JRM Vol.28 No.3 pp. 314-319
doi: 10.20965/jrm.2016.p0314

Development Report:

Trial Production of Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft Based on Tricopter

Kiyoteru Hayama* and Hiroki Irie**

*National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College, Kumamoto Campus
2659-2 Suya, Koshi, Kumamoto 861-1102, Japan

**National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College, Yatsushiro Campus
2627 Hirayamashin-machi, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto 866-0074, Japan

August 19, 2015
May 14, 2016
June 20, 2016
UAV, VTOL, tricopter, tail sitter, flying robot
Trial production has begun on tricopter-based new-concept vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL). The VTOL features three fixed-angle motors on a reversed-T shape body and a fixed wing with an elevon and a rudder. The proposed craft uses fewer components than quadcopter-based VTOL craft. Continuous transition from rotorcraft to fixed-wing craft is completed with the craft’s 90° tilt.
Prototype of proposed aircraft

Prototype of proposed aircraft

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K. Hayama and H. Irie, “Trial Production of Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft Based on Tricopter,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.28 No.3, pp. 314-319, 2016.
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