Achievements and Challenges of Governmental Human Resource Support System in Japanese Disaster Response for Affected Local Governments in the Aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Emerging Policy Entrepreneurs and Their Potential After the Great East Japan Earthquake
The Effect of Disaster Volunteer Experience on the Well-Being of Young People in the Great East Japan Earthquake
Disaster Relief Funding by Private Grants and POs: Actors Supporting “Paradise” After Disaster
Why Businesses Give: A Case of Foundation’s Long-Term Disaster Relief
Learning from Megadisasters in Japan: Sharing Lessons with the World
A Fundamental Vulnerability: Contributions from Population Studies
Structure of Rumor Disaster – On Fukushima Daiichi N.P.P. Unit 4 –
Problems of Local Disaster Management Plan at the Great East Japan Earthquake and Achievements 10 Years Later
Issues in Tsunami Countermeasures from the Viewpoint of Geotechnical Engineering
Importance of Psychological Support for Disaster-Affected Adolescents: 10 Years After the Great East Japan Earthquake
The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: A Message from Japan to Thailand
Special Issue on the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster: Part VI – Thoughts About the Great Disaster Now That Ten Years Have Passed –
Experienced Challenges When Implementing Collaborative Robot Applications in Assembly Operations
Imitation Learning System Design with Small Training Data for Flexible Tool Manipulation
Reactive Scheduling Based on Adaptive Manipulator Operations in a Job Shop Configuration with Two Machines
High-Precision Mobile Robotic Manipulator for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Multi-Layer Quality Inspection System Framework for Industry 4.0
Vibration Mode and Motion Trajectory Simulations of an Articulated Robot by a Dynamic Model Considering Joint Bearing Stiffness
Kinematic Tool-Path Smoothing for 6-Axis Industrial Machining Robots
Machining Performance of Robot-Type Machine Tool Consisted of Parallel and Serial Links Based on Calibration of Kinematics Parameters
Kinematic Modeling of Six-Axis Industrial Robot and its Parameter Identification: A Tutorial
Quasi-Static Compliance Calibration of Serial Articulated Industrial Manipulators
Positioning Error Calibration of Industrial Robots Based on Random Forest
Evaluation of Kinematic and Compliance Calibration of Serial Articulated Industrial Manipulators
Special Issue on New Technologies for Robotic Manipulators and Their Industrial Applications
Gait Rehabilitation System Using a Non-Wearing Type Pneumatic Power Assist Device
Development and Control of Power-Assisted Lumbar Suit Based on Upper-Body Acceleration
User-Adaptive Brake Assist System for Rolling Walkers
Design of an Indoor Robotic Walking Care Device for Daily-Activity Activation of the Elderly
Development of Transfer-Assisting Robot System Using Posture-Supporting Wear and Support Robot
Development and Clinical Evaluation of Bed with Standing-Up Function
Development of a Tele-Rehabilitation System Using an Upper Limb Assistive Device
Evaluation of Muscle Activity and Human Standing Stability Index Using the Swash Plate in a Disturbance Application
Classification of Care Assistive Technology Based on the Relationship Between Users and Technologies
Facilitative Exercise for Surface Myoelectric Activity Using Robot Arm Control System – Training Scheme with Gradually Increasing Difficulty Level –
Ankle Joint Stretching Device Using Tension Rod for Self Rehabilitation
Impedance Control Considering Velocity Saturation of a Series Elasticity System with a Motor
Unconstrained Measurement of Heart Rate Considering Harmonics of Respiratory Signal Using Flexible Tactile Sensor Sheet
Excretion Detection Systems with Gas Sensors – Development of Prototype Devices Integrating Sensor and Operation Functions –
An Electrolarynx Control Method Using Myoelectric Signals from the Neck
Use of Robotic Pet in a Distributed Layout Elderly Housing with Services: A Case Study on Elderly People with Cognitive Impairment
Speech Analysis to Evaluate Robot-Assisted Recreation of Older Adults with Dementia
Development of a Spoon Motion Navigation Algorithm for the Mealtime Assistant Simulator
Object Grasping Instructions to Support Robot by Laser Beam One Drag Operations
Impression Survey and Grounded Theory Analysis of the Development of Medication Support Robots for Patients with Schizophrenia
Development of a Care Robot Based on Needs Survey
Method to Record and Analyze the Operation of Seal Robot in Elderly Care
Effectiveness of Continuous Grip Strength Measurement Using Social Assistive Robots on Older Adults at Home
Development and Dissemination of Nursing Robots and Support Systems for Welfare Sites

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