JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, August 2014

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 - Vol.17
Proposal of a New Recommendation System that Addresses “Personalizability”
Tomohiro Yoshikawa, Takafumi Mori, and Takeshi Furuhashi
recommendation system, serendipity, personalizability, evaluation index, quantification
2 4 Vol.18
Importance of Computational Intelligent in Proteomics
Kabir Mamun and Alok Sharma
computational intelligence, proteomics
3 - Vol.16
Hard and Fuzzy c-Means Clustering with Conditionally Positive Definite Kernel
Yuchi Kanzawa, Yasunori Endo, and Sadaaki Miyamoto
clustering, fuzzy c-means, conditionally positive definite kernel
3 4 Vol.16
Multiscale Image Aggregation for Dental Radiograph Segmentation
Martin Leonard Tangel, Chastine Fatichah, Muhammad Rahmat Widyanto, Fangyan Dong, and Kaoru Hirota
image segmentation, fuzzy inference, dental radiograph, personal identification
3 - Vol.17
Incorporating Renewable Energy Resources in a Smart Grid with Power Line Communication Using Matlab/Simulink
Md. Atikur Rahman Sarker, Yuki Ueno, Chi-Hung Kelvin Chu, and Ken Nagasaka
renewable energy, photovoltaic (PV), power line communication (PLC), Matlab/Simulink program
3 - Vol.16
Auto-Selection of DPC Codes from Discharge Summaries by Text Mining in Several Hospitals and Analysis of Differences in Discharge Summaries
Shunsuke Doi, Takahiro Suzuki, Gen Shimada, Mitsuhiro Takasaki, Shinsuke Fujita, Toshiyo Tamura, and Katsuhiko Takabayashi
text mining, discharge summary, electronic medical record
3 - Vol.16
Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Without Reversals on Dendrograms Using Asymmetric Similarity Measures
Satoshi Takumi and Sadaaki Miyamoto
agglomerative clustering, asymmetric similarity, asymmetric dendrogram
3 - Vol.16
A Person Identification Method Using a Top-View Head Image from an Overhead Camera
Ryota Nakatani, Daichi Kouno, Kazutaka Shimada, and Tsutomu Endo
top-view images, person identification, histograms of oriented gradients

Count period : August 1-31, 2014

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