[JRM] Call for Special Issues

JRM calls for proposals for forthcoming special issues of the journal. Special issues feature papers under a certain theme and publish them in a single issue. Although special issues are usually planned by the JRM Editorial Committee, the journal has decided to solicit proposals to incorporate cutting-edge breakthroughs and broaden the journal’s perspective.

If you would like to plan and edit a special issue as a guest editor at JRM, please fill the proposal application form and send it to JRM Editorial Office via email. The Editorial Committee will examine the proposal and inform you of the committee’s decision.

Proposal Application Form (Word)Proposal Application Form (PDF)


JRM Editorial Office, Fuji Technology Press Ltd.



JRM特集企画募集 (PDF)応募フォーム (Word)応募フォーム (PDF)


富士技術出版株式会社 JRM編集部

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Last updated on Jul. 19, 2024