JRM Most Downloaded Papers, Oct. 2020

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 1 Vol.29
Open Source Integrated Planner for Autonomous Navigation in Highly Dynamic Environments
Hatem Darweesh, Eijiro Takeuchi, Kazuya Takeda, Yoshiki Ninomiya, Adi Sujiwo, Luis Yoichi Morales, Naoki Akai, Tetsuo Tomizawa, and Shinpei Kato
autonomous driving, path planning, open source software
2 - Vol.32
Development of a Tetrahedral-Shaped Soft Robot Arm as a Wrist Rehabilitation Device Using Extension Type Flexible Pneumatic Actuators
Wei-Hang Tian, Cian-Cheng Jhan, Misaki Inokuma, Tetsuya Akagi, Shujiro Dohta, and So Shimooka
tetrahedral-shaped soft robot arm, wrist rehabilitation device, extension type flexible pneumatic actuator, home-based rehabilitation device, attitude control system using embedded controller
3 2 Vol.32
Development Timeline of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Japan
Tamaki Ura
AUV, submersible, history, R&D, Japan
4 8 Vol.32
Indirect Control of an Autonomous Wheelchair Using SSVEP BCI
Danny Wee-Kiat Ng and Sing Yau Goh
brain computer interface, wheelchair, autonomous
5 5 Vol.32
High Accuracy and Short Delay 1ch-SSVEP Quadcopter-BMI Using Deep Learning
Kazumi Ishizuka, Nobuaki Kobayashi, and Ken Saito
quadcopter, steady state visually evoked potential, brain-machine interface, long short-term memory, convolutional neural network
5 6 Vol.32
Effects of Gait Inducing Assist for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease on Double Support Phase During Gait
Ai Higuchi, Junichiro Shiraishi, Yuichi Kurita, and Tomohiro Shibata
Parkinson’s disease, assistive device, FOG, gait

Count period : October 1-31, 2020

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