FST-Convoy: A Leader Tracking Control of Vehicles Connected by Shape Sensor FST
Projection Screen with Wide-FOV and Motion Parallax Display for Teleoperation of Construction Machinery
Perception of Vestibular Sensation During Turning Operation of Construction Machine
Osaka University: Komatsu “MIRAI” (Japanese for “Future”) Construction Equipment Cooperative Research Center
Influence of Labor Conditions and Interaction Among Individuals on Circadian Activity Rhythms in the Ant Camponotus Japonicus
A Pilot Study of the Effects of Human Intervention on Canine Group Movement Behavior
Absence of Jamming Avoidance and Flight Path Similarity in Paired Bent-Winged Bats, Miniopterus Fuliginosus
Three-Dimensional Trajectory Construction and Observation of Group Behavior of Wild Bats During Cave Emergence
Pose Estimation of Swimming Fish Using NACA Airfoil Model for Collective Behavior Analysis
Investigation of Preliminary Motions from a Static State and Their Predictability
Application of Inertial and GNSS Integrated Navigation to Seabird Biologging
Localization of Flying Bats from Multichannel Audio Signals by Estimating Location Map with Convolutional Neural Networks
Data-Driven Analysis for Understanding Team Sports Behaviors
Auditory Virtual Reality for Insect Phonotaxis
Vision-Based Finger Tapping Detection Without Fingertip Observation
Logger Attaching System for Sperm Whales Using a Drone
Seabird Biologging System with Compact Waterproof Airflow Sensor
The Lifelog Monitoring System for Honeybees: RFID and Camera Recordings in an Observation Hive
Development of Data Logger Separator for Bio-Logging of Wild Seabirds
Special Issue on Bio-Logging and Robotics
A Report of the Questionnaire Survey on Awareness of COVID-19 and Shelters
Time-Cost Estimation for Early Disaster Damage Assessment Methods, Depending on Affected Area
Development of Matching Modeling for Human Resource Allocation of Shelter Management by the Set Theory
Development of the Training Tool “KUG” for Temporary Lodging Facilities and Companies for Stranded Commuters
Multi-Data Integration System to Capture Detailed Strong Ground Motion in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Interdisciplinary and Industry-Academia Collaboration Research for Enhancing Social Resilience to Natural Disasters in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area –DEKATSU Activity–
Special Issue on the Tokyo Metropolitan Resilience Project
Rigorous Analysis of Stress-Dependent Landslide Movements with Groundwater Fluctuations Applicable to Disaster Prevention in Monsoon Asia
Geometry and the Mechanism of Landslide Occurrence in a Limestone Area – Case Examples of Landslides in Vietnam and from Europe, China, and Japan –
The Effect of Surface Layer Thickness in a Wide-Area Simulation in Different Models: Susceptibility Mapping of Rainfall-Induced Landslide
Simulation of Slope Failure Distributions Due to Heavy Rain on an Island Composed of Highly Weathered Granodiorite Based on the Simple Seepage Analysis
New Approach for the Extraction Method of Landslide-Prone Slopes Using Geomorphological Analysis: Feasibility Study in the Shikoku Mountains, Japan
Development of Dam Safety Remote Monitoring and Evaluation System
Reservoir Flood Routing Simulation for Dam Safety Management in Thailand
Study on Combining Two Faster R-CNN Models for Landslide Detection with a Classification Decision Tree to Improve the Detection Performance
A Novel Recursive Non-Parametric DBSCAN Algorithm for 3D Data Analysis with an Application in Rockfall Detection
Factoring Multi-Hazard Risk Perception in Risk Assessment and Reduction Measures in Landslide and Flash Flood Prone Areas – A Case Study of Sichon District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand
Real-Time Slope Stability Analysis Utilizing High-Resolution Gridded Precipitation Datasets Based on Spatial Interpolation of Measurements at Scattered Weather Station
Landslide Process Revealed by Mineralogical Properties of Landslide Deposits in the Sa Pa District, Vietnam
Landslide Investigation Results in Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam in December 2019
Factors Affecting Slope Instability of the Nhan Co Alumina Red Mud Basin and Economical, Environmentally Friendly Soil Stabilization
Developing a Landslide Susceptibility Map Using the Analytic Hierarchical Process in Ta Van and Hau Thao Communes, Sapa, Vietnam
Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Based on the Combination of Bivariate Statistics and Modified Analytic Hierarchy Process Methods: A Case Study of Tinh Tuc Town, Nguyen Binh District, Cao Bang Province, Vietnam
A Non-Linear, Time-Variant Approach to Simulate the Rainfall-Induced Slope Failure of an Unsaturated Soil Slope: A Case Study in Sapa, Vietnam
Identification, Monitoring, and Assessment of an Active Landslide in Tavan-Hauthao, Sapa, Laocai, Vietnam – A Multidisciplinary Approach
The Helical Anchor Type with Application as a Horizontal Drainage Equipment for Slope Protection
Stability Analysis of Slopes with Terraced Topography in Sapa, Northern Vietnam: Semi-Infinite Slope Assumption with Specific Lengths for Slope Failure
Special Issue on e-ASIA JRP: Development of a Landslide Monitoring and Prediction System in Monsoon Asia
Study on Real-Time Point Cloud Superimposition on Camera Image to Assist Environmental Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning
Forest Data Collection by UAV Lidar-Based 3D Mapping: Segmentation of Individual Tree Information from 3D Point Clouds

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