A Discussion on the Nation’s Command and Coordination Regarding Emergency Fire Response Teams
Time Variation in the Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Volcanic Gas at Mt. Mihara of Izu-Oshima Island, Japan
Disaster Emergency Response Plan of the Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo, Japan: A Review
Stampede Events and Strategies for Crowd Management
Drought Index for Peatland Wildfire Management in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia During El Niño Phenomenon
A Parallel Algorithm for Mining Non-Redundant Recurrent Rules from a Sequence Database
Efficient Corpus Creation Method for NLU Using Interview with Probing Questions
Joint Graph Regularization in a Homogeneous Subspace for Cross-Media Retrieval
MR-AntMiner: A Novel MapReduce Classification Rule Discovery with Ant Colony Intelligence
Developing End-to-End Control Policies for Robotic Swarms Using Deep Q-learning
Global Thresholding for Scene Understanding Towards Autonomous Drone Navigation
A Secure Virtual Machine Allocation Strategy Against Co-Resident Attacks
Emotion Recognition Based on Multi-Composition Deep Forest and Transferred Convolutional Neural Network
Feature Extraction of Mild Cognitive Impairment Using a Dual-Task of Drawing and Counting Test
Study on Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Model Fusing User Reviews
Scalable Blockchain Protocol Based on Proof of Stake and Sharding
Combination of Improved OGY and Guiding Orbit Method for Chaos Control
Neural Network Based Online Anthropomorphic Performance Decision-Making Approach for Dual-Arm Dulcimer Playing Robot
Solving the Time-Varying Cobb-Douglas Production Function Using a Varying-Coefficient Quantile Regression Model
Asymmetric MF-DCCA Method Based on Fluctuation Conduction and its Application in Air Pollution in Hangzhou
Discrete Adaptive Control with Multiple-Step-Guess Estimation for Brushless DC Motor
Machine Tool Assignment Realized by Automated NC Program Generation and Machining Time Prediction
Formal Tools for Management of Manufacturing Systems: A Multi Agents System Approach
Improved Method for Synchronizing Motion Accuracy of Linear and Rotary Axes Under Constant Feed Speed Vector at End Milling Point – Investigation of Motion Error Under NC-Commanded Motion –
Generation of a High-Precision Digital Elevation Model for Fields in Mountain Regions Using RTK-GPS
Changes in Surface Roughness Caused by Electrical Discharge Coating
Effects of O2 Fine Bubbles on ELID Grinding Using Conductive Rubber Bond Grinding Wheel
Studies on Eco-Friendly Grinding with an Extremely Small Amount of Coolant – Applicability of Contact-Type Flexible Brush-Nozzle –
Micro-End-Milling with Small Diameter Left Hand Helical Tool for High Quality Vertical Wall Machining
Machining Process for a Thin-Walled Workpiece Using On-Machine Measurement of the Workpiece Compliance
Ball Burnishing of Mg Alloy Using a Newly Developed Burnishing Tool with On-Machine Force Control
Improvement of Reverse Motion of an NC Moving Table Based on Vector Control Method by Friction Force Compensation
Thermal Characteristics of Spindle Supported with Water-Lubricated Hydrostatic Bearings
Effect of CAD/CAM Post Process on S-Shaped Machining Test for Five-Axis Machining Center
Improvement of Simultaneous 5-Axis Controlled Machining Accuracy by CL-Data Modification
Tool Orientation Angle Optimization for a Multi-Axis Robotic Milling System
Evacuation Behavior of Facilities for the Elderly in the Heavy Rain of July 2018
Mortality by Age Group and Municipality in the July 2018 Torrential Rainfall
An Analysis of Factors Influencing Disaster Mobility Using Location Data from Smartphones: Case Study of Western Japan Flooding
Distribution and Characteristics of Slope Movements in the Southern Part of Hiroshima Prefecture Caused by the Heavy Rain in Western Japan in July 2018
Characteristics of Flood Flow with Active Sediment Transport in the Sozu River Flood Hazards at the Severe Rainfall Event in July 2018
Flooding Along Oda River Due to the Western Japan Heavy Rain in 2018
Mood Perception Model for Social Robot Based on Facial and Bodily Expression Using a Hidden Markov Model
High-Frequency Vibration of Leg Masses for Improving Gait Stability of Compass Walking on Slippery Downhill
Set-Point Control of a Musculoskeletal System Under Gravity by a Combination of Feed-Forward and Feedback Manners Considering Output Limitation of Muscular Forces
Underwater Structure from Motion for Cameras Under Refractive Surfaces
Development of the Biological Information Measurement System for STEM Education and High School/University Articulation
Experiment Verification and Stability Analysis of Iterative Learning Control for Shape Memory Alloy Wire
Omnidirectional Mobility Following Through Trochoidal Trajectory
Agreement Algorithm Based on a Trial and Error Method for the Best of Proportions Problem

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