JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, January 2015

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 3 Vol.16
The Analysis of Consumer Purchasing Behavior on Cosmetics
Ya-Ling Wu and You-Shyang Chen
consumer, consumer behavior, consumer purchasing behavior, cosmetics
2 - Vol.17
Fingernail Detection System Using Differences of the Distribution of the Nail-Color Pixels
Noriaki Fujishima and Kiyoshi Hoshino
fingernail detection, two-step searches, differences of distribution of nail-color pixels
3 - Vol.8
A New Way of Discovery of Belief, Desire and Intention in the BDI Agent-Based Software Modeling
Chang-Hyun Jo
agents, BDI agent-based software development process, agent-based software engineering
4 - Vol.19
Fuzzy Multisets in Granular Hierarchical Structures Generated from Free Monoids
Tetsuya Murai, Sadaaki Miyamoto, Masahiro Inuiguchi, Yasuo Kudo, and Seiki Akama
granular hierarchical structures, free monoids, fuzzy multisets, homomorphisms
4 - Vol.19
Inference with Fuzzy Rule Interpolation at an Infinite Number of Activating Points
Kiyohiko Uehara and Kaoru Hirota
fuzzy inference, sparse fuzzy rules, fuzzy rule interpolation, nonlinear mapping, α-cut
4 - Vol.19
Bloch Sphere-Based Representation for Quantum Emotion Space
Fei Yan, Abdullah M. Iliyasu, Zhen-Tao Liu, Ahmed S. Salama, Fangyan Dong, and Kaoru Hirota
quantum computation, emotion space, Bloch sphere, quantum emotion, visualization

Count period : January 1-31, 2015

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