JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Jan. 2022

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 10 Vol.19
App Controllable Intelligent Desk Lamp System
Yu Ping Liao, Ruei Chang Lu, Pang Tzu Liu, Jing Xiang Cao, and Ko Chi Wei
FPGA, intelligent desk lamp, image processing, 3D printer, servo motor control
No.2 - Vol.26
Generating Maude Specifications from M-UML Statechart Diagrams
Mourad Kezai and Abdallah Khababa
M-UML, mobile statechart, multi-agent system, Maude system, rewriting logic
No.3 - Vol.26
A Self-Localization Method Using a Genetic Algorithm Considered Kidnapped Problem
Kaori Watanabe, Yuehang Ma, Hitoshi Kono, and Hidekazu Suzuki
self-localization, soccer robot, genetic algorithm, optimization, kidnapped problem
No.4 - Vol.26
Review of Generative Adversarial Networks in Image Generation
Wanle Chi, Yun Huoy Choo, and Ong Sing Goh
image generation, generative adversarial networks, machine learning, gradients disappearing, collapse mode
No.5 7 Vol.25
Path Planning Based on Improved Hybrid A* Algorithm
Bijun Tang, Kaoru Hirota, Xiangdong Wu, Yaping Dai, and Zhiyang Jia
path planning, hybrid A* algorithm, artificial potential field, ROS platform
No.6 - Vol.26
A Culture-Based Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Optimization in Dynamic Environments
Dongli Jia
dynamic optimization, artificial bee colony, cultural algorithm
No.6 - Vol.26
Calibration Cost Reduction of Indoor Localization Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon
Mansur As, Hiroshi Shimizu, Brahim Benaissa, Kaori Yoshida, and Mario Köppen
indoor localization, Bluetooth low energy, received signal strength, radial basis function
No.6 5 Vol.15
Spiral Dynamics Inspired Optimization
Kenichi Tamura and Keiichiro Yasuda
metaheuristics, spiral phenomena, multipoint search, global optimization, evolutionary computation
No.7 10 Vol.25
A Facial Expressions Recognition Method Using Residual Network Architecture for Online Learning Evaluation
Duong Thang Long
convolutional neural networks, facial expressions recognition, image augmenting, learning management system
No.8 - Vol.26
Improvement of Fuzzy Graph Drawing Using Partition Tree
Yasunori Shiono, Toshihiro Yoshizumi, and Kensei Tsuchida
fuzzy graph, graph drawing algorithm, cluster analysis
No.9 3 Vol.25
Calculation and Decomposition Analysis of Embodied Energy and Embodied Carbon Emissions in China’s Foreign Trade Based on Value-Added Trade
Zhong Han, Wenkai Wu, Yan Sun, and Yun Shi
value-added trade, embodied energy, embodied carbon, multi-regional input–output model
No.9 - Vol.26
A Development of Robotic Scrub Nurse System - Detection for Surgical Instruments Using Faster Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network –
Akito Nakano and Kouki Nagamune
robotic scrub nurse, robotic surgery, faster R-CNN

Count period : January 1-31, 2022

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