JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Aug. 2022

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 11 Vol.26
Fast Search Strategy for Robots in Dynamic Home Environment
Yuhao Wang, Hao Wu, Guohui Tian, Guoliang Liu, Fei Lu, and Yanyan Wang
search strategy, prior knowledge, probabilistic model, ontology technology, probability update
No.2 1 Vol.26
Empirical Analyses of OLMAR Method for Financial Portfolio Selection in Stock Markets
Kazunori Umino, Takamasa Kikuchi, Masaaki Kunigami, Takashi Yamada, and Takao Terano
on-line portfolio rebalance algorithm, anomaly detection, mean reversion, OLMAR method
No.3 3 Vol.26
Improved Tumor Image Estimation in X-Ray Fluoroscopic Images by Augmenting 4DCT Data for Radiotherapy
Takumi Shinohara, Kei Ichiji, Jiaoyang Wang, Noriyasu Homma, Xiaoyong Zhang, Norihiro Sugita, and Makoto Yoshizawa
radiotherapy, X-ray image, hidden Markov model, data augmentation
No.4 6 Vol.26
China’s R&D Investment’s Impact on Environmental Pollution: An Integrated Approach Based on Panel Moderated Mediation and Regression Discontinuity
Aihua Lin and Yukun Xu
R&D investment, panel moderated mediation analysis, regression discontinuity, IPAT model, STRIPAT model
No.5 14 Vol.25
Recommendation System Based on Generative Adversarial Network with Graph Convolutional Layers
Takato Sasagawa, Shin Kawai, and Hajime Nobuhara
generative adversarial network, graph convolutional layers, recommendation system, bipartite graph
No.6 13 Vol.26
Digital Economy, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Labor Mismatch
Yang Shen and Xiuwu Zhang
digital economy, labor mismatch, particle swarm optimization, projection pursuit, industrial robot
No.7 15 Vol.26
Evaluation of Tympanic Temperature, Heart Rate Variability and Finger-Foot Reaction Using VR in the Elderly
Yutaka Yoshida, Itaru Kaneko, Junichiro Hayano, Kiyoko Yokoyama, and Emi Yuda
virtual reality amusement park, tympanic temperature, heart rate variability, elderly
No.7 7 Vol.26
A Study of Support Vector Regression-Based Fuzzy c-Means Algorithm on Incomplete Data Clustering
Maolin Shi and Zihao Wang
data clustering, incomplete data, fuzzy clustering, support vector regression
No.8 13 Vol.26
Web-Questionnaire-Based Corpus Creation Under Assumption of Human as Speech Targets
Kazuaki Shima, Jinhua She, Yasunari Obuchi, and Abdullah M. Iliyasu
corpus, morpheme, natural utterance, spontaneity, web questionnaire
No.9 8 Vol.26
Empirical Research of Hot Topic Recognition and its Evolution Path Method for Scientific and Technological Literature
Lei Jiang, Tao Zhang, and Taihua Huang
LDA, topic recognition, topic evolution path, topic similarity, intelligent algorithm
No.9 18 Vol.25
A Facial Expressions Recognition Method Using Residual Network Architecture for Online Learning Evaluation
Duong Thang Long
convolutional neural networks, facial expressions recognition, image augmenting, learning management system
No.10 9 Vol.26
The Motivation Behind Participation in Virtual CSR Co-Creation by Chinese Post-90s: A Case Study of Ant Forest
Huihui Cheng and Yukio Kodono
virtual CSR co-creation, Ant Forest, motivation, brand attitude
No.10 12 Vol.26
Multi-Faceted Decision Making Using Multiple Reinforcement Learning to Reducing Wasteful Actions
Riku Narita and Kentarou Kurashige
multi-agent system, reinforcement learning, multi-agent reinforcement learning
No.10 18 Vol.14
An Efficient Algorithm for Optimizing Bipartite Modularity in Bipartite Networks
Xin Liu and Tsuyoshi Murata
community detection, modularity, bipartite network, graph partitioning, link mining
No.10 2 Vol.26
Estimation of Forearm Motion Based on EMG Using Quaternion Neural Network
Hafizzuddin Firdaus Bin Hashim and Takehiko Ogawa
quaternion neural networks, surface electromyography, forearm motion
No.10 16 Vol.26
A Hybrid Path Planning and Formation Control Strategy of Multi-Robots in a Dynamic Environment
Meng Zhou, Zihao Wang, Jing Wang, and Zhe Dong
multi-robots formation control, hybrid motion planning, improved GWO-WOA algorithm, swarm intelligence algorithm, controller design

Count period : August 1-31, 2022

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