JDR Most Downloaded Papers, May. 2021

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 16 Vol.16
Scenario Analysis of Sluice Gate Operations for Evaluating Inland Flood Damage
Hiromichi Muroi, Kensuke Mine, and Yoshiki Eguchi
Typhoon Hagibis 2019, sewer, sluice gate, inland flood simulation model, Tama River
2 1 Vol.16
Advances in Urban Stormwater Management in Japan: A Review
Yoshihiro Shibuo and Hiroaki Furumai
stormwater management, rainfall observation, integrated urban flood modelling, Internet of Things
3 13 Vol.16
The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Supply Chain: A Discussion on Decentralization of the Supply Chain and Ensuring Interoperability
Eri Ino and Kenji Watanabe
Global Supply Chain (GSC), COVID-19, Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM), Business Continuity Management (BCM), Area-BCM
4 13 Vol.16
Validation of Inundation Damage Reduction by a Pump Gate with the New Type of Horizontal Axial Submersible Pump
Kentaro Fukumori, Yu Kurita, and Hiroaki Furumai
pump gate, horizontal axial submersible pump, inundation, pumping station, drainage facility
5 2 Vol.8
A New Ground Motion Prediction Equation for Japan Applicable up to M9 Mega-Earthquake
Nobuyuki Morikawa and Hiroyuki Fujiwara
ground motion prediction equation, the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake, seismic hazard assessment

Count period : May 1-31, 2021

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