JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Apr. 2023

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 3 Vol.27
Positioning Method of Four-Wheel-Steering Mobile Robots Based on Improved UMBmark of Michigan Benchmark Algorithm
Dianjun Wang, Meng Xu, Ya Chen, Haoxiang Zhong, Yadong Zhu, Zilong Wang, and Linlin Gao
four-wheel-steering mobile robot, improved UMBmark method, system error, positioning accuracy
No.2 1 Vol.27
Beyond Sentiment Analysis: A Review of Recent Trends in Text Based Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Detection
Lai Po Hung and Suraya Alias
sentiment analysis, emotion detection, text, machine learning, deep learning
No.3 7 Vol.27
Design of Fast Green Distribution Route Based on Greedy Algorithm
Xiuwu Nie and Kaihui Zhang
green logistics, distribution route, greedy algorithm
No.4 10 Vol.18
Fuzzy VRIO and SWOT Analysis of Chery Automobile
Faen Chen and Yukio Kodono
independent automobile enterprises, SWOT analysis, fuzzy reasoning, fuzzy rules, fuzzy VRIO analysis
No.5 6 Vol.27
Digital Inclusive Finance and Industrial Structure Upgrade —Based on Nonlinear Relationship Perspective
Shuping Lin and Wenhui Ma
digital inclusive finance, industrial structure upgrade, nonlinear relationship, threshold effect
No.6 9 Vol.27
Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
Yongping Dan and Zhuo Li
handwritten Chinese character recognition, computer vision, deep learning, convolutional neural network, particle swarm optimization
No.6 15 Vol.23
Impact of E-Commerce Website Usability on User Satisfaction
Min Shi and Hong Yuan
e-commerce sites, usability, evaluation index, user satisfaction
No.7 20 Vol.26
A Review of Smart Battery Management Systems for LiFePO4: Key Issues and Estimation Techniques for Microgrids
Jo-Ann V. Magsumbol, Marife A. Rosales, Maria Gemel B. Palconit, Ronnie S. Concepcion II, Argel A. Bandala, Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra, Edwin Sybingco, Alvin Culaba, and Elmer P. Dadios
battery management system, state of charge, state of health, remaining useful life, LiFePO4
No.7 20 Vol.27
Design and Implementation of a Recommendation System for Buying Fresh Foods Online Based on Web Crawling
Tsung-Yin Ou, Yi-Chen Lee, Tien-Hsiang Chang, Shih-Hsiung Lee, and Wen-Lung Tsai
fresh food, recommendation systems, text segmentation, term frequency, digital transformation
No.7 10 Vol.27
Effect of Alcohol Consumption on the Frequency of Microsaccades
Toumi Ohara and Fumiya Kinoshita
covert attention, fixational eye movement, microsaccades, alcohol consumption, frequency of occurrence
No.7 2 Vol.27
SpeedX: Smart Speed Controller Model of Towed Subterranean Imaging System for Resistivity Data Distortion Reduction Using Computational Intelligence
R-Jay S. Relano, Kate G. Francisco, Ronnie S. Concepcion II, Mike Louie C. Enriquez, Jonah Jahara G. Baun, Adrian Genevie G. Janairo, Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra, Argel A. Bandala, and Elmer P. Dadios
computational intelligence, feed forward neural network, genetic programming, regression tree, subterranean imaging
No.8 17 Vol.27
Mediating Role of Self-Esteem in Activity Participants’ Passion for Exercise and Psychological Well-Being by Jogging in Fu Jen Catholic University
Ming-Yun Kuo, Tsung-Kuo Tien-Liu, and Wen-Lin Chang
obsessive passion, harmonious passion, self-evaluation, attraction
No.8 15 Vol.27
3D Street Object Detection from Monocular Images Using Deep Learning and Depth Information
Wei Liu, Tao Zhang, Yun Ma, and Longsheng Wei
3D detection, monocular image, deep learning, street object
No.9 15 Vol.27
Gradient-Based Scheduler for Scientific Workflows in Cloud Computing
Danjing Wang, Huifang Li, Youwei Zhang, and Baihai Zhang
gradient-based optimizer (GBO), workflow scheduling, cloud computing, evolutionary approach, constrained optimization
No.9 20 Vol.27
Underdetermined Blind Source Separation Method for Speech Signals Based on SOM-DPC and Compressed Sensing
Tao He, Hui Li, and Zeyu Cheng
underdetermined blind source separation, self-organizing mapping, density peak clustering, compressed sensing
No.9 14 Vol.26
Influence of China’s Population Aging on Household Consumption – Based on the Data from China Family Panel Studies
Lizhen Chen and Xindong Zhao
aging population, household consumption, China Family Panel Studies
No.10 4 Vol.26
Design and Implementation of Environmental Monitoring System Based on Multi-Protocol Fusion Internet of Things
Xiaoyan Zhao, Jianwei Li, Ruiguang Chen, Chunlei Li, Yan Chen, Tianyao Zhang, and Zhaohui Zhang
wireless communication, Internet of Things, multi-protocol fusion IoT, environmental monitoring
No.10 22 Vol.26
Embedding-Based Potential Sales Forecasting of Bread Product
Kohei Takahashi and Yusuke Goto
network embedding, forecasting, bread, bipartite graph
No.10 16 Vol.27
Drill-String Dynamics Model of Horizontal Coal Mine Wells Considering Intermittent Borehole Wall Contact
Jie Huang, Chengda Lu, Luefeng Chen, Quanxin Li, Wangnian Li, Hongchao Wei, and Min Wu
horizontal well, drill-string dynamics, intermittent borehole wall contact, stick-slip, coal mine
No.10 19 Vol.27
Extracting Branch Factors of Scenarios from a Gaming Simulation Using Log-Cluster Analysis
Akinobu Sakata, Takamasa Kikuchi, Masaaki Kunigami, Atsushi Yoshikawa, Masayuki Yamamura, and Takao Terano
gaming simulation, knowledge extraction, branch factors, log-cluster analysis
No.10 9 Vol.27
Modeling and Control Strategies for Liquid Crystal Elastomer-Based Soft Robot Actuator
Jundong Wu, Yawu Wang, Wenjun Ye, Jinhua She, and Chun-Yi Su
liquid crystal elastomer, soft robot actuator, modeling, control, hysteresis
No.10 14 Vol.27
Research on Image Inpainting Algorithms Based on Attention Guidance
Yankun Shen, Yaya Su, Lin Wang, and Dongli Jia
image inpainting, generative adversarial network, attention mechanism, deformable convolution

Count period : April 1-30, 2023

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