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[JDR] Indexed in DOAJ
[JDR] DOAJに収載されました

Indexed in DOAJ

Journal of Disaster Research (JDR) has been indexed in DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals).
DOAJ is a database of Open Access journals operated by Infrastructure Services for Open Access(IS4OA), UK. It includes high-quality, peer-reviewed journals which satisfy the strict criteria. In recent years where predatory journals become a social problem, DOAJ is known as “white list” of non-predatory journals and it guarantees the journal’s reliability. It is also expected to increase JDR’s international recognition and accessibility.
We would like to express our gratitude to all concerned, and will make efforts to further improve the journal value.
DOAJ indexed:

January 13, 2022
JDR Editorial Office, Fuji Technology Press Ltd.


この度、Journal of Disaster Research (JDR)誌がDOAJ(Directory of Open Access Journals)に収載されました。
DOAJは、英国Infrastructure Services for Open Access(IS4OA)が運営するオープンアクセスジャーナルのデータベースで、厳格な基準を満たす、高品質の査読付きジャーナルを収載しています。ハゲタカジャーナルが社会問題化している昨今、DOAJはハゲタカでない優良OAジャーナルのホワイトリストと呼ばれ、DOAJに登録されたことで信頼性が保証され、国際的な認知度やアクセシビリティが高まることも期待されます。

富士技術出版株式会社 JDR編集部

JDR: [Important notice] Page charge revision
JDR: [重要] 論文掲載料価格改定のお知らせ

Page charge revision

Due to the increase in expenses for production and the improvement of our e-publication services, we have revised the page charge of Journal of Disaster Research. The new price is applied to the submissions after January 1, 2022. The new price is announced at the page of instruction for authors — “For Authors.”
We will make efforts to keep our OPEN-ACCESS publication and to improve our service.
Your understanding would be appreciated.

October 21, 2021
JDR Editorial Office, Fuji Technology Press Ltd.


近年の物価上昇と今後のサービス向上の為、誠に勝手ながら2022年1月1日からの論文掲載料(Page Charge)の価格を改定させていただきました。2022年1月1日以降のご投稿より新価格を適応させていただきます(それ以前にご投稿いただいた論文につきましては、旧価格となります)。新価格については、投稿案内のページ「著者の皆様へ」に掲示しております。

富士技術出版株式会社 JDR編集部

[JDR] Creative Commons license has been introduced
[JDR] Creative Commonsライセンスを導入しました

Creative Commons license (CC BY-ND 4.0) has been applied to all JDR papers as of August 1, 2021.

Creative Commons license is a means that creators show intention to grant the public permission to use their creative work under the specified condition.

CC BY-ND 4.0 (Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International) allows users to copy and distribute the material in any medium or format in unadapted form only, without permission from the publisher, as long as appropriate credit is given. By allowing free reuse of JDR paper contents, improved accessibility and citations of JDR papers are expected, thus contributing to development of science and technology.

JDR is now recognized as a fully Open Access journal due to CC license.

Furthermore, it has become possible to upload final published version of JDR paper to an institutional or public repository.

CC BY-ND 4.0 license is applied to all JDR papers published after the first issue.

If you have any questions, please visit Creative Commons official website or contact JDR Editorial Office.<JDR Contact Form>

JDRでは、2021年8月1日よりCreative Commonsライセンス(CC BY-ND 4.0)を導入いたしました。







Download procedure for full-text pdfs will be simplified from August 6th

We are going to simplify the download procedure of our journals’ full-text pdfs from August 6th, 2017.

After login, a full-text pdf can be directly downloaded by clicking “Full text” button in the journal top pages or in an abstract page of each paper (for free).

If you don’t have an account yet, please create it from here.

We would be pleased if you will feel easier to download pdfs and get more access to our journal papers.

In case of any comments, we are welcome to hear from you.


弊社ジャーナル(OPEN ACCESS)の論文pdf (Full-text) を,より簡易にダウンロードいただけるよう,ダウンロード手順の変更を2017年8月6日に予定しております。





Spoofed emails with our domain,, have been found again.

Spoofed emails with our domain,, have been detected again recently. Those emails with malware files were recently sent from Russia (judged by the IPaddresses). We would ask you pay attention to those spooed emails and to be casious to open attached files.


[Congratulation!] JDR is indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)

We are glad to announce that the Journal of Disaster Research (JDR) is now indexed in Clarivate Analytics’ Emerging Souces Citation Index (ESCI). ESCI is a new index provided by Clarivate Analytics (former Thomson Reuters IP & Science) from November 2015. ESCI has extended the universe of publications in Web of Science to include high-quality, peer-reviewed publications of regional importance and in emerging scientific fields. Papers published in JDR are now searchable in Web of Science. JDR can continue to be considered for inclusion in SCIE. By inclusion of JDR to ESCI, we hope the papers published on JDR will attract much attention from researchers all over the world and contribute to promote the development of research. JDR will make continuous efforts to be indexed in SCI.


[Congratulation!] JDR誌のClarivate Analytics社 Emerging Source Citation Index (ESCI)への収録が決定しました

JDRは、Clarivate Analytics (旧 Thomson Reuters IP & Science)社が2015年11月より新たに提供しているEmerging Source Citation Index(ESCI)に収録されることになりました。ESCIはWeb of Science Core Collectionを構成する8つのファイル(Science Citation Index Expanded [SCIE]を含む)の一つとして新たにつくられたもので、特定の地域における重要なジャーナルや、新進で注目されている分野における重要なジャーナルを収録します。JDRがESCIに収録されることで、JDRに掲載される論文はWeb of Scienceで検索可能となります。また、SCIEへの収録の審査も継続して行なわれることになります。ESCI収録によって、JDRに掲載される論文が世界中のより多くの研究者の目に触れ、研究の発展に寄与することを願っています。JDRは引き続きSCIへの収録を目指していきます。


DOI registration completed  (DOI登録のお知らせ)

We have completed DOI registration of all our journals.
All papers published so far have been given DOI and papers to be published in the future will also be given DOI.
You can find DOI numbers in table of contents of each journal and abstract pages of each paper.
Please make good use of DOI for your research activities.



New Site Open ! サイトリニューアルのお知らせ

Announcement: Website Renewal

We renewed our website from 7th December 2015 to improve our E-publication service.
An account created in old site is disabled.
We are asking you to change your bookmark/link to new URLs of this website and
re-created your account for download papers in this website (free).
Your cooperation would be appreciated.

New site is desgined based on HTML5 and CSS3 for modern browsers, e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE9,10,11, Opera. Could you please use modern browsers?



尚、新サイトはHTML5およびCSS3を使用しておりますので、Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE9,10,11, Opera等の新世代ブラウザーをお使いください。IE8,7,6等のブラウザーでは正しく表示されない場合があります。

*This site is desgined based on HTML5 and CSS3 for modern browsers, e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera.

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