JRM Most Downloaded Papers, Sep. 2019

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 1 Vol.29
Open Source Integrated Planner for Autonomous Navigation in Highly Dynamic Environments
Hatem Darweesh, Eijiro Takeuchi, Kazuya Takeda, Yoshiki Ninomiya, Adi Sujiwo, Luis Yoichi Morales, Naoki Akai, Tetsuo Tomizawa, and Shinpei Kato
autonomous driving, path planning, open source software
No.2 - Vol.29
Generated Trajectory of Extended Lateral Guided Sensor Steering Mechanism for Steered Autonomous Vehicles in Real World Environments
Yoshihiro Takita
Real World Robotics Challenge, lateral guided method SSM, steered mobile robot, Smart Dump, AR Skipper
No.3 - Vol.29
Autonomous Mobile Robot Searching for Persons with Specific Clothing on Urban Walkway
Ryohsuke Mitsudome, Hisashi Date, Azumi Suzuki, Takashi Tsubouchi, and Akihisa Ohya
mobile robot, object recognition, neural network, Tsukuba Challenge
No.4 5 Vol.31
Navigation Based on Metric Route Information in Places Where the Mobile Robot Visits for the First Time
Asahi Handa, Azumi Suzuki, Hisashi Date, Ryohsuke Mitsudome, Takashi Tsubouchi, and Akihisa Ohya
mobile robot, route information, navigation, traversability analysis
No.5 3 Vol.22
Development of a Robot Balanced on a Ball - First Report, Implementation of the Robot and Basic Control -
Masaaki Kumagai and Takaya Ochiai
inverted pendulum, ball balance, stepping motor, omnidirectional wheel, ballbot
No.5 - Vol.28
Control of Low-Cost Customizable Robot Arm Actuated by Elastic Tendons
Junki Togashi, Kazuhisa Mitobe, and Genci Capi
tendon-driven robot arm, low-cost robot mechanism, elastic tendon, force control, marionette-type robot arm
No.5 5 Vol.31
Sharing Experience for Behavior Generation of Real Swarm Robot Systems Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Toshiyuki Yasuda and Kazuhiro Ohkura
swarm robotics, reinforcement learning, deep Q network, experience sharing, real robot

Count period : September 1-30, 2019

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