JDR Most Downloaded Papers, September 2016

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 3 Vol.11
Uncertainty in Tsunami Sediment Transport Modeling
Bruce Jaffe, Kazuhisa Goto, Daisuke Sugawara, Guy Gelfenbaum, and SeanPaul La Selle
tsunami sediment transport, modeling, uncertainty, sedimentary deposits
2 4 Vol.8
A New Ground Motion Prediction Equation for Japan Applicable up to M9 Mega-Earthquake
Nobuyuki Morikawa and Hiroyuki Fujiwara
ground motion prediction equation, the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake, seismic hazard assessment
2 5 Vol.11
Method for Real-Time Evaluation of Discharge Rate of Volcanic Ash – Case Study on Intermittent Eruptions at the Sakurajima Volcano, Japan –
Masato Iguchi
volcanic ash, discharge rate, volcanic tremor, ground deformation, Sakurajima
2 - Vol.11
Preliminary Results of Weather Radar Observations of Sakurajima Volcanic Smoke
Masayuki Maki, Masato Iguchi, Takeshi Maesaka, Takahiro Miwa, Toshikazu Tanada, Tomofumi Kozono, Tatsuya Momotani, Akihiko Yamaji, and Ikuya Kakimoto
weather radar, Sakurajima, volcanic ash cloud, ash smoke, eruption
2 - Vol.11
Numerical Simulations of Volcanic Ash Plume Dispersal from Kelud Volcano in Indonesia on February 13, 2014
Hiroshi L. Tanaka, Masato Iguchi, and Setsuya Nakada
PUFF model, Kelud volcano, aviation safety, airborne ash density, ash dispersion
2 - Vol.11
Grasp of Disaster Situation and Support Need Inside Affected Area with Social Sensing – An Analysis of Twitter Data Before and After the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Occurring –
Shosuke Sato, Kazumasa Hanaoka, Makoto Okumura, and Shunichi Koshimura
social media, Twitter, Common Operational Picture (COP), disaster information system, geo-information, disaster situation
2 - Vol.11
Building Reconstruction After Large-Scale Disasters A Case Study of Ishinomaki City After the Great East Japan Earthquake
Michio Ubaura, Junpei Nieda, and Masashi Miyakawa
building reconstruction, great east japan earthquake, ishinomaki city, land use change, urban formation

Count period : September 1-30, 2016

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