JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Feb. 2018

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 - Vol.19
A Robust Visual-Feature-Extraction Method for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Public Outdoor Environment
Gangchen Hua and Osamu Hasegawa
computer vision, visual SLAM
No.2 4 Vol.22
Suitable Aggregation Models Based on Risk Preferences for Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Problem
Sirin Suprasongsin, Pisal Yenradee, Van-Nam Huynh, and Chayakrit Charoensiriwath
fuzzy multiple objective linear programming, aggregation operators, risk preferences of decision makers, supplier selection and order allocation
No.3 4 Vol.21
A Survey of Video-Based Crowd Anomaly Detection in Dense Scenes
Junjie Ma, Yaping Dai, and Kaoru Hirota
survey, anomaly detection, dense crowd scenes, crowd density estimation, abnormal event detection
No.4 7 Vol.21
A Review of Data Mining Techniques and Applications
Ratchakoon Pruengkarn, Kok Wai Wong, and Chun Che Fung
data mining, data mining techniques, data mining application, big data
No.4 6 Vol.22
Basic Study of the Influence of the Manner of Grasping, Number of Contacts, and Auditory Information on Recognition of Hardness of Objects by Visually Impaired Persons Using White Canes
Kiyohiko Nunokawa, Manabu Chikai, Kouki Doi, and Shuichi Ino
white cane, visual impairment, tactile information, auditory information
No.4 9 Vol.22
Joint Aspect Discovery, Sentiment Classification, Aspect-Level Ratings and Weights Approximation for Recommender Systems by Rating Supervised Latent Topic Model
Wei Ou and Van-Nam Huynh
aspect discovery, sentiment classification, aspect weight approximation, topic model
No.4 - Vol.20
Simulation Study on Battery State of Charge Estimation Using Kalman Filter
Furqan Asghar, Muhammad Talha, Sung Ho Kim, and In-Ho Ra
electric vehicle (EV), li-ion battery, battery model, SOC estimation, kalman filter
No.5 1 Vol.20
PSO-SVR-Based Resource Demand Prediction in Cloud Computing
Zhengfa Zhu, Jun Peng, Zhuofu Zhou, Xiaoyong Zhang, and Zhiwu Huang
cloud computing, resource usage prediction, support vector regression, particle swarm optimization
No.5 - Vol.14
An Efficient Algorithm for Optimizing Bipartite Modularity in Bipartite Networks
Xin Liu and Tsuyoshi Murata
community detection, modularity, bipartite network, graph partitioning, link mining
No.5 11 Vol.21
A Cascade Prediction Model of CO/CO2 in the Sintering Process
Ben Xu, Xin Chen, Min Wu, and Weihua Cao
sintering process, CO/CO2, spearman’s rank correlation coefficient (SRCC), stepwise regression analysis (SRA), back-propagation neural network (BPNN)

Count period : February 1 - 28, 2018

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