JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Jan. 2024

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 3 Vol.27
Industrial Chain Map and Linkage Network Characteristics of Digital Economy
Yanwu Chen, Haiming Ding, and Jun Ma
digital economy, average propagation length, social network analysis, Weaver–Thomas model, input-output
No.2 1 Vol.27
Research on the Spatial-Temporal Disparity and Convergence Characteristics of Innovation and Economic Development in China: Based on Functional Data Analysis
Dejin Zhao, Xiaming Tu, Yujie Meng, and Xindong Zhao
coordinated regional development, functional data analysis, kernel density estimation, spatial convergence characteristics
No.3 2 Vol.27
Beyond Sentiment Analysis: A Review of Recent Trends in Text Based Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Detection
Lai Po Hung and Suraya Alias
sentiment analysis, emotion detection, text, machine learning, deep learning
No.4 - Vol.28
Layer Configurations of BERT for Multitask Learning and Data Augmentation
Niraj Pahari and Kazutaka Shimada
multitask learning, data augmentation, generative models, BERT, aspect-based sentiment analysis
No.4 19 Vol.26
Design and Implementation of Environmental Monitoring System Based on Multi-Protocol Fusion Internet of Things
Xiaoyan Zhao, Jianwei Li, Ruiguang Chen, Chunlei Li, Yan Chen, Tianyao Zhang, and Zhaohui Zhang
wireless communication, Internet of Things, multi-protocol fusion IoT, environmental monitoring
No.5 9 Vol.27
Stock Risk Warning and Financial Market Stability Based on the Perspective of Stock Price Crash Risk of Peer Enterprises
Jie Sun, Mingyang Sun, Xin Wang, and Yan Cheng
stock risk warning, crash risk, peer enterprises, the idiosyncratic information content of the stock price
No.5 15 Vol.27
Shuffle Graph Convolutional Network for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
Qiwei Yu, Yaping Dai, Kaoru Hirota, Shuai Shao, and Wei Dai
action recognition, convolutional network, shuffle graph convolution, skeleton data
No.6 - Vol.28
rain-t: Daily Rainfall Predictive Model Using 6-Gene Genetic Expression for Historical Data-Based Forecasting
Marvin Jade Genoguin, Ronnie S. Concepcion II, Andres Philip Mayol, Aristotle Ubando, Alvin Culaba, and Elmer P. Dadios
computational intelligence, data orchestration and transformation, multigene genetic programming, rainfall forecasting
No.6 18 Vol.27
Research on the Social Network Search Strategy from the Viewpoint of Comprehensive Influence Maximization
Shumin Hui and Yuefei Wang
social network, comprehensive influence, strength of influence, searching strategy
No.6 15 Vol.23
Impact of E-Commerce Website Usability on User Satisfaction
Min Shi and Hong Yuan
e-commerce sites, usability, evaluation index, user satisfaction
No.7 - Vol.28
Perceptual Features of Abstract Images for Metaphor Generation
Natsuki Yamamura, Junichi Chikazoe, Takaaki Yoshimoto, Koji Jimura, Norihiro Sadato, and Asuka Terai
metaphor generation, convolutional neural network, object recognition, fine tuning
No.7 14 Vol.27
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: A Bibliometric Analysis
Shaily Jain, Chetan Sharma, Prasenjit Das, Shankar Shambhu, and Hsin-Yuan Chen
blockchain, cryptocurrency, bibliometric analysis, VOSviewer
No.8 14 Vol.27
Effect of Urban Household Registration Controls on Labor Mismatch in China
Shangfeng Zhang, Ming Yi, Shisi Li, Yu Zhang, Jinyan Ye, and Wei Chen
household registration system, labor mismatch, resource allocation efficiency, dynamic panel
No.8 6 Vol.27
Prediction and Characteristic Analysis of Enterprise Digital Transformation Integrating XGBoost and SHAP
Dan Tang and Jiangying Wei
digital transformation, text mining, XGBoost, SHAP
No.9 17 Vol.27
Fragility Fracture of Pelvis Prediction from Computed Tomography Using Boring Survey and Convolutional Neural Network
Rashedur Rahman, Naomi Yagi, Keigo Hayashi, Akihiro Maruo, Hirotsugu Muratsu, and Syoji Kobashi
FFP, boring survey, CT, CNN
No.9 8 Vol.27
The Influence of Industrial Digitalization on the Quality Structure of the Labor Force: A Panel Threshold Model Based on Industrial Structure Upgrading
Zezhong Hao, Xianrong Zhu, and Xiuwu Zhang
industrial digitalization, labor structure, industrial structure upgrading, dynamic panel model, threshold effect model
No.9 21 Vol.27
Research on the Influence of Alliance Routines on the Ambidextrous Technological Catch-Up of Latecomers to Technology Standards Alliances
Jing Hu, Changjuan Lao, and Xiaomeng Su
alliance routines, latecomer, ambidextrous technological catch-up, technical standards alliance
No.9 12 Vol.27
Does Increasing Public Service Expenditure Slow the Long-Term Economic Growth Rate?—Evidence from China
Weize Xiao
public service expenditure, long-term economic growth rate, panel threshold model
No.10 - Vol.28
Development of a Living Laboratory to Verify Assistive Technology in Simulated Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
Kenji Kato, Tatsuya Yoshimi, Daiki Shimotori, Keita Aimoto, Naoki Itoh, Kohei Okabe, Naoyuki Kubota, Yasuhisa Hirata, and Izumi Kondo
living laboratory, assistive robotics, ceiling suspension system, markerless motion capturing system
No.10 - Vol.28
Burnt-in Text Recognition from Medical Imaging Modalities: Existing Machine Learning Practices
Efosa Osagie, Wei Ji, and Na Helian
medical image character recognition, OCR challenges, burned-in text, medical imaging, medical image processing
No.10 5 Vol.27
The Impact of Individual Heterogeneity on Household Asset Choice: An Empirical Study Based on China Family Panel Studies
Luyi Shen and Zeyang Li
household assets, personality traits, cognitive abilities
No.10 13 Vol.27
Modeling and Control Strategies for Liquid Crystal Elastomer-Based Soft Robot Actuator
Jundong Wu, Yawu Wang, Wenjun Ye, Jinhua She, and Chun-Yi Su
liquid crystal elastomer, soft robot actuator, modeling, control, hysteresis
No.10 21 Vol.24
POI Classification Method Based on Feature Extension and Deep Learning
Chaoran Zhou, Hang Yang, Jianping Zhao, and Xin Zhang
short text classification, deep learning, point of interest, feature extension, attention mechanism
No.10 17 Vol.23
Optical Flow for Real-Time Human Detection and Action Recognition Based on CNN Classifiers
Satoshi Hoshino and Kyohei Niimura
robot vision, generic object recognition, real-time image processing, CNN, optical flow

Count period : January 1-31, 2024

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