation of Recent Empirically Successful Code Quality Metrics
How to Combine (Dis)Utilities of Different Aspects into a Single (Dis)Utility Value, and How This Is Related to Geometric Images of Happiness
How to Describe Conditions Like 2-out-of-5 in Fuzzy Logic: A Neural Approach
A New (Simplified) Derivation of Nash’s Bargaining Solution
Towards Making Fuzzy Techniques More Adequate for Combining Knowledge of Several Experts
Solid Fraction Examination at Flow Cessation and Flow Cessation Mechanism of Al-Si-Mg Alloy
Relationship Between Forced Vibration Method and Residual Stress in Die Materials
Improved Algorithm to Trace Boundary Curves on Two-Dimensional Square Meshes
Tool Path Generation for 5-Axis Rough Cutting Using Haptic Device
Transcriptional Characteristics of Quadrant Glitches on Machined Surface – Influence of Tool Diameter and Feed Rate –
Text Mining to Support Consulting Services for Client Company State Recognition
Patterns for Living Lab Practice: Describing Key Know-How to Promote Service Co-Creation with Users
Simultaneous Determination of Theatrical Casting and Ticket Distribution Using Scheduling Auction
Development of Production Internet Framework for Value Creation
Computational Study on Strategyproofness of Resource Matching in Crowdsourced Manufacturing
Collaboration Strategy for a Decentralized Supply Chain Using Linear Physical Programming
Automatic Construction of Virtual Supply Chain as Multi-Agent System Using Enterprise E-Catalogues
Digital Twin of Artifact Systems: Models Assimilated with Monitoring Data from Material Microstructures to Social Systems
Ontological Descriptions for Integrating Design Information of Product-Service Systems
A Strategic Design Guideline for Open Business Models
Model-Based Analysis of Yo-yo Throwing Motion on Single-Link Manipulator
Novel Method for Analyzing Flexible Locomotion Patterns of Animals by Using Polar Histogram
Effects of Gait Inducing Assist for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease on Double Support Phase During Gait
Hammering Acoustic Analysis Using Machine Learning Techniques for Piping Inspection
Improvement of the Mobility on the Step-Field for a Stair Climbable Robot with Passive Crawlers
Proposal of a Behavioral Model for Robots Supporting Learning According to Learners’ Learning Performance
EEG Variations During Measurement of Cognitive Functions Using Biosignal Acquisition Toolkit
Method to Expand the CMAC Model to Composite-Type Model
High Accuracy and Short Delay 1ch-SSVEP Quadcopter-BMI Using Deep Learning
Convolutional Neural Network Transfer Learning Applied to the Affective Auditory P300-Based BCI
Human-Wants Detection Based on Electroencephalogram Analysis During Exposure to Music
Emergency Broadcasting Radio in Indonesia: Comparative Studies in Lombok and Palu
Repeating Earthquakes Along the Colombian Subduction Zone
Estimating the Nankai Trough Megathrust Earthquake’s Anticipated Fiscal Impact on Japanese Governments
Flood Disaster Risk Reduction for Urban Collective Housing in Thailand
Households’ Evacuation Decisions in Response to the 2011 Flood in Thailand
Assessment of Natural Disaster Coping Capacity from Social Capital Perspectives: A Case Study of Bangkok
Finding the Devastating Economic Disaster’s Root Causes of the 2011 Flood in Thailand: Why Did Supply Chains Make the Disaster Worse?
VGG-16 Convolutional Neural Network-Oriented Detection of Filling Flow Status of Viscous Food

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