JRM Vol.11 No.5 pp. 436-442
doi: 10.20965/jrm.1999.p0436


Cordless Optical Power Supply for Micromachine

Hidenori Ishihara* and Toshio Fukuda**

*Department of Intelligent Mechanical Systems Engineering, Kagawa University, 1-1 Saiwai-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa 760-8526, Japan

**CRAST, Nagoya University

June 4, 1999
July 5, 1999
October 20, 1999
microrobot, energy supply, electrostatic force, air table
This paper proposes a cordless optical power supply for micromachines and mobile microrobot on the air bearing using proposed energy system. The optical mobile microrobot consists of a floating robot with a PLZT element and an air table with air nozzles and electrodes. The PLZT element is a pyroelectric element and works as a transmitter to convert energy from optical energy to electric energy. Illuminating the PLZT with UV rays generates electric energy with electrical voltage high enough to drive the robot by electrostatic force. To solve the friction problem, an air bearing helps reduce friction and the robot to move by slight force. The robot travels floating by levitation of the air bearing. These air systems make it possible for the robot to travel autonomously and to be driven by small force. This paper shows the experimental results of movement and applications of the optical mobile microrobot.
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H. Ishihara and T. Fukuda, “Cordless Optical Power Supply for Micromachine,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.11 No.5, pp. 436-442, 1999.
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