JDR Most Downloaded Papers, Apr. 2023

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 1 Vol.15
Consideration of Evacuation Drills Utilizing the Capabilities of People with Special Needs
Takashi Sugiyama and Katsuya Yamori
people with special needs, disaster prevention, evacuation drills
No.2 - Vol.18
Analysis of Land Price Changes Before and After Designation as Tsunami Disaster Alert Areas
Jun Sakamoto
tsunami disaster alert area, propensity score matching, difference-in-difference
No.3 - Vol.18
The Anticipated Nankai Trough Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan: Determinant Factors of Residents’ Pre-Event Evacuation Intentions
Kanan Hirano, Yo Fukushima, Hiroaki Maruya, Motoyuki Kido, and Motoaki Sugiura
evacuation behavior, tsunami, Nankai Trough earthquake, risk perception, questionnaire survey
No.4 - Vol.18
How a Household Survived a Natural Hazard-Triggered Blackout with Photovoltaic and Battery Energy System: A Report of 2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake in Japan
Hitomu Kotani and Kazuyoshi Nakano
power outage, solar energy, energy storage, disaster response, resilience
No.4 - Vol.18
Proposal of a Recommended Correspondence Method for Companies and Organizations in Case of Partial Rupture of the Nankai Trough Earthquake
Hiroaki Maruya, Tetsuya Torayashiki, Hiroyuki Sasaki, and Fumihiko Imamura
Nankai Trough Earthquake, the case of partial rupture, companies and organizations, responses
No.5 5 Vol.17
Mitigating Impacts of Climate Change Induced Sea Level Rise by Infrastructure Development: Case of the Maldives
Akiko Sakamoto, Koichi Nishiya, Xuanjin Guo, Airi Sugimoto, Waka Nagasaki, and Kaito Doi
sea level rise, atoll country, migration, Hulhumalé, Maldives
No.6 - Vol.18
A Questionnaire Survey of the Mental Health of Japanese Expatriates in China During the COVID-19 Epidemic in 2021
Yukari Kamei and Atsuo Hamada
coronavirus disease 2019, epidemic, expatriates, mental health, China
No.6 - Vol.18
Application of Stress Parameter from Liquefaction Analysis on the Landslide Induced Tsunami Simulation: A Case Study of the 2018 Palu Tsunami
Karina Aprilia Sujatmiko, Koji Ichii, Soichiro Murata, and Iyan Eka Mulia
landslide, liquefaction, tsunami, shear-stress
No.6 2 Vol.1
Seismic Design Codes for Buildings in Japan
Hiroshi Kuramoto
the Building Standard Law of Japan, seismic design code, two-phase earthquake design, performance based earthquake design
No.7 - Vol.12
An Analytical Study on Intentions of Disaster Prevention Expert Candidates
Toru Futagami, Tsuyoshi Hatori, and Netra P. Bhandary
disaster prevention expert, factor analysis, general public
No.8 - Vol.18
Assessment of Hydraulic Fracturing in Earth Dams on Complex Foundations
Bunpoat Kunsuwan, Thawatchai Chalermpornchai, Warakorn Mairaing, and Wiphada Thepjanthra
hydraulic fracturing, arching effects, earth dams, complex foundations
No.8 8 Vol.17
Effectiveness of an Elevated Road in Reducing Inundation Area of the Coast of Palu, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Muhammad Rizki Purnama, Mohammad Bagus Adityawan, Mohammad Farid, and Asrini Chrysanti
tsunami, elevated road, inundation, mitigation, Palu
No.9 - Vol.7
Government’s Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Atsushi Koresawa
Great East Japan Earthquake, Hyogo Framework for Action, tsunami, response, recovery
No.9 10 Vol.8
Lessons from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake Tsunami Disaster
Shunichi Koshimura, Satomi Hayashi, and Hideomi Gokon
2011 Tohoku earthquake tsunami, tsunami fragility curve, numerical modeling, reconstruction
No.9 - Vol.18
Estimation of House Cleanup Work Volume Based on Disaster Volunteer Center Work Management Data —The Case of the 2015 Joso City—
Yoshinobu Mizui and Hiroyuki Fujiwara
flood, disaster volunteer, self-help, house cleanup work, damage classification
No.10 15 Vol.14
Stampede Events and Strategies for Crowd Management
Chun-Hao Shao, Pei-Chun Shao, and Fang-Ming Kuo
stampede, crowd management, evacuation
No.10 9 Vol.15
Business Continuity Management: A Preliminary Systematic Literature Review Based on ScienceDirect Database
Kananut Charoenthammachoke, Natt Leelawat, Jing Tang, and Akira Kodaka
BCM, business continuity management, systematics literature review
No.10 18 Vol.10
Initial Responses of the Government of Japan to the Great East Japan Earthquake (Earthquake and Tsunami) and Lessons Learned from Them
Akira Kotaki
role of the government in huge disasters, Government’s Extreme Disaster Management Headquarters, L2 and disaster reduction, improvement of information management and responses to disasters by exercise, 72 hours

Count period : April 1-30, 2023

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