JRM Most downloaded papers, September 2014

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No.1 - Vol.25
Circular Leader-Follower Formation Control of Quad-Rotor Aerial Vehicles
Mohammad Fadhil Bin Abas, Dwi Pebrianti, Syaril Azrad Md. Ali,
Daisuke Iwakura, Yuze Song, Kenzo Nonami,
and Daigo Fujiwara
quad-rotor aerial vehicles, circular leaderfollower formation control, motion tracking system, air turbulence, ground effect
No.2 - Vol.23
Practical Education Curriculum for Autonomous Mobile Robot (Project Learning Program for School Based on Subsumption Architecture)
Yoshihiko Kawazoe, Masaki Mitsuoka, and Sho Masada
robotics, practical education curriculum, autonomous mobile robot, subsumption architecture, perception and action
No.3 - Vol.25
Development of Rehabilitation System for Upper Limbs: PLEMO-P3 System for Hemiplegic Subject (Motor Function Test for Assessment and Training, and Research for Development of Practical Type)
Takuya Ozawa, Junji Furusho, Takehito Kikuchi,
Kazuki Fukushima, Sosuke Tanida, and Takamitsu Fujikawa
rehabilitation robotics, ER brake, sensing device, virtual reality, functional fluid
No.3 - Vol.14
Analysis of Impression of Robot Bodily Expression
Toru Nakata, Taketoshi Mori and Tomomasa Sato
bodily expression, quantitative evaluation of impression, laban Movement analysis, dancing robot, nonverbal communication
No.3 - Vol.23
Development of Soft Power-Assist Glove and Control Based on Human Intent
Yoko Kadowaki, Toshiro Noritsugu, Masahiro Takaiwa,
Daisuke Sasaki, and Machiko Kato
wearable robot, welfare robot, artificial pneumatic rubber muscle, power-assist wear, hand motion
No.3 - Vol.23
Sliding Mode Controller for Stereo Vision Based Autonomous Flight of Quad-Rotor M
Dwi Pebrianti, WeiWang, Daisuke Iwakura, Yuze Song,
and Kenzo Nonami
quad-rotor MAV, stereo vision system, background subtraction object tracking, sliding mode controller, autonomous flight

Count period : September 1-30, 2014

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