JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Sep. 2020

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 1 Vol.24
Detection Effectiveness Estimation Based on Multi-Angle Data and Visualization Analysis
Feng Zhu, Xiaofeng Hu, Xiaoyuan He, Bo Dai, Kaiming Li, and Lu Yang
intelligent confrontation game, detection effectiveness estimation of EWD SoS, multi-angle data, visualization analysis method, running characteristics of detection work
No.2 4 Vol.24
Robot Vision System for Human Detection and Action Recognition
Satoshi Hoshino and Kyohei Niimura
robot vision, generic object recognition, real-time image processing, CNN, optical flow
No.3 - Vol.24
Towards Making Fuzzy Techniques More Adequate for Combining Knowledge of Several Experts
Hoang Phuong Nguyen and Vladik Kreinovich
fuzzy techniques, combining expert knowledge, non-normalized membership functions
No.4 - Vol.24
Smartphone Naïve Bayes Human Activity Recognition Using Personalized Datasets
Moses L. Gadebe, Okuthe P. Kogeda, and Sunday O. Ojo
tilt angles, signal magnitude vector, real-time, Gaussian distribution function, personalized dataset
No.4 - Vol.22
Hedonic Price Ripple Effect and Consumer Choice: Evidence from New Homes
Guangtong Gu
housing hedonic price, spatial ripple effect, instrumental variable quantile regression, consumer choice
No.5 5 Vol.15
Spiral Dynamics Inspired Optimization
Kenichi Tamura and Keiichiro Yasuda
metaheuristics, spiral phenomena, multipoint search, global optimization, evolutionary computation

Count period : September 1-30, 2020

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