JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Feb. 2020

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 2 Vol.23
Emotion Recognition Based on Multi-Composition Deep Forest and Transferred Convolutional Neural Network
Xiaobo Liu, Xu Yin, Min Wang, Yaoming Cai, and Guang Qi
emotion recognition, transfer learning, convolutional neural network, multi-composition deep forest
No.2 8 Vol.24
Spatial Deployment of Heterogeneous Sensors in Complex Environments
Lei Jiao and Zhihong Peng
3D surfaces, complex environments, heterogeneous sensors, optimal deployment
No.2 9 Vol.21
Movement Operation Interaction System for Mobility Robot Using Finger-Pointing Recognition
Eichi Tamura, Yoshihiro Yamashita, Taisei Yamashita, Eri Sato-Shimokawara, and Toru Yamaguchi
gesture recognition, finger-pointing gesture, mobility robot
No.3 - Vol.22
Rough Set-Based Clustering Utilizing Probabilistic Memberships
Seiki Ubukata, Hiroki Kato, Akira Notsu, and Katsuhiro Honda
clustering, rough set theory, rough C-means, rough set C-means, rough membership C-means
No.3 5 Vol.23
Real-Time Optical Music Recognition System for Dulcimer Musical Robot
Zhe Xiao, Xin Chen, and Li Zhou
musical robot, OMR, notation recognition, staff line removal, shape model descriptor
No.3 6 Vol.23
IPMSM Speed and Current Controller Design for Electric Vehicles Based on Explicit MPC
Fang Liu, Feng Gao, Ling Liu, and Denis N. Sidorov
explicit model predictive control, speed and current control, interior permanent-magnet synchronous motor
No.4 - Vol.18
Implementation of High-Precision Magnetostrictive-Type Liquid Level Measurement System UsingWavelet Transform
Woo-Jin Choi and John-Tark Lee
liquid level, current pulse, magnetostrictivetype, Wiedemann effect, wavelet transform
No.5 4 Vol.24
Metric Dimension of Generalized Möbius Ladder and its Application to WSN Localization
Muhammad Idrees, Hongbin Ma, Mei Wu, Abdul Rauf Nizami, Mobeen Munir, and Sajid Ali
wireless sensor network localization, metric dimension, resolving set, generalized Möbius ladder

Count period : February 1-29, 2020

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