Mood Perception Model for Social Robot Based on Facial and Bodily Expression Using a Hidden Markov Model
High-Frequency Vibration of Leg Masses for Improving Gait Stability of Compass Walking on Slippery Downhill
Set-Point Control of a Musculoskeletal System Under Gravity by a Combination of Feed-Forward and Feedback Manners Considering Output Limitation of Muscular Forces
Underwater Structure from Motion for Cameras Under Refractive Surfaces
Development of the Biological Information Measurement System for STEM Education and High School/University Articulation
Experiment Verification and Stability Analysis of Iterative Learning Control for Shape Memory Alloy Wire
Omnidirectional Mobility Following Through Trochoidal Trajectory
Agreement Algorithm Based on a Trial and Error Method for the Best of Proportions Problem
Centralized Business-to-Business Networks in the Japanese Textile and Apparel Industry: Using Network Analysis and an Agent-Based Model
Dynamic Partitioning Strategies for Multi-Robot Patrolling Systems
Effects of Congestion on Swarm Performance and Autonomous Specialization in Robotic Swarms
Sharing Experience for Behavior Generation of Real Swarm Robot Systems Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Study on the National Disaster Management Administration System Against Huge Disasters – A Discussion Based on the Initial and Emergency Responses to the Great East Japan Earthquake –
An Open Dialogue Approach to Volcano Disaster Resilience and Governance: Action Research in Japan in the Aftermath of the Mt. Ontake Eruption
X-MP Radar for Developing a Lahar Rainfall Threshold for the Merapi Volcano Using a Bayesian Approach
Integrated Monitoring of Volcanic Ash and Forecasting at Sakurajima Volcano, Japan
Experimental High-Resolution Forecasting of Volcanic Ash Hazard at Sakurajima, Japan
Measurement of H2O Molecule and Hydroxyl Concentrations in Hydrous Rhyolitic Glass by UV–Vis–NIR Dispersive Microspectroscopy
Comparative Petrological Studies of 1962 and 1988–1989 Eruptions of Tokachidake Volcano, Japan: A Case Study for Understanding the Relationship Between Eruption Style and Magma Processes
Late Pleistocene–Holocene Volcaniclastic Ejecta Along the Southern Apron of the Esan Volcanic Complex, Japan
Installation of New GNSS Network Around Kusatsu-Shirane Volcano, Japan: Its Perspective and the First Result
Development of an Optical Multispectral Remote Sensing System for Measuring Volcanic Surface Phenomena – Promotion Project for Next Generation Volcano Research B2 (Subtopic 2-2)
Database of Crustal Deformation Observed by SAR: Improving Atmospheric Delay Mitigation for Satellite SAR Interferometry and Developing L-Band Multi-Type Portable SAR
Muographic Observation of Density Variations in the Vicinity of Minami-Dake Crater of Sakurajima Volcano
Tracing Volcanic Activity Chronology from a Multiparameter Dataset at Shinmoedake Volcano (Kirishima), Japan
Real-Time Performance Evaluation of the Combustion Process of Coke Oven
Real-Time Optical Music Recognition System for Dulcimer Musical Robot
Mining Association Rules on Enrollment Information of Higher Vocational Colleges Using the Apriori Algorithm
An Objective Indicator Focused on the Symmetrical Movements of the Arms to Assess Gait Stability
Designation of Candidate Solutions in Differential Evolution Based on Bandit Algorithm and its Evaluation
Estimation of Object Motion State Based on Adaptive Decorrelation Kalman Filtering
Bifurcation Analysis and Impulsive Control of Genetic Regulatory Networks with Multi Delays
Optical Flow for Real-Time Human Detection and Action Recognition Based on CNN Classifiers
Quantum Implementation of Powell’s Conjugate Direction Method
Ancient Chinese Sentence Segmentation Based on Bidirectional LSTM+CRF Model
Scalable Change Detection Using Place-Specific Compressive Change Classifiers
Object-Oriented 3D Semantic Mapping Based on Instance Segmentation
Modeling the Effects of Coordinating Macro-Prudential Rule and Monetary Policy
Influencing Mechanism of Patent Alliance on Technical Innovation from Network Effects Perspective
Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on the Distribution of China’s Stock Returns: An External Perspective
Explaining Disparities in AH Stock Premium Returns with Chinese Economic Policy Uncertainty: Evidence Based on a Non-Parametric Analysis
The Impact of FDI on Entrepreneurship in European Countries: Mechanism and Strength
Forecasting Realized Volatility in Financial Markets Based on a Time-Varying Non-Parametric Model
Storage-Optimization Method for Massive Small Files of Agricultural Resources Based on Hadoop
Disparity Optimization Algorithm for Stereo Matching Using Improved Guided Filter
Dynamic Analysis of sRNA Regulated Quorum Sensing Network
Influencing Factors on Rotate Vector Reducer Dynamic Transmission Error
Determination of the Efficiency of the Operation Mode of Nonflowing Installation for Electroactivation of Water and Aqueous Solutions
Compensation for Thermal Deformation of a Compact Lathe in Cutting Operations Using a Coolant Fluid with Temperature Measurements at a Few Specific Points
Universal Design Considering Physical Characteristics of Diverse Users

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