Examination of Flood Countermeasures Utilizing a Yokohama City Main Rainwater Pipeline and Public–Private Anti-Flood Measures
COVID-19 Outbreak Forecasting and Effects of Self-Restraint Against Excursions in Tokyo, Japan, as of the End of March, 2020, Before the Emergency Declaration on April 7, 2020
WBF-2019 Core Research Cluster of Disaster Science Planning Session as Disaster Preparedness: Participation in a Training Program for Conductor-Type Disaster Healthcare Personnel
Transdisciplinary Approach for Building Societal Resilience to Disasters – Interpreting the Processes of Creating New Knowledge in the Context of Knowledge Management –
Change in Disaster-Prevention Consciousness Brought by Serious Damage from a Large Scale Disaster: Studying the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016
Exploring Elements of Disaster Prevention Consciousness: Based on Interviews with Anti-disaster Professionals
Experiment for Urban Great Fire
Earthquake Studies and the Earthquake Prediction System in Japan
Aseismic Considerations of Transportation Systems
Aseismic Structural Systems for Buildings
Response Analysis of Civil Engineering Structures Subjected to Earthquake Motions
Liquefaction of Subsurface Soils During Earthquakes
Seismic Microzoning for Urban Planning
Anti-Earthquake Design of Industrial Facilities
Urban Renewal for Earthquake-Proof Systems
Trends in Disaster Management Measures in Post World War II in Japan
Earthquake Disasters and Earthquake Engineering in Japan

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