IJAT Most Downloaded Papers, Jan. 2019

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 4 Vol.11
“Industrie 4.0” and Smart Manufacturing – A Review of Research Issues and Application Examples
Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Stefan Wiesner, and Thorsten Wuest
industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, cyber-physical systems, industrial internet, smart factory
No.2 4 Vol.6
Indirect Measurement of Volumetric Accuracy for Three-Axis and Five-Axis Machine Tools: A Review
Soichi Ibaraki and Wolfgang Knapp
volumetric accuracy, indirect measurement, machine tools, kinematic model
No.3 - Vol.12
MEMS Sensor Devices with a Piezo-Resistive Cantilever
Kiyoshi Matsumoto and Isao Shimoyama
cantilever, sensor, piezo-resistive, MEMS
No.3 - Vol.13
Surface Profile Analysis in Milling with Structured Tool
Fumihiro Uchiyama, Akihiko Tsuboi, and Takashi Matsumura
surface finish, milling, structured tool, cutter axis inclination, simulation
No.3 4 Vol.8
Error Calibration for Five-Axis Machine Tools by On-the-Machine Measurement Using a Touch-Trigger Probe
Soichi Ibaraki and Yusuke Ota
five-axis machine tools, touch-trigger probe, geometric errors, error map, error calibration
No.4 - Vol.13
Utilization of Multi-Axis Positioning Repeatability Performance in Kinematic Modelling
Károly Szipka and Andreas Archenti
machine tool repeatability, uncertainty estimation, kinematic modelling
No.4 - Vol.8
Analysis of Measured Friction of Rolling Balls in Raceway Grooves
Atsushi Matsubara, Atsuko Sayama, Taku Sakai, and Matthias Reuss
rolling friction, modeling, linear guideways, bristle model, micro slip
No.4 - Vol.12
Artificial Neural Networks for Tool Wear Prediction Based on Sensor Fusion Monitoring of CFRP/CFRP Stack Drilling
Alessandra Caggiano and Luigi Nele
drilling, composite material, sensor monitoring, artificial neural network, tool wear prediction
No.4 - Vol.4
Interactive Design-Assistance System of Machine Tool Structure in Conceptual and Fundamental Design Stage
Zhangyong Yu, Keiichi Nakamoto, Tohru Ishida, and Yoshimi Takeuchi
interactive design-assistance system, machine tool structure, conceptual and fundamental design, beam theory, static/dynamic/thermal stiffness
No.5 4 Vol.12
Error Estimation of Machined Surfaces in Multi-Axis Machining with Machine Tool Errors Including Tool Self-Intersecting Motion Based on High-Accuracy Tool Swept Volumes
Wataru Arai, Fumiki Tanaka, and Masahiko Onosato
multi-axis machine tool, tool swept volume, geometric errors, machining simulation, machined surface
No.5 - Vol.4
Fabrication of Ultrafine Tools Using a Desktop Microgrinder
Hitoshi Ohmori, Yoshihiro Uehara, and Kazutoshi Katahira
electrolytic in-process dressing (ELID) grinding, microtool, desktop microgrinder
No.5 - Vol.5
Development of an Interactive Assistance System for Machine Tool Structure Design Considering of Sliding Joint Damping
Zhangyong Yu, Keiichi Nakamoto, and Yoshimi Takeuchi
interactive assistance system, machine tool structure, conceptual and fundamental design, joint damping

Count period : January 1-31, 2019

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