JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Nov. 2019

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 6 Vol.23
Emotion Recognition Based on Multi-Composition Deep Forest and Transferred Convolutional Neural Network
Xiaobo Liu, Xu Yin, Min Wang, Yaoming Cai, and Guang Qi
emotion recognition, transfer learning, convolutional neural network, multi-composition deep forest
No.2 6 Vol.15
Spiral Dynamics Inspired Optimization
Kenichi Tamura and Keiichiro Yasuda
metaheuristics, spiral phenomena, multipoint search, global optimization, evolutionary computation
No.3 5 Vol.23
Efficient Corpus Creation Method for NLU Using Interview with Probing Questions
Kazuaki Shima, Takeshi Homma, Masataka Motohashi, Rintaro Ikeshita, Hiroaki Kokubo, Yasunari Obuchi, and Jinhua She
interview, natural language understanding, corpus, probing, morpheme
No.3 - Vol.23
IPMSM Speed and Current Controller Design for Electric Vehicles Based on Explicit MPC
Fang Liu, Feng Gao, Ling Liu, and Denis N. Sidorov
explicit model predictive control, speed and current control, interior permanent-magnet synchronous motor
No.4 - Vol.23
Enhanced Intersystem Handover Algorithm for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Topside E. Mathonsi, Okuthe P. Kogeda, and Thomas O. Olwal
FAHP, GPT, IH algorithm, MADM, MOORA
No.4 - Vol.21
Proposal of PSwithEFP and its Evaluation in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Kazuteru Miyazaki, Koudai Furukawa, and Hiroaki Kobayashi
multi-agent learning, reinforcement learning, exploitation-oriented learning, profit sharing, expected failure probability
No.4 6 Vol.23
Dynamic Analysis of sRNA Regulated Quorum Sensing Network
Qicheng Mei, Feng Liu, Jinhua She, and Fenglan Sun
quorum sensing network, control, stability, Hopf bifurcation
No.5 3 Vol.23
Customer Value Co-Creation Behavior Effects on Online Purchase Intention
Yaqin Liu and Xinxing Luo
value co-creation, purchase intention, customer participation behavior, customer citizenship behavior
No.5 - Vol.23
FCMLSM Segmentation of Micro-Vessels in Slight Defocused Microscopic Images
Zhongming Luo, Yu Zhang, Zixuan Zhou, Xuan Bi, Haibin Wu, and Zhentao Xin
micro-vessel, image segmentation, FCM clustering algorithm, level-set algorithm
No.5 - Vol.23
Interaction Between Population Aging and Technological Innovation: A Chinese Case Study
Xiang Li and Xindong Zhao
old-age dependency ratio, child-raising ratio, total factor productivity, one-way causality measure

Count period : November 1-30, 2019

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