Rotary Cutting with Ultrasonic Vibration of Hardened Steel
Surface Texturing Technique Based on Ultrasonic Turning for Improving Tribological Properties
Development of Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Magnetic Compound Fluid (MCF) Polishing Technology
Polishing Performance of a Recycled Grinding Wheel Using Grinding Wheel Scraps for the Wet Polishing of Stainless-Steel Sheets
Polishing Characteristics and Mechanism of Polishing Glass Substrate Using Suede Pad with Fine Micrometer-Sized Pores
Effect of Types of Grinding Fluid on Grinding Characteristics of CMSX4
Effect of the Abrasive Grain Distribution on Ground Surface Roughness
Optimization of Nano-Topography Distribution by Compensation Grinding
ELID Mirror Surface Grinding for Concave Molds by Conductive Elastic Wheel Containing Carbon Black
Evaluation of the Relationship Among Dressing Conditions Using Prismatic Dresser, Dressing Resistance, and Grinding Characteristics
Microscopic Wear Characteristics of Ceramic Grinding Wheel in Creep Feed Grinding
Special Issue on High Performance Abrasive Technologies
Image Mosaicking and Localization Using a Camera Mounted on a Hanging-Type Wall Climbing Robot
A Novel Method for Goal Recognition from 10 m Distance Using Deep Learning in CanSat
Attractive Force Estimation of a Magnetic Adsorption Unit for Inspection UAVs
Human Tracking of a Crawler Robot in Climbing Stairs
LPWAN-Based Real-Time 2D SLAM and Object Localization for Teleoperation Robot Control
Spread Spectrum Sound with TDMA and INS Hybrid Navigation System for Indoor Environment
Development of an Automatic Tracking Camera System Integrating Image Processing and Machine Learning
CNN-Based Terrain Classification with Moisture Content Using RGB-IR Images
Autonomous Path Travel Control of Mobile Robot Using Internal and External Camera Images in GPS-Denied Environments
Tomato Recognition for Harvesting Robots Considering Overlapping Leaves and Stems
Robotic Forklift for Stacking Multiple Pallets with RGB-D Cameras
On the Geometric Featureless Visual Velocity of UGV in an Agriculture Scale
An Optimal Design Methodology for the Trajectory of Hydraulic Excavators Based on Genetic Algorithm
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Portable Underwater Robots with a Movable Float Device
Development of AUV MONACA – Hover-Capable Platform for Detailed Observation Under Ice –
Field Robotics: Applications and Fundamentals
Special Issue on Field Robotics with Vision Systems
Towards the Next Stage of the Journal of Disaster Research
Presenting the Seventh JDR Award
Congratulations! The Seventh JDR Award
JACIII Distinguished Editor & Outstanding Reviewer Awards 2021
Congratulations! JACIII Best Paper and Young Researcher Awards 2021
Feasibility Study of Performance Assessment Gauge for Freeform Measurement
Reversing Behavior of Planetary Gear Train Influenced by Support Stiffness of Driving Shaft
Optimization of Cutting Tool Allocation to Enhance Workload Balance and Total Completion Time in Parallel-Type FMS
Surrounding Structure Estimation Using Ambient Light
Comparison of Two Parallel Offsetting Algorithms Free from Conflicts Between Threads
Realization of Swing Manipulation by 3-DOF Robot Arm for Unknown String via Parameter Estimation and Motion Generation
Simulation of Energy Consumption During Machine Tool Operations Based on NC Data
Reconfigurable Production Line Design Method for Human Workers – Robotic Cell Collaborated Line Considering Worker’s Attitude Toward Work
Special Issue on Advanced Precision Engineering for Digital Transformation
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2021
VIDVIP: Dataset for Object Detection During Sidewalk Travel
Anodal Galvanic Taste Stimulation to the Chin Enhances Salty Taste of NaCl Water Solution
Analysis of Hot-Cold Confusion on Fingers
Bilaterally Shared Haptic Perception for Human-Robot Collaboration in Grasping Operation
Training to Improve the Landing of an Uninjured Leg in Crutch Walk Using AR Technology to Present an Obstacle
Device-Free Handwritten Character Recognition Method Using Acoustic Signal

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