JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, April 2015

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 - Vol.13
Genetic Network Programming with Rule Accumulation and its Application to Tile-World Problem
Lutao Wang, Shingo Mabu, Fengming Ye, Shinji Eto, Xuefeng Fan, and Kotaro Hirasawa
genetic network programming, rule accumulation, tile-world, agent
2 - Vol.19
Location Detection of Informative Bright Region in Tunnel Scenes Using Lighting and Traffic Lane Cues
Jiajun Lu, Fangyan Dong, and Kaoru Hirota
image processing, confidence map, real-time processing, informative bright region, tunnel scene
3 - Vol.16
The Analysis of Consumer Purchasing Behavior on Cosmetics
Ya-Ling Wu and You-Shyang Chen
consumer, consumer behavior, consumer purchasing behavior, cosmetics
4 - Vol.17
Designing Internal Reward of Reinforcement Learning Agents in Multi-Step Dilemma Problem
Yoshihiro Ichikawa and Keiki Takadama
multi-agent, reinforcement learning, conflict avoidance, multi-step dilemma problem
4 - Vol.18
Multi-Resolution Dijkstra Method Based on Multi-Agent Simulation and its Application to Genetic Algorithm for Classroom Optimization
Kotaro Maekawa, Kazuhito Sawase, and Hajime Nobuhara
genetic algorithm, multi-agent, dijkstra algorithm, optimization problem, university courses problem
4 - Vol.19
Multi-Robot Behavior Adaptation to Humans’ Intention in Human-Robot Interaction Using Information-Driven Fuzzy Friend-Q Learning
Lue-Feng Chen, Zhen-Tao Liu, Min Wu, Fangyan Dong, and Kaoru Hirota
human-robot interaction, Q-learning, behavior adaptation, intention understanding, information-driven

Count period : April 1-30, 2015

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