JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Mar. 2019

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 6 Vol.21
A Review of Data Mining Techniques and Applications
Ratchakoon Pruengkarn, Kok Wai Wong, and Chun Che Fung
data mining, data mining techniques, data mining application, big data
2 5 Vol.23
A Dynamic Recommender System with Fused Time and Location Factors
Xinhua Wang, Peng Yin, Yukai Gao, and Lei Guo
dynamic recommender system, user preferences, time and location, expert discovery
2 - Vol.20
A Novel Approach for Determining Distributed Generations Penetration Level Using Least Square Minimization (LSM) Curve Fitting
Rodel D. Dosano, Nemia H. Mabaquiao, Godelyn Gallega-Hisole, Regin A. Cabacas, and In-Ho Ra
RE resources integration, distributed generation (DG), DG penetration levels, penetration level margin
2 8 Vol.21
Experimental Study on Behavior Acquisition of Mobile Robot by Deep Q-Network
Hikaru Sasaki, Tadashi Horiuchi, and Satoru Kato
deep reinforcement learning, deep Q-network, mobile robot, behavior acquisition
2 1 Vol.23
Computational Comparison of Major Proposed Methods for Graph Partitioning Problem
Helmi Md Rais, Saad Adnan Abed, and Junzo Watada
graph partitioning problem, hill climbing, simulated annealing, tabu search, multilevel approaches
3 2 Vol.21
A Survey of Video-Based Crowd Anomaly Detection in Dense Scenes
Junjie Ma, Yaping Dai, and Kaoru Hirota
survey, anomaly detection, dense crowd scenes, crowd density estimation, abnormal event detection
3 - Vol.15
Development of an Automatic Landmine Detection and Marking System for the Demining Robot Gryphon
Alex M. Kaneko and Edwardo F. Fukushima
demining robots, automatic method, landmine detection, marking task
4 - Vol.17
Evaluating Instantaneous Psychological Stress from Emotional Composition of a Facial Expression
Suvashis Das and Koichi Yamada
psychological stress, emotion, FACS, hidden markov model (HMM)
4 - Vol.23
Robot Navigation Algorithm Based on Sensor Technology and Iterative Maximum a Posteriori Estimation
Na Zheng, Yanli Du, and Qinghua Bai
Sensor technology, iterative maximum a posteriori estimation, robot navigation, received signal strength, Kalman filter
4 - Vol.22
Demand Forecasting for Petrol Products in Gas Stations Using Clustering and Decision Tree
Lijun Sun, Xiuwu Xing, Yaxian Zhou, and Xiangpei Hu
petrol products, demand forecasting, clustering, decision tree
4 8 Vol.22
Time Series Prediction of Tropical Storm Trajectory Using Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Networks and Error Evaluation
Wonjik Kim and Osamu Hasegawa
tropical storm, natural disaster, route forecasting, neural network, artificial intelligence
4 - Vol.20
Impact Time Control Guidance Law Considering Seeker's Field-of-View Constraint Without Time-to-Go Information
Zhe Yang, Defu Lin, and Luyao Zang
impact time control, field-of-view, time-to-go, sliding mode control, salvo attack

Count period : March 1-31, 2019

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