JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Aug. 2019

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 9 Vol.21
Entrepreneurial Marketing and New Venture Performance: The Mediating Effects of Ambidextrous Innovation
Xiaowen Hu, Lidong Zhu, and Hui Zhang
entrepreneurial marketing, ambidextrous innovation, exploration and exploitation innovation, new venture performance
2 10 Vol.23
Ancient Chinese Sentence Segmentation Based on Bidirectional LSTM+CRF Model
Hongbin Wang, Haibing Wei, Jianyi Guo, and Liang Cheng
long short-term memory, CRF, ancient chinese, sentence segmentation
2 6 Vol.15
Spiral Dynamics Inspired Optimization
Kenichi Tamura and Keiichiro Yasuda
metaheuristics, spiral phenomena, multipoint search, global optimization, evolutionary computation
3 10 Vol.11
Unfolding of Massive Laundry and Classification Types by Dual Manipulator
Fumiaki Osawa, Hiroaki Seki, and Yoshitsugu Kamiya
home robot, deformable object manipulation, clothing, form recognition, unfolding operation
3 3 Vol.23
Emotion Prediction and Cause Analysis Considering Spatio-Temporal Distribution
Saki Kitaoka and Takashi Hasuike
emotion estimation, spatio-temporal distribution, Twitter-LDA, biterm topic model
4 5 Vol.20
A Review of Recent Developments in Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics
Jianqi An, Xin Chen, Min Wu, and Jinhua She
fuzzy logic, clustering, image processing, intelligent optimization, intelligent modeling and control
4 - Vol.20
Demagnetization Faults Robust Detection Method Based on an Adaptive Sliding Mode Observer for PMSM
Changfan Zhang, Miaoying Zhang, Jing He, Rui Shao, and Lixiang Luo
permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), demagnetization faults, adaptive sliding mode observer
4 10 Vol.16
Interactive Data Mining Tool for Microarray Data Analysis Using Formal Concept Analysis
Takanari Tanabata, Fumiaki Hirose, Hidenobu Hashikami, and Hajime Nobuhara
formal concept analysis, microarray, visualization, bioinformatics
4 - Vol.23
Causal Relationship Between FDI Flow and Technological Innovation in China and Japan
Chengkun Liu, Xiuwu Zhang, and Takashi Tamamine
IFDI, OFDI, technological innovation, one-way causality measure method
5 10 Vol.22
Rough Set-Based Clustering Utilizing Probabilistic Memberships
Seiki Ubukata, Hiroki Kato, Akira Notsu, and Katsuhiro Honda
clustering, rough set theory, rough C-means, rough set C-means, rough membership C-means
5 10 Vol.23
Trajectory Tracking and Control Algorithm for Precision Parallel Robot
Shanshan Chen
parallel robot, trajectory tracking, control algorithm, index approatching rate
5 - Vol.15
Generalisation of Scale and Move Transformation-Based Fuzzy Interpolation
Qiang Shen and Longzhi Yang
sparse rule base, fuzzy interpolation and extrapolation, approximate function
5 10 Vol.22
Fault Tolerant Predictive Control Based on Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Observer for Quadrotor UAV
Qibao Shu, Pu Yang, Yuxia Wang, and Ben Ma
fault-tolerant control, quadrotor UAV, model predictive control, discrete-time sliding mode observer, actuator faults
5 - Vol.21
Adaptive Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control for a Class of Uncertain Systems with Input Nonlinearity
Linjie Xin, Qinglin Wang, Yuan Li, and Jinhua She
adaptive control, terminal sliding mode control, input nonlinearity

Count period : August 1-31, 2019

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