JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Aug. 2018

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 13 Vol.17
An RGB Multi-Channel Representation for Images on Quantum Computers
Bo Sun, Abdullah M. Iliyasu, Fei Yan, Fangyan Dong, and Kaoru Hirota
quantum computation, image processing, quantum image, quantum circuit, color space
No.2 1 Vol.22
Characteristics of Rough Set C-Means Clustering
Seiki Ubukata, Keisuke Umado, Akira Notsu, and Katsuhiro Honda
clustering, hard C-means, rough set theory, rough C-means, rough set C-means
No.3 2 Vol.22
Triangular Similarities of Facial Features to Determine: The Relationships Among Family Members
Ravi Kumar Y. B. and C. K. Narayanappa
patterns of intensities, triangular similarity, areas of triangles, facial similarity
No.4 3 Vol.22
Cluster Validity Measures for Network Data
Yukihiro Hamasuna, Daiki Kobayashi, Ryo Ozaki, and Yasunori Endo
network clustering, cluster validity measures, modularity, k-medoids
No.5 12 Vol.19
Multi-Robot Behavior Adaptation to Humans’ Intention in Human-Robot Interaction Using Information-Driven Fuzzy Friend-Q Learning
Lue-Feng Chen, Zhen-Tao Liu, Min Wu, Fangyan Dong, and Kaoru Hirota
human-robot interaction, Q-learning, behavior adaptation, intention understanding, information-driven
No.5 - Vol.15
No Time Limit and Time Limit Model of Multiple Round Dutch Auction Based on Genetic Network Programming
Shingo Mabu, Donggeng Yu, Chuan Yue, and Kotaro Hirasawa
genetic network programming, multiple round dutch auction, no time limit model, time limit model, co-evolution

Count period : August 1 - 31, 2018

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