JDR Most Downloaded Papers, Dec. 2023

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No.1 14 Vol.18
Wavelet Transform Method for the Evaluation of the Seismic Response of One Isolated Building in the Lima Metropolitan Area
Joseph Jaramillo, Miguel Diaz, Carlos Zavala, Koichi Kusunoki, Italo Inocente, and Danty Otero
structural health monitoring, wavelet transform, earthquake, seismic response, monitoring system
No.2 - Vol.18
Disaster Preparedness Using Local Wisdom Approach in Palu City
Muhammad Rusydi, Yutdam Mudin, Rahmawati, and Sabhan
disaster prevention, local wisdom, earthquake, Palu City
No.3 - Vol.18
Korean Records of a Probable Tsunami in the Japan Sea in May 1415
Kentaro Hattori
Japan Sea, tsunami of 1415, sea surface abnormality
No.4 - Vol.18
Estimation of the Seismic Source of the 1974 Lima Peru Earthquake and Tsunami (Mw 8.1)
Cesar Jimenez, Jorge Morales, Miguel Estrada, Bruno Adriano, Erick Mas, and Shunichi Koshimura
slip distribution, numerical simulation, tsunami inversion
No.5 - Vol.18
Estimation of Spatial Snowpack Properties in a Snow-Avalanche Release Area: An Extreme Case on Mt. Nodanishoji, Japan, in 2021
Yuta Katsuyama, Takafumi Katsushima, Satoru Adachi, and Yukari Takeuchi
extreme snow avalanche, snowpack stability, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
No.5 - Vol.18
Building Quality-Oriented Societies in Asia Through Effective Water-Related Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation
Mikio Ishiwatari, Firdaus Ali, Guillermo Q. Tabios III, Joo-Heon Lee, and Hirotaka Matsuki
Kumamoto Declaration, finance, governance, science and technology
No.6 4 Vol.8
A New Ground Motion Prediction Equation for Japan Applicable up to M9 Mega-Earthquake
Nobuyuki Morikawa and Hiroyuki Fujiwara
ground motion prediction equation, the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake, seismic hazard assessment
No.7 - Vol.18
Arrangements for Telephone Consultation on Radiation Health Effects in a Nuclear Emergency in Japan: Lessons Learned from the Nuclear Accident in Fukushima, Japan, 2011
Hiroshi Okuno, Takeshi Kawakami, Fumitaka Watanabe, and Hidehiko Horikoshi
Basic Disaster Management Plan, TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident, telephone consultation, radiation health effects
No.8 - Vol.18
Health Literacy of the Elderly During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Study
Weerayut Muenboonme, Pachanat Nunthaitaweekul, and Bhichit Rattakul
health literacy, elderly, COVID-19 pandemic, disaster risk management, Thailand
No.9 2 Vol.1
Seismic Design Codes for Buildings in Japan
Hiroshi Kuramoto
the Building Standard Law of Japan, seismic design code, two-phase earthquake design, performance based earthquake design
No.10 3 Vol.18
Reconsideration of Urbanization in Tokyo Metropolitan Area Since 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake from the Perspective of Exposure
Osamu Murao, Kyota Fujiwara, Haruna Kato, Fumitake Yonemura, Keiko Inagaki, and Kimiro Meguro
1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, urban disaster risk, fire spread, Tokyo, densely inhabited district (DID)
No.10 14 Vol.12
Exploring Elements of Disaster Prevention Consciousness: Based on Interviews with Anti-disaster Professionals
Miki Ozeki, Kan Shimazaki, and Taiyoung Yi
anti-disaster consciousness

Count period : December 1-31, 2023

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