JRM Vol.27 No.5 pp. 513-519
doi: 10.20965/jrm.2015.p0513


Chaotic Vibration and Comfort Analysis of Nonlinear Half-Vehicle Mode Excited by Consecutive Speed-Control Humps

Zhiyong Yang*,**, Shan Liang*, Qin Zhu***, Yongsheng Sun*, and Shanbing Zhan**

*College of Automation, Chongqing University
Shapingba, Chongqing 400044, China

**Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering
Jiangjin, Chongqing 402260, China

***Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Oyama College
771 Nakakuki, Oyama 323-0806, Japan

April 26, 2015
August 6, 2015
October 20, 2015
nonlinear semi-vehicle model, vehicle suspension, chaos vibration, comfort analysis, direct variable feedback control
Consecutive speed-control humps road
Complicated dynamic behavior will happen while nonlinear four degree-of-freedom (DOF) semi-vehicle model is under irregular road excitation. The complex nonlinear vibration influences the ride comfort and safety. In this paper, the study is aimed at analyzing the chaotic vibration and comfort analysis of a vehicle passing the consecutive speed control humps (SCHs). A four-DOF half-vehicle model and combined sine-trapezoidal wave of variable frequency are applied. Occurrence of chaotic vibration is analyzed by bifurcation diagram, time history, Poincarée map. The numerical simulation results show that chaotic vibration phenomenon possibly appears as vehicles are driven on consecutive SCHs. In addition, the exact range of vehicle speed that results in chaotic vibration is derived. Further studies indicate that the influence of quasi-periodic motion state to vehicle on driving comfort is the biggest. This paper uses direct variable feedback control method to control chaotic vibration, and analyzes the control effect from the feedback gain control effect and the delay of the feedback control. The results will help dynamic characteristic analysis of vehicles and the design of the continuous speed bumps.
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Z. Yang, S. Liang, Q. Zhu, Y. Sun, and S. Zhan, “Chaotic Vibration and Comfort Analysis of Nonlinear Half-Vehicle Mode Excited by Consecutive Speed-Control Humps,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.27 No.5, pp. 513-519, 2015.
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