JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Dec. 2021

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 10 Vol.25
Development of a Control System and Interface Design Based on an Electric Wheelchair
Jinseok Woo, Kyosuke Yamaguchi, and Yasuhiro Ohyama
personal mobility, electric wheelchair, speed control system, ride quality, interface design
No.2 - Vol.4
Multiple Lagrange Multiplier Method for Constrained Evolutionary Optimization
Hyun Myung and Jong-Hwan Kim
No.3 1 Vol.25
Calculation and Decomposition Analysis of Embodied Energy and Embodied Carbon Emissions in China’s Foreign Trade Based on Value-Added Trade
Zhong Han, Wenkai Wu, Yan Sun, and Yun Shi
value-added trade, embodied energy, embodied carbon, multi-regional input–output model
No.4 3 Vol.25
Effectiveness of the COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA) Based on Multi-Agent Simulation
Yuto Omae, Jun Toyotani, Kazuyuki Hara, Yasuhiro Gon, and Hirotaka Takahashi
COVID-19, Contact-Confirming Application, multi-agent simulation, SEIR model
No.5 3 Vol.15
Spiral Dynamics Inspired Optimization
Kenichi Tamura and Keiichiro Yasuda
metaheuristics, spiral phenomena, multipoint search, global optimization, evolutionary computation
No.6 15 Vol.25
Treemap-Based Cluster Visualization and its Application to Text Data Analysis
Yasufumi Takama, Yuna Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Mori, and Hiroki Shibata
visualization, visual analytics, cluster analysis, treemap
No.7 7 Vol.25
Recommendation System Based on Generative Adversarial Network with Graph Convolutional Layers
Takato Sasagawa, Shin Kawai, and Hajime Nobuhara
generative adversarial network, graph convolutional layers, recommendation system, bipartite graph
No.7 2 Vol.25
Path Planning Based on Improved Hybrid A* Algorithm
Bijun Tang, Kaoru Hirota, Xiangdong Wu, Yaping Dai, and Zhiyang Jia
path planning, hybrid A* algorithm, artificial potential field, ROS platform
No.7 3 Vol.25
Frailty Care Robot for Elderly and its Application for Physical and Psychological Support
Yoichi Yamazaki, Masayuki Ishii, Takahiro Ito, and Takuya Hashimoto
frailty care, healthcare and medical application, human robot interaction, elderly support, blood pressure
No.8 12 Vol.25
Recognition of Hybrid Graphic-Text License Plates
John Anthony C. Jose, Allysa Kate M. Brillantes, Elmer P. Dadios, Edwin Sybingco, Laurence A. Gan Lim, Alexis M. Fillone, and Robert Kerwin C. Billones
license plate detection, license plate recognition, multiple object tracking, ReID network
No.8 9 Vol.14
Effect of Overconfident Investor Behavior to Stock Market
Ryota Inaishi, Kaoru Toya, Fei Zhai, and Eisuke Kita
overconfident bias, overoptimism, artificial market simulation, rising trend
No.9 18 Vol.10
New Similarity Measure Between Two Fuzzy Sets
Hassan Rezaei, Masashi Emoto, and Masao Mukaidono
fuzzy sets, similarity measure, relative sigma count, proximity relation
No.9 8 Vol.24
Visualization Method Corresponding to Regression Problems and Its Application to Deep Learning-Based Gaze Estimation Model
Daigo Kanda, Shin Kawai, and Hajime Nobuhara
CNN, eye tracking, Grad-CAM, regression problem
No.9 11 Vol.25
Adaptive Fertigation System Using Hybrid Vision-Based Lettuce Phenotyping and Fuzzy Logic Valve Controller Towards Sustainable Aquaponics
Ronnie S. Concepcion II, Sandy C. Lauguico, Jonnel D. Alejandrino, Argel A. Bandala, Edwin Sybingco, Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra, Elmer P. Dadios, and Joel L. Cuello
computer vision, fertigation system, fuzzy logic, lettuce phenotype model, precision agriculture
No.9 18 Vol.22
Characteristics of Rough Set C-Means Clustering
Seiki Ubukata, Keisuke Umado, Akira Notsu, and Katsuhiro Honda
clustering, hard C-means, rough set theory, rough C-means, rough set C-means

Count period : December 1-31, 2021

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