JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Jan. 2020

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 7 Vol.23
Nonverbal Communication Based on Instructed Learning for Socially Embedded Robot Partners
Ryosuke Tanaka, Jinseok Woo, and Naoyuki Kubota
robot partner, human-robot interaction, cognitive development system, instructed learning, information support
No.2 1 Vol.23
Emotion Recognition Based on Multi-Composition Deep Forest and Transferred Convolutional Neural Network
Xiaobo Liu, Xu Yin, Min Wang, Yaoming Cai, and Guang Qi
emotion recognition, transfer learning, convolutional neural network, multi-composition deep forest
No.2 5 Vol.23
Scalable Blockchain Protocol Based on Proof of Stake and Sharding
Yuefei Gao, Shin Kawai, and Hajime Nobuhara
blockchain, scalability, consensus protocol, proof of stake, sharding
No.3 8 Vol.23
A Fuzzy Inference-Based Spiking Neural Network for Behavior Estimation in Elderly Health Care System
Shuai Shao and Naoyuki Kubota
population aging, sensor network, information structure space, spiking neural network, fuzzy inference system
No.3 - Vol.23
A Secure Virtual Machine Allocation Strategy Against Co-Resident Attacks
Hefei Jia, Xu Liu, Xiaoqiang Di, Hui Qi, Binbin Cai, Jinqing Li, Huamin Yang, and Jianping Zhao
virtual machine allocation strategy, co-resident attack, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), security
No.4 - Vol.24
Metric Dimension of Generalized Möbius Ladder and its Application to WSN Localization
Muhammad Idrees, Hongbin Ma, Mei Wu, Abdul Rauf Nizami, Mobeen Munir, and Sajid Ali
wireless sensor network localization, metric dimension, resolving set, generalized Möbius ladder
No.5 - Vol.22
A Socially Interactive Robot Partner Using Content-Based Conversation System for Information Support
Jinseok Woo, János Botzheim, and Naoyuki Kubota
robot partner, conversation system, Grice’s theory, information support
No.5 - Vol.19
Robust H Damping Control of Multi-FACTS Devices for Stability Enhancement of Power Systems with Signal’s Time Delay
Fang Liu, Min Wu, Danyun Li, Yong He, and Ryuichi Yokoyama
H damping controller, time delay, free-weighting matrices, 2-area 4-machine power systems
No.5 - Vol.23
Real-Time Optical Music Recognition System for Dulcimer Musical Robot
Zhe Xiao, Xin Chen, and Li Zhou
musical robot, OMR, notation recognition, staff line removal, shape model descriptor
No.5 5 Vol.17
Adapting Multi-Robot Behavior to Communication Atmosphere in Humans-Robots Interaction Using Fuzzy Production Rule Based Friend-Q Learning
Lue-Feng Chen, Zhen-Tao Liu, Fang-Yan Dong, Yoichi Yamazaki, Min Wu, and Kaoru Hirota
human-robot interaction, Q-learning, behavior adaptation, fuzzy production rule, cognitive science
No.5 - Vol.21
Swimming Style Classification Based on Ensemble Learning and Adaptive Feature Value by Using Inertial Measurement Unit
Yuto Omae, Yoshihisa Kon, Masahiro Kobayashi, Kazuki Sakai, Akira Shionoya, Hirotaka Takahashi, Takuma Akiduki, Kazufumi Nakai, Nobuo Ezaki, Yoshihisa Sakurai, and Chikara Miyaji
swimming style classification, machine learning, ensemble learning, random forest, inertial measurement unit
No.5 - Vol.9
Identification of Fuzzy Measures with Distorted Probability Measures
Aoi Honda, and Yoshiaki Okazaki
fuzzy measure, distortion, distorted probability measure, type, fuzzy measure identification
No.5 8 Vol.23
Neural Network Based Online Anthropomorphic Performance Decision-Making Approach for Dual-Arm Dulcimer Playing Robot
Ting Fei, Xin Chen, and Li Zhou
decision-making, anthropomorphic, online, dual-arm, dulcimer playing robot

Count period : January 1-31, 2020

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