JRM Vol.17 No.5 pp. 517-522
doi: 10.20965/jrm.2005.p0517


Development of Nanometer Flying-Height Slider for Small Magnetic Disk Drives

Yoshinori Takeuchi*, and Katsuyuki Tanaka**

*Slider Engineering Department, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, 2880 Kozu, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa 256-8510, Japan

**Department of Mechanical System Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Shiga Prefecture, 2500 Hassaka-cho, Hikone-shi, Shiga 522-8533, Japan

April 27, 2005
August 29, 2005
October 20, 2005
magnetic head slider, spacing, flying height, nanometer, molecular mean free path
The 90nm and 15nm flying-height sliders we designed for small magnetic disk drives are based on a basic design guide we previously proposed that covers (1) a very small slider, (2) a multipad slider or side-step slider, and (3) a negative-pressure slider use in low spacing mode alone. These experimentally prototyped sliders were confirmed to fly stably on the disk at the prescribed 90nm and 15nm heights, and have been commercialized for 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch hard disk drives. These practical results demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed basic design guide.
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Y. Takeuchi and K. Tanaka, “Development of Nanometer Flying-Height Slider for Small Magnetic Disk Drives,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.17 No.5, pp. 517-522, 2005.
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