JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, March 2015

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 - Vol.16
Design of Mutual Interaction Between a User and Smart Electric Wheelchair
Mihoko Niitsuma, Terumichi Ochi, Masahiro Yamaguchi, and Koki Iwamoto
smart wheelchair, human-robot interaction, human-robot cooperation, vibrotactile interface
2 - Vol.19
Measuring the Polarization Degree Based on Optimal Window Median Filtering Algorithm
Yange Lv, Liyan Pang, and Guohun Zhu
degree of polarization, stokes parameters, optical window median filtering, nonorthogonal angles
3 - Vol.8
A New Way of Discovery of Belief, Desire and Intention in the BDI Agent-Based Software Modeling
Chang-Hyun Jo
agents, BDI agent-based software development process, agent-based software engineering
3 - Vol.15
Medical Image Diagnosis of Liver Cancer Using a Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence
Tadashi Kondo, Junji Ueno, and Shoichiro Takao
GMDH-type neural network, medical image diagnosis, artificial intelligence, CAD, PSS
5 - Vol.19
Camera Modeling for 3D Sensing Using Fuzzy Modeling Concept Based on Stereo Vision
Toshihiko Watanabe and Yuichi Saito
computer vision, stereo vision, fuzzy model, camera calibration, perspective projection

Count period : March 1-31, 2015

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