JACIII Distinguished Editor and Outstanding Reviewer Awards 2022
Congratulations! JACIII Best Paper and Young Researcher Awards 2022
Action Research on a Locally Oriented Sustainable Product
Identifying Potential Areas for Circular Economy Development from the Perspective of Developing Economies: Using Patent and Bibliometric Analyses
An Analysis of Practices and Challenges for Plastic Recycling Industry in Malaysia
The Diffusion of Remanufacturing Policies in Asia
Sustainable Design Implementation – Measuring Environmental Impact and User Responsibility
Extraction and Design of Favorite Products Through Analyzing Customer Latent Preferences
Exploring the Impact of IoT and Green Advertising on Consumer Behavior
Defect Detection in Multiple Product Variants Using Hammering Test with Machine Learning
Challenges of Remanufacturing Using Powder Bed Fusion Based Additive Manufacturing
Visual Identification-Based Spark Recognition System
Influence of Agitator Shape on Characteristics and Grinding Efficiency of Attritor Mill
Analysis of Substance Flow and the Transition of Industrial Structure of Indium in Japan
Estimation of Relative Resource Circulation for Heat Exchangers Using Material Flow Analysis for Air Conditioners
Variability Specific to a Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Product Deterioration
Life Cycle Simulation Method to Support Strategic Management that Considers Social Goals
Analysis of Business Feasibility for Introduction of Retread Tires in Passenger Cars
Life Cycle Analysis of Material Efficiency Strategies for Network Goods
New Indicators ‘Acircularity’ and ‘Resource Efficiency Account’ to Evaluate the Efforts of Eco-Design in Circular Economy
Special Issue on Design and Manufacturing for Environmental Sustainability
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2022 and The Special Paper Award 2022
Development of Aerial Interface by Integrating Omnidirectional Aerial Display, Motion Tracking, and Virtual Reality Space Construction
High-Speed and Low-Latency 3D Fluorescence Imaging for Robotic Microscope
Clear Fundus Images Through High-Speed Tracking Using Glare-Free IR Color Technology
Evaluation of Perceptual Difference in Dynamic Projection Mapping with and without Movement of the Target Surface
Portable High-Speed Optical Gaze Controller with Vision Chip
Development of a Multi-User Remote Video Monitoring System Using a Single Mirror-Drive Pan-Tilt Mechanism
High-Speed Depth-Normal Measurement and Fusion Based on Multiband Sensing and Block Parallelization
Structured Light Field by Two Projectors Placed in Parallel for High-Speed and Precise 3D Feedback
EmnDash: A Robust High-Speed Spatial Tracking System Using a Vector-Graphics Laser Display with M-Sequence Dashed Markers
Multiple High-Speed Vision for Identical Objects Tracking
Real-Time Marker-Based Tracking and Pose Estimation for a Rotating Object Using High-Speed Vision
Multi-Thread AI Cameras Using High-Speed Active Vision System
Seamless Multiple-Target Tracking Method Across Overlapped Multiple Camera Views Using High-Speed Image Capture
Tracking of Overlapped Vehicles with Spatio-Temporal Shared Filter for High-Speed Stereo Vision
Acquisition and Visualization of Micro-Vibration of a Sound Wave in 3D Space
Real-Time Vibration Visualization Using GPU-Based High-Speed Vision
Tunnel Lining Surface Monitoring System Deployable at Maximum Vehicle Speed of 100 km/h Using View Angle Compensation Based on Self-Localization Using White Line Recognition
Angle of View Switching Method at High-Speed Using Motion Blur Compensation for Infrastructure Inspection
Real-Time Inspection of Rod Straightness and Appearance by Non-Telecentric Camera Array
Robotic Pouring Based on Real-Time Observation and Visual Feedback by a High-Speed Vision System
Development of Air Hockey Robot with High-Speed Vision and High-Speed Wrist
Robotic Assistance for Peg-and-Hole Alignment by Mimicking Annular Solar Eclipse Process
Fully Automated Bead Art Assembly for Smart Manufacturing Using Dynamic Compensation Approach
High-Speed Vision and its Applications Toward High-Speed Intelligent Systems
Special Issue on High-Speed Vision and its Applications
Promoting Coherence Among Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation, and Sustainable Development for Disaster Resilience
Development of Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction Education Program for Children with No Experience of Earthquake Disaster – Practice and Verification at Shichigahama Town, Miyagi Prefecture
Contributions of E-Defense Shaking Table to Earthquake Engineering and its Future

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