IJAT Most Downloaded Papers, Dec. 2017

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 - Vol.9
Detection of Human Position and Motion by Thermopile Infrared Sensor
Xipeng Zhang, Hiroaki Seki, and Masatoshi Hikizu
thermopile infrared sensor, human position, body orientation, steepest descent method
1 5 Vol.11
“Industrie 4.0” and Smart Manufacturing – A Review of Research Issues and Application Examples
Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Stefan Wiesner, and Thorsten Wuest
industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, cyber-physical systems, industrial internet, smart factory
2 - Vol.7
Laser-Generated Surface Acoustic Wave Technique for Crack Monitoring – A Review
Kun Chen, Xing Fu, Dante J. Dorantes-Gonzalez, Yanning Li, Sen Wu, and Xiaotang Hu
surface acoustic wave, laser-generated, crack monitoring, quantitative detection
3 1 Vol.11
Precision Machining of Sintered Zirconia Ceramics by High-Speed Milling
Yusuke Ito, Naohiko Sugita, Tatsuya Fujii, Toru Kizaki, and Mamoru Mitsuishi
precision cutting, ceramics, zirconia, high-speed milling
4 5 Vol.8
In-Process and On-Machine Measurement of Machining Accuracy for Process and Product Quality Management: A Review
Yasuhiro Takaya
in-process measurement, on-machine measurement, manufacturing metrology, machine tools, quality management
4 - Vol.3
Precision Positioning Control by Modeling Frictional Behaviors of Linear Ball Guideway
Toshiharu Tanaka, Jiro Otsuka, and Takaaki Oiwa
precision positioning, nonlinear frictional model, bristle model, linear ball guideway, circular contouring error
5 10 Vol.9
An Exact Method for Robust Capacity Requirements Planning
Daisuke Morita and Haruhiko Suwa
capacity requirements planning, robust load plan, dynamic environment, uncertainty, exact method
5 10 Vol.9
FEM-Based Simulation for Workpiece Deformation in Thin-Wall Milling
Jun Wang, Soichi Ibaraki, Atsushi Matsubara, Kosuke Shida, and Takayuki Yamada
deformation, thin wall, milling, rib
5 9 Vol.7
Design of Wearable Power Assist Wear for Low Back Support Using Pneumatic Actuators
Xiangpan Li, Toshiro Noritsugu, Masahiro Takaiwa, and Daisuke Sasaki
power assist wear, low back, pneumatic rubber artificial muscle, IMU, iEMG
5 - Vol.8
Effect of Tool Run-Out on Micro-Groove Milling for a Microchannel Die
Kenichi Iwatsuka, Yukio Maeda, Takanori Yazawa, and Shinya Suzuki
cutting, milling, microchannel chip die, cutting force, tool run-out
5 - Vol.4
Redundant Parallel Mechanism for Haptic Applications
Jumpei Arata and Hideo Fujimoto
parallel mechanism, haptic device, redundancy
5 - Vol.5
Study of a Precision Pneumatic Positioning Device Using PZT Dither
Yung-Tien Liu, Kuo-Ming Chang, and Huang-Ren Lee
precision positioning, PZT dither, pneumatic actuator, Taguchi method, system identification
5 9 Vol.11
Cyber-Physical Product-Service Systems – Challenges for Requirements Engineering
Stefan Wiesner, Eugenia Marilungo, and Klaus-Dieter Thoben
cyber-physical systems, product-service systems, cyber-physical product-service systems, requirements engineering
5 4 Vol.10
Development of Cutting Force Prediction Method Using Motion Information from CNC Controller
Tomoya Hida, Tetsuya Asano, Chiharu Higashino, Masaaki Kanamaru, Jun’ichi Kaneko, and Yoshimi Takeuchi
cutting force, prediction, CNC, NC data, motion error

Count period : December 1 - 31, 2017

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