Erratum for “The Importance of Monitoring Viral Respiratory Infections During the COVID-19 Crisis” (Vol.17, pp. 73-81, 2022)
Impact on the Electric Infrastructure Due to Volcanic Ash from a Hydrovolcanic Eruption of Aso Volcano in 2016
A Consideration on Volcanic Ash Ingress into the Horizontal Air Intake of Air Conditioning
Continuously Operable Simulator and Forecasting the Deposition of Volcanic Ash from Prolonged Eruptions at Sakurajima Volcano, Japan
Applying the Particle Filter to the Volcanic Ash Tracking PUFF Model for Assimilating Multi-Parameter Radar Observation
High Precision Lava Flow Simulation Using 8K Drone Digital Elevation Data
Numerical Simulations of Dome-Collapse Pyroclastic Density Currents Using faSavageHutterFOAM: Application to the 3 June 1991 Eruption of Unzen Volcano, Japan
Conduit Flow Dynamics During the 1986 Sub-Plinian Eruption at Izu-Oshima Volcano
Reexamination of Eruptive Activity of Akanfuji in the Me-Akan Volcano, Eastern Hokkaido, Japan
Geologic and Petrologic Characteristics of the Lahar Deposits at the Western Foot of Zao Volcano
Late Holocene Tephrostratigraphy at Chokai Volcano, Northern Japan, and Contribution to Hazard Assessment
Experimental Constraints on the H2O-Saturated Plagioclase Liquidus and the Storage Depth of the Izu-Oshima 1986B Basaltic Andesite Melt
Temporal Changes of Magmas That Caused Lava-Dome Eruptions of Haruna Volcano in the Past 45,000 Years
Introduction to Automated Tools for the Analysis of Volcanic Ejecta Built on an Analysis Platform Developed in the INeVRH Project
A Half-Year Long Observation at Sakurajima Volcano, Japan Using a Multi-Channeled Seismometer System with Phase-Shifted Optical Interferometry
Fracture Structures in and Around Hakone Volcano Revealed by Dense Seismic Observations
Numerical Modeling of a Volcanic Hydrothermal System Based on Resistivity Structure
Magnetization Structure and its Temporal Change of Miyakejima Volcano, Japan, Revealed by Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle Aeromagnetic Survey
Simple Graphical Pre- and Post-Processor for 3-D Magnetotelluric Inversion
Post-Eruptive Persistent Cooling Beneath the Summit Crater of Usu Volcano as Revealed by Magnetic Repeat Surveys
A Simple Method for the Analysis of Fumarolic Gases Using Response-Adjusted Sensors with a UAV
Development of Portable SAR for Detection of Volcano Deformation: Application of SAR Interferometry to the Repeated Observation Data
Construction and Provision of Digital Photographic Archives by Using the Japan Volcanological Data Network System: Application to the 1990–1995 Mount Unzen Eruption Disaster
Identifying Anomalies in Seismic Velocity and Scattering Property Changes at Active Volcanoes Based on Seismic Interferometry and the Local Outlier Probability Method
Special Issue on Future Volcano Research in Japan: Integrated Program for Next-Generation Volcano Research
Examination of Hemispherical Shell Stator for Lightweight Spherical Ultrasonic Motor
Development of Bipolar Electrostatic Chuck with a Beam-Array Assembly Fabricated by Lithography
Bipolar Electrostatic Driving of Isolated Micro-Resonator for Sensing High Voltage of Battery Output with Resolution
Control of Spindle Position and Stiffness of Aerostatic-Bearing-Type Air Turbine Spindle
Design and Fabrication of Micro Gripper Using Functional Fluid Power
Model Predictive Displacement Control Tuning for Tap-Water-Driven Artificial Muscle by Inverse Optimization with Adaptive Model Matching and its Contribution Analyses
Pneumatically-Controlled Linear Actuator Using Pressure-Resistant, Thin-Walled Metal Bellows and its Application
Food Texture Measurement System Using Rod Type Actuator for Imitation of Human Mastication
New Control Parametrization Strategy for Flexible Feed Drives
Magnetic Levitation Technology for Precision Motion Systems: A Review and Future Perspectives
Special Issue on State-of-the-Art Actuators: Design, Analysis, Control, Materials, Systems, and Applications
Research on Debris Removal Robot
Development of Multi-Articulated Tracked Vehicle with a Sensorless Salvaging Bucket for Decommissioning
Design and Manufacture of a New Debris Retrieval Robot
Development of Robot Simulating Fuel Debris Retrieval
Activities of the Creative Robot Contest for Decommissioning at National Institute of Technology (NIT), Tsuruoka College
Design and Fabricate of Reconnaissance Robots for Nuclear Power Plants that Underwent Accidents
Robots Climbing Up and Down a Steep Stairs and Robots Retrieving Objects from High Places
Creative Robot Contests for Decommissioning as Conceived by College of Technology or KOSEN Educators
Special Issue on Creative Robot Contest for Decommissioning
Production System Evaluation Method Considering Worker Taking Childcare
Energy Consumption Rate Evaluation Method Considering Occurrence of Defective Products and Misjudgment of Inspection Machine in Production Line
Multi-Objective Approach with a Distance Metric in Genetic Programming for Job Shop Scheduling
Improving Remote Spatial Understanding by Transmitting Spherical Images via Video Chat Applications
On-Machine Tool Condition Monitoring System Using Image Processing

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