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Special Issue on Activity of Research Center in University/Company/Government

大学・企業・政府機関 研究センター特集

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[in Japanese]
近年のロボットメカトロニクス技術の高度化複雑化に伴って,一つの研究室で完結することが難しくなりつつあります.そこで,大学等の研究機関では人と資財を集中するための組織として研究センターを設立して研究開発を進めています.本特集では,大学だけではなく企業や官公庁の研究機関の研究センターの最先端の研究成果を世界に発信する企画です.内容は研究センターの紹介のための概要1ページ(掲載料無料)とJournal paper またはDevelopment report を2~3編で構成します.なお,論文審査はこれまでの規程通りに行います.研究センター関係者のご投稿をお待ちしています.

[in English]
Recent advancements and sophistications in robotics and mechatronics technologies have created challenges for individual research groups to complete their work independently. Under these circumstances, research institutes, such as universities, have established research centers to promote advanced and sophisticated technological innovations by centralizing humans and material assets. This special issue is planned to globally expose the cutting-edge research outcomes from these research centers in universities as well as companies and governmental agencies. The contents of this special issue will consist of one-page brief introductions to these research centers (page-charge free) and of a few journal papers and development reports from each listed organization. The papers and reports submitted to this special issue will be peer-reviewed base on the regular rules of the journal. All members affiliated with such research centers are hereby cordially invited to contribute papers or reports to this special issue of the Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics. <PDF>

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