JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Mar. 2019

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 6 Vol.21
A Review of Data Mining Techniques and Applications
Ratchakoon Pruengkarn, Kok Wai Wong, and Chun Che Fung
data mining, data mining techniques, data mining application, big data
No.2 5 Vol.23
A Dynamic Recommender System with Fused Time and Location Factors
Xinhua Wang, Peng Yin, Yukai Gao, and Lei Guo
dynamic recommender system, user preferences, time and location, expert discovery
No.2 - Vol.20
A Novel Approach for Determining Distributed Generations Penetration Level Using Least Square Minimization (LSM) Curve Fitting
Rodel D. Dosano, Nemia H. Mabaquiao, Godelyn Gallega-Hisole, Regin A. Cabacas, and In-Ho Ra
RE resources integration, distributed generation (DG), DG penetration levels, penetration level margin
No.2 8 Vol.21
Experimental Study on Behavior Acquisition of Mobile Robot by Deep Q-Network
Hikaru Sasaki, Tadashi Horiuchi, and Satoru Kato
deep reinforcement learning, deep Q-network, mobile robot, behavior acquisition
No.2 1 Vol.23
Computational Comparison of Major Proposed Methods for Graph Partitioning Problem
Helmi Md Rais, Saad Adnan Abed, and Junzo Watada
graph partitioning problem, hill climbing, simulated annealing, tabu search, multilevel approaches
No.3 2 Vol.21
A Survey of Video-Based Crowd Anomaly Detection in Dense Scenes
Junjie Ma, Yaping Dai, and Kaoru Hirota
survey, anomaly detection, dense crowd scenes, crowd density estimation, abnormal event detection
No.3 - Vol.15
Development of an Automatic Landmine Detection and Marking System for the Demining Robot Gryphon
Alex M. Kaneko and Edwardo F. Fukushima
demining robots, automatic method, landmine detection, marking task
No.4 - Vol.17
Evaluating Instantaneous Psychological Stress from Emotional Composition of a Facial Expression
Suvashis Das and Koichi Yamada
psychological stress, emotion, FACS, hidden markov model (HMM)
No.4 - Vol.23
Robot Navigation Algorithm Based on Sensor Technology and Iterative Maximum a Posteriori Estimation
Na Zheng, Yanli Du, and Qinghua Bai
Sensor technology, iterative maximum a posteriori estimation, robot navigation, received signal strength, Kalman filter
No.4 - Vol.22
Demand Forecasting for Petrol Products in Gas Stations Using Clustering and Decision Tree
Lijun Sun, Xiuwu Xing, Yaxian Zhou, and Xiangpei Hu
petrol products, demand forecasting, clustering, decision tree
No.4 8 Vol.22
Time Series Prediction of Tropical Storm Trajectory Using Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Networks and Error Evaluation
Wonjik Kim and Osamu Hasegawa
tropical storm, natural disaster, route forecasting, neural network, artificial intelligence
No.4 - Vol.20
Impact Time Control Guidance Law Considering Seeker's Field-of-View Constraint Without Time-to-Go Information
Zhe Yang, Defu Lin, and Luyao Zang
impact time control, field-of-view, time-to-go, sliding mode control, salvo attack

Count period : March 1-31, 2019

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