JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Dec. 2022

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No.1 1 Vol.26
Attribute Selection Based Genetic Network Programming for Intrusion Detection System
Yuzhao Xu, Yanjing Sun, Zhanguo Ma, Hongjie Zhao, Yanfen Wang, and Nannan Lu
intrusion detection, association rule mining, genetic network programming, information gain
No.2 5 Vol.26
Detection of Japanese Quails (Coturnix japonica) in Poultry Farms Using YOLOv5 and Detectron2 Faster R-CNN
Ivan Roy S. Evangelista, Lenmar T. Catajay, Maria Gemel B. Palconit, Mary Grace Ann C. Bautista, Ronnie S. Concepcion II, Edwin Sybingco, Argel A. Bandala, and Elmer P. Dadios
deep learning, Detectron2, precision livestock farming, smart poultry farming, YOLOv5
No.3 9 Vol.25
Path Planning Based on Improved Hybrid A* Algorithm
Bijun Tang, Kaoru Hirota, Xiangdong Wu, Yaping Dai, and Zhiyang Jia
path planning, hybrid A* algorithm, artificial potential field, ROS platform
No.4 4 Vol.26
Influence of China’s Population Aging on Household Consumption – Based on the Data from China Family Panel Studies
Lizhen Chen and Xindong Zhao
aging population, household consumption, China Family Panel Studies
No.5 2 Vol.25
Artificial Intelligence Software Application for Contactless Traffic Violation Apprehension in the Philippines
John Anthony C. Jose, Ciprian D. Billones Jr., Allysa Kate M. Brillantes, Robert Kerwin C. Billones, Edwin Sybingco, Elmer P. Dadios, Alexis M. Fillone, and Laurence A. Gan Lim
intelligent transport system, contactless apprehension system, traffic violations management, software engineering
No.5 11 Vol.26
Design and Implementation of Environmental Monitoring System Based on Multi-Protocol Fusion Internet of Things
Xiaoyan Zhao, Jianwei Li, Ruiguang Chen, Chunlei Li, Yan Chen, Tianyao Zhang, and Zhaohui Zhang
wireless communication, Internet of Things, multi-protocol fusion IoT, environmental monitoring
No.5 19 Vol.15
A Classification of Postural Sway Patterns During Upright Stance in Healthy Adults and Patients with Parkinson’s Disease
Tomohisa Yamamoto, Yasuyuki Suzuki, Kunihiko Nomura, Taishin Nomura, Takao Tanahashi, Kei Fukada, Takayuki Endo, and Saburo Sakoda
posture control, intermittent control, Parkinson’s Disease, postural stability
No.6 10 Vol.26
Contrast Enhancement Method Based on Multi-Scale Retinex and Adaptive Gamma Correction
Shaoying Ma, Chuanying Yang, and Shi Bao
multi-scale retinex, gamma correction with weighting distribution, lightness, hue saturation value (HSV) color space
No.7 23 Vol.26
PGFLibPy: An Open-Source Parallel Python Toolbox for Genetic Folding Algorithm
Mohammad A. Mezher
parallel computational intelligence, genetic folding, evolutionary algorithms, classification, kernels tricks
No.8 4 Vol.18
Fuzzy VRIO and SWOT Analysis of Chery Automobile
Faen Chen and Yukio Kodono
independent automobile enterprises, SWOT analysis, fuzzy reasoning, fuzzy rules, fuzzy VRIO analysis
No.9 2 Vol.26
Expected Value Model of an Uncertain Production Inventory Problem with Deteriorating Items
Jiayu Shen, Yueqiang Jin, and Bing Liu
uncertain, production inventory, deteriorating items, optimal control, optimistic value
No.9 18 Vol.26
Generalization of Tsallis Entropy-Based Fuzzy c-Means Clustering and its Behavior at the Infinity Point
Yuchi Kanzawa and Sadaaki Miyamoto
Tsallis entropy-based fuzzy c-means clustering, fuzzy classification function
No.9 12 Vol.26
Semantic Segmentation of Substation Site Cloud Based on Seg-PointNet
Wei Gao and Lixia Zhang
Seg-PointNet, RES-MLP module, multi-scale feature pyramid
No.10 9 Vol.26
fMaize: A Seamless Image Filtering and Deep Transfer EfficientNet-b0 Model for Sub-Classifying Fungi Species Infecting Zea mays Leaves
Jonnel D. Alejandrino, Ronnie S. Concepcion II, Edwin Sybingco, Maria Gemel B. Palconit, Mary Grace Ann C. Bautista, Argel A. Bandala, and Elmer P. Dadios
CNN modeling, fungi species, machine vision, maize leaf diseases, transfer learning
No.10 12 Vol.22
Dynamic Obstacle Detection and Tracking Based on 3D Lidar
Qixue Zhong, Yuansheng Liu, Xiaoxiao Guo, and Lijun Ren
autonomous vehicles, clustering, MHT, spatio-temporal characteristics, nearest neighbor
No.10 13 Vol.15
Spiral Dynamics Inspired Optimization
Kenichi Tamura and Keiichiro Yasuda
metaheuristics, spiral phenomena, multipoint search, global optimization, evolutionary computation
No.10 13 Vol.23
Impact of E-Commerce Website Usability on User Satisfaction
Min Shi and Hong Yuan
e-commerce sites, usability, evaluation index, user satisfaction
No.10 7 Vol.26
Object Detection and Segmentation Using Deeplabv3 Deep Neural Network for a Portable X-Ray Source Model
Jayson P. Rogelio, Elmer P. Dadios, Ryan Ray P. Vicerra, and Argel A. Bandala
deep neural network, semantic segmentation, object detection, atrous convolution, local features

Count period : December 1-31, 2022

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