JRM Most downloaded papers, Nobember 2014

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
2 - Vol.20
The Development of the Plantar Pressure Sensor Shoes for Gait Analysis
Masaki Hirasawa, Hidetaka Okada, and Makoto Shimojo
plantar pressure, ankle joint torque, sensor shoes, gait analysis, kinetics
3 - Vol.22
Rapid and Direct Cell-to-Cell Adherence Using Avidin-Biotin Binding System: Large Aggregate Formation in Suspension Culture and Small Tissue Element Formation Having a Precise Microstructure Using Optical Tweezers
Nobuhiko Kojima, Ken Miura, Tomoki Matsuo,
Hidenari Nakayama, Kikuo Komori, Shoji Takeuchi,
and Yasuyuki Sakai
avidin-biotin binding system, rapid and direct cell-to-cell adherence, single cell manipulation, tissue engineering
3 - Vol.25
Improvement of a Screw Drive In-Pipe Robot with Pathway Selection Mechanism to Pass Through T-Branches
Taiki Nishimura, Atsushi Kakogawa, and Shugen Ma
in-pipe robot, pipeline inspection, screw drive, differential mechanism
3 - Vol.23
Development of Whole-Body Emotional Expression Humanoid Robot for ADL-Assistive RT Services
Nobutsuna Endo and Atsuo Takanishi
humanoid robot, emotional expression
4 - Vol.23
Software Deployment Infrastructure for Component Based RT-Systems
Noriaki Ando, Shinji Kurihara, Geoffrey Biggs,
Takeshi Sakamoto, Hiroyuki Nakamoto,
and Tetsuo Kotoku
software deployment, software platform, distributed systems, RT-middleware, RT-component

Count period : Nobember 1-30, 2014

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